Thursday, July 3, 2014


I love dogs, more importantly, I value life. Let me share with you the story of my two friends... I'm deeply saddened of what happened to Pao-pao and Diego. I just can't believe that they are gone. When I was working in a graveyard shift, when I was still in Convergys a few years back. There was a sweet and very friendly puppy who always come to me every-time that I open our gate. It wasn't hard to fall in love with this beautiful dog...

Her name is Pao-pao. I found a friend in her. She had always accompanied me every-time that I leave the house at 2-3 in the morning, until I reach the end of the alley. She won't leave me until I get on a tricycle. She was being taken for granted by her masters. I am referring to our neighbor who are loud mouth, chismosa and "butangera" dirty looking women. Despite of the situation, I knew that Pao-pao was an extra-ordinary dog. That's why I make sure that I feed her in almost everyday. When she was sick, I took care of her wound, gave her food and medicine until she was well. When she gave birth to some puppies, I also took the initiative to find responsible pet owners to adopt them.

Yesterday night, before I left the house, I brought some bread for the stray dogs in our area. I kept on calling Pao-pao, until it started to rain. I have given some of the bread to stray dogs, but, I still can't find her. I still kept on yelling her name, but she was nowhere to be found. So, I went straight to her master's house. One of the old lady told me that she died this afternoon when she was run over by a car. I didn't believe her because, I know that Pao-pao can easily get around the neighborhood without getting into trouble or lost. I have noticed that Diego (Pao-pao's Son) was also missing, so I asked about the poor dog. Then she admitted that they were sold to dog meat butchers for only P100 each. Without saying a word I just left them talking. I was shocked and got very angry. I know that I have no rights. But, I could have saved these dogs, and paid them even more than getting them sold to butchers. I was sleeping the whole morning, since I am working at night. I had no opportunity to save them. I am greatly upset, 'coz I can't do anything. As much as I want to strangle or shoot those irresponsible dog owners, I can't.

I just can't believe that I've lost my two friends. As crazy as it may sound, I treat them as friends. They are more genuine and caring than most human. Dogs are beautiful creatures, they know how to care and love back. My heart is bleeding right now. I just hope that the Lord would be merciful enough so that He would take care of Diego and Pao-pao even after life. For now, goodbye to you Pao-pao and Diego. I'll treasure your memories! :*(

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G said...

Nice story jomi, kawawa naman pala nanay ni bimby. Dami talaga kapit sa patalim.

isp101 said...

Yes B, wala na si Pao-pao. And, it hurts so bad. I just felt really sad, I wasn't given the chance to buy them out. Hindi katwiran yu'ng hirap ng buhay para ibenta nila sila Pao-pao at Diego, they've been very good guard dogs and loyal to them, kahit na 'di nila ito inaalagaan. I just hope they get their KARMA really soon! :*(

Andrew Chunis said...

nakakalungkot isipin dapat ilkuong mga kumakain ng aso :(

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