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If you want to work in a Call Center or planning to apply soon. You got on the right page! Call Center is truly one of the most in-demand and high-paying Industry in the Philippines, India, and other Countries. Preparing for the actual or phone interview is not an easy task. Based on the statistics, only 5 out of 300 applicants get the job! You might have heard stories from friends or relatives that getting in a Call Center is very difficult. Yes, it is partly true. However, I do believe that YOU could make it, If you really want the job! So, let's start doing our homework, and check out the TOP 10 CALL CENTER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS below...

Those Interview Questions that are much difficult to answer are actually those basic ones. If you rehearse these questions, it will actually prepare you a lot for the actual interview. Don't forget that, you will be speaking with human beings during Interviews, so you might want to put a good impression; smile and exude confidence while answering these questions. But, make sure you don't toot your own horn too much nor sound pretentious, or arrogant. Don't beat around the bush. And, avoid fillers or surrogates, such as, "ahhhh", "uhmmm" and "you know"... Especially, if you don't want to sound cheap, and see your resume end up in the trash can. And, another reminder, Please, DO NOT MEMORIZE YOUR ANSWERS! Most Call Center job applicants tend to memorize their answers, and this is their biggest mistake! Remember, you can't just memorize your answer, since, they could ask you questions that you have never heard of before. It might also help if you will practice or rehearse some Call Center Mock Calls Script Sample. The questions that I'll write below will serve as your guide on how you could answer certain questions. I'll write different possible answers for those with or without work experience. So, here are the questions that I personally encountered before as an applicant. Read it carefully, because, it will give you the edge to Ace the Call Center Interviews.


1. Tell me about yourself. -The most common and often Interview question asked in Interviews. Don't memorize what you already wrote in your resume. Interviewers are not interested in those kind of answers. Instead, tell them about your accomplishments in life, that might help to contribute in the job that you are applying for. Or, your work experiences, make it brief and precise.

(Without work experience) Example: "I've just graduated college. But, I am a writer, and I have my own blog website where I write articles about myself, experiences, gadgets and almost anything under the sun. This helps me express myself and improve my communication skills at the same time."

(With work experience) Example: "I have been working as a Tier 2 Technical Support since 2005. I am well versed when it comes to fixing computer problems. I also know how to setup modem, routers, hubs and switches for a home network, small business up to large scale networks."

2. Why do you want to work for us? -In this question, the employer wants to know If you really took time researching about their company or organization. Don't be clueless, do your home work and research about the company where you want to work. Ask friends or go to forums where you could ask people who already worked for the company. And, you could also tell the Interviewer about your strengths and how you could be an asset to their company.

Example: "Before I started sending out my resume online. I took the time researching about this Industry. I have found out that, (Say the name of the Company), is one of the biggest Call Center here in the Philippines and abroad. A friend who also work in a Call Center told me that, If I will apply in a Call Center, I should go here. It is also recommended by tons of people across the forums I have visited so far."

3. What is your greatest strength? -The Interviewer wants to know more about your greatest qualities that could contribute in the job or in their company. This is the time where you could toot your own horn. Be confident, and tell them your greatest strength and give them an example on how it helped you as a person. 

Example: "I am a very punctual person. As a matter of fact, I was an hour earlier in our Interview appointment. I made sure that traffic won't make me late with this one of the very important event in my life. I understand that If I get hired, this job requires dedication and commitment. And, I do believe that being punctual will help a lot."

4. What is your greatest weakness? -This could be a tricky question. Very often, the answer you will put in here would be the same thing you say as your greatest strength. Let me show you how you could turn your greatest strength as your greatest weakness in a positive way. Or, capitalize on something positive and make it your weakness instead.

Example: "Since, I am a very punctual person. I am always much concerned with the time, I do things an hour or two earlier. I tend to forget my meals, and now I am suffering from hyper-acidity. But, I am now working on it. I bring snacks with me all on the time, so I could eat while I'm in a cab or walking down the streets."

Example: "I tend to be a perfectionist, that's why It takes me longer to finish something. But, I am now working on it, by doing things ahead of time."

5. What are your pet peeves? -