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Hello, Readers! It's been quite a while since I posted my previous article. I was very busy in the past few weeks. So, I apologize for keeping you waiting, I promise, I'll do my very best to update this site as often as I can! Anyhow, I've received some e-mails, requesting me to write more Call Center Mock Calls Scripts Sample, so, this post is actually the Part 2. It seems that there are still a lot of people who are interested to land a job in the Call Center Industry. By reading the scripts alone, it will help you understand the nature of our work. It will also help you learn how to deal with different kinds of callers. So, let's get it started...

In most Interviews, you'll be asked to read some Phone Scripts, like what we have here. So, practicing Mock Calls will give you an edge on how to properly handle calls. This can actually increase your chances to get hired. Aside from getting yourselves familiarized with some Call Center Interview Questions & Answers, perfecting your Call Handling Skills will surely help you boost your confidence in answering calls. Please, practice the following scripts below with a partner. If ever, you can't really find a partner, then, just simply face a mirror while you read the Phone Scripts, as if you are the Caller and the Agent! Enjoy!


Situation: A customer is calling about her Internet Service. The Customer is very upset because, Technical Support can't replace her modem. Her DSL Modem/Router is already out of warranty. And, claims she can't afford modem and she'll just change to a different Internet Service Provider.
Customer's Profile: Female, Age is 75 years old, and very irate.
Goal: Pacify the irate caller, and save the customer from cancelling her Internet Service.

Agent: Thank you for choosing, Rocket Speed Internet. My name is TAYLOR. How can I make you a Very Satisfied Customer today?!
Customer: I was speaking a while ago with Jerry, and he says that my modem is malfunctioning. Unfortunately, I'm a retired teacher, and I can't really afford paying for a new modem. So, I would rather just cancel my Internet Service, and try my luck with a different Internet Service Provider!
Agent: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about that Ma'm. Don't worry, I'm here to help you out. Let me see what I could do for you, let's start first by verifying your account number, is that OK with you?!
Customer: I already gave my number to the previous agent, but, here it is again, for the nth time. 860-995-****, my name is Deborah Brown.
Agent: Thank you Ms. Brown, so, that is 860-995-****, is that correct?
Customer: Yes. And, if you will ask, that's also my call back number.
Agent: May I please verify the last four number of your Social Security Number?
Customer: It is ****.
Agent: Got it, thanks! I believe that you've been with Rocket Speed Internet for quite a while now. And, honestly, we don't really wanna lose customers just because of a bad modem. Here's how I can help you...
Customer: You see, If you check your records, I've been actually calling you almost every other day for the past few weeks. You guys, just wasted my time, and I can't believe that I'm still with you folks!
Agent: Deborah, I understand your situation, and I would feel the same way if I'm in your situation. So, please, calm down. Let me tell you what I could do for you, OK? Just give me a minute...
Customer: I'm so sorry, I'm not really taking it on you, and am not trying to be a difficult customer. It's just that I've had so much stress, more than I can actually imagine. But, please, go on.
Agent: OK, here's what I could offer you. Since, you've been with Rocket Speed Internet for more than 5 years now. I'm gonna get you a free modem, with Wireless capability, absolutely, free of charge! And, I'll place the order now, for an overnight shipping. So, that means, you'll get the free modem by tomorrow.
Customer: Wow, that's actually great! Thank you so much!
Agent: And, also, I'll sign you up for a FREE 6-month trial Speed Upgrade. So, from your old package, instead of getting max of 3 Mbps, you should now get 6 Mbps of speed. After 6 months, you could still have it for an additional 5$ a month, or, if you are not satisfied, you could just simply downgrade your plan, back to the old package.
Customer: That's actually a pretty good deal. I can't ask for more. I guess, I'll be staying with you guys for a very long time, and I would be glad to recommend you to all of my friends!
Agent: Well, I'm so glad to here it from you. Do you have a pen and paper, so you can write down your order number?
Customer: Ok, I have it.
Agent: Your Free Modem Replacement Order Number is FX893-7873. You'll get this modem tomorrow. For the setup, if you can't follow the setup instructions on the manual. We have our 24/7 Technical Support hotline who can help you setup your new modem. So, would there be anything else that I could assist you with?
Customer: I'm speechless, Taylor, all I can say now is THANK YOU!
Agent: You're very much welcome, Ms. Brown. I hope I was able to make you a very satisfied customer!
Customer: Yes, Taylor, you did, sweetie! Goodbye!
Agent: Thanks Ms. Brown, and Again, my name is TAYLOR, Thank you for choosing Rocket Speed Internet! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Agent: Thanks again, Good bye!


Situation: A customer is calling in to report a stolen card.
Customer's Profile: Male, 30-35 years old, nervous.
Goal: Freeze the Stolen Card Account Number, apologize and give assurance.

