Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Hi, thank you for visiting ISP101.NET blog! I'm J.M. Dasmariñas, the Web Admin and SEO Specialist of this site. I am a self-proclaimed geek, food and wine connoisseur, and a humble blogger, LMAO! I had no idea at first on what I'll do with this blog site, aside from making this site as an Internet Help and Information Technology Portal, I also want it to be my Personal blog. Where I can say whatever I want, talk about almost anything, and everything under the sun! I have been working as a Tier 2 Technical Support for an International Internet Service Provider, for more than 5 years. And, I am also a Certified Computer Systems Technician for more than a decade now. Lately, my schedule at work is really killing me! So, don't ask me anymore about my social life, because, as of this moment, I really don't have time for that, not even for myself...

Despite of the situation, I still blog as often as I can, because, I love blogging! Not just to tell the whole world my rants, perspective and opinion in different things. This hobby brought me new and good friends, in the real world and on the blogosphere. I started this blog last December 2010, and recently, I have noticed a huge increase on my site visitors. Which makes me really happy, because, now I know that my basic SEO knowledge is improving, slowly, but surely! I'm proud to say that this site now pay the bills! I give all the glory to the Lord JESUS!

I just hope that someday, I would have all the luxury of time, so I could write more articles, spend more quality time with my wife, family and pets! Yes, I am a certified dog lover, Isn't it obvious?! LMAO! If you have read some of the articles I wrote on this blog, most of them are about dogs. We have our own mini-pinscher dogs, plus the stray dogs that we feed and take care of eachday. My experience as a responsible pet owner, makes me admire those people who know how to treat their pets or animals right, and who knows the true value of life... I don't have any special plans in the future. I guess, that's all for now! Again, thank you so much for visiting my blog! And, don't forget to subscribe below, Thank you!

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NOTE: If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just feel free to write it down on the bottom part of the article or go to CONTACT US page. This will help me improve my stuff and learn from it as well! May the PEACE be with you!

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