Agent: Thank you for calling Bank of Wealth. My name is Sydney. How can I assist you today?
Customer: I want to report a stolen card. I got drunk, and had lost my wallet last night.
Agent: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about that, don't worry, we're gonna make sure that we freeze your account, so no one can use your Credit Card, ok?
Customer: Thanks, I hope no one have tried using it.
Agent: Don't worry, we are gonna be alerted right away by our System, if there are any invalid pin attempts on your card. For security purposes, let me just verify your account first, ok?
Customer: Sure, go ahead. What do you wanna ask?
Agent: I need to verify your First and Last Name?
Customer: My name is Park Jae-Sang, but, you can call me "PSY!"
Agent: Thanks, PSY! Wait, Is it just a coincidence that your name is just like the one who created the world famous, "Oppa Gangnam Style"!?
Customer: I'm sorry, that wasn't me. But, since that song became very popular, my friends are now calling me PSY.
Agent: You got me there! Well, I'm sorry, just had to ask that, since, I really love dancing while I'm playing it every morning! But, going back on your card, let me also ask you for your Mother's Maiden Name?
Customer: That's alright, Sydney! It is Wan.
Agent: How about the last four numbers of your Social Security Number?
Customer: It is ****.
Agent: Last, but not the least, may I please verify your complete Billing Address?
Customer: I live in 67489, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210.
Agent: Thank you so much for all of the information. I'm now processing the request to freeze your account. Please, grab a pen and paper. Thank you!
Customer: I have it, go ahead!
Agent: As of September 26, 2013 at 5PM Pacific Time, your Credit Card Account is now frozen. You'll get your Card Replacement within the next 3-5 Business Days, Free of Charge. Your Confirmation Number is 787-909-SPNC
Customer: I got it, thanks a bunch, Sydney! You're such a big help!
Agent: You're very much welcome! Is there anything else that I could help you with?
Customer: I guess, that would be all for today. Thanks again! Bye!
Agent: You're welcome! And, again, my name is Sydney! Thank you for calling Bank of Wealth! Good bye!


Situation: The caller heard some gun shots, and saw people running from his neighbor's house.
Caller's Profile: Female, 20-25 years old, nervous.
Goal: Get all the important information from the caller. Keep the Caller on the line while the authorities try to reach the location.

Agent: 117, what's your Emergency?
Caller: Oh my God.... I heard gun shots from my neighbor's house, and saw 3 Hispanic male running from their backdoor... *Screaming*
Agent: Ma'm, please, calm down, OK  If you scream, I won't be able to understand what you are saying, this is very important so we can alert the authorities right away.
Caller: Ok.. ok... I'm sorry...
Agent: Thank you, you are doing a great job! You said, you heard multiple gunshots, and 3 male running from your neighbor's house, is that right? 
Caller: Yes, they are already gone in the dark. I saw 3 Hispanic male running down the street.
Agent: Don't worry, I'm reporting it as we speak Ma'm, are you alone in your house?
Caller: Yes, that's why I'm shaking. I don't have a gun with me, even my dog is terrified as well!
Agent: And, what is your Name and Street Address?
Caller: My name is Sharon Davis, we are at 9657 Caminito Chollas, Sandiego, California.
Agent: Thank you, got it. Make sure that all doors are locked, and stay with me on the phone, OK  I already alerted the authorities, and they are now on their way!
Caller: Thank God... 
Agent: At what time it happened?
Caller: It was just less than 5 minutes ago... Where are the police?
Agent: Ma'm, they are now on their way!
Caller: Wait, I'm hearing some sirens.
Agent: That must be the Police, don't open your doors yet, stay with me, OK?
Caller: Alright.. Oh my goodness, I'm still shaking!
Agent: OK, feel free to grab a glass of water, I'll wait right here.
Agent: Ma'm, are you still there?
Caller: Yep, sorry I was just drinking.
Agent: Ma'm, the Sheriff's Dept have just returned my call, and they said that it was just some kids who are doing some prank on their friend. The noise you heard are just firecrackers. So, there's really nothing to worry now.
Caller: I almost had a heart attack, stupid kids!
Agent: Well, at least, no one got hurt. I hope you stay safe, OK?! Is there anything else?
Caller: I think that would be all, thanks for your help operator.
Agent: No problem, bye!

As you could notice, I added a little dose of humor in some of the lines above. Because, the reality is, it's not really all about apologizing or empathizing. You also have to know when you can use power words, talk about the weather, time, or even crack simple jokes it's actually a good way to establish rapport with your callers. Aside from rehearsing the Call Center Mock Calls Scripts Samples in-front of a mirror, you can also videotape yourself, so, you can easily replay the video to see and hear yourself. Practice makes perfect! Don't stop practicing, until you sound very comfortable and natural. If you have comments or suggestions, please, feel free to write it below. Don't also forget to subscribe your e-mail to get the latest updates from this site! Thanks!

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jOen said...

Wow! These are good scripts. I also laughed at the PSY joke. " I really love dancing while playing it in the morning.." hahaha.. With the assurance of help , it will surely relieve the caller's nervousness on his lost credit card. I think it's really more fun doing that more often in calls. Thank you for sharing this 3 practice scripts! :)

isp101 said...

@jOen -Hi, thanks for your comment! Yep, sometimes when you are talking to a customer, you have to be a little fun and creative. This will help you establish rapport with the caller. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for posting the script. Do you have a sample script for bus tour reservation?

Joel peter said...

i wants to voice calls can u guide me about that

Anonymous said...

salamat sir jm.. ang galing talaga ng script. sobrang nkatulong sya for me to pass my final assessment kanina.. godbless... you're a great help to us.

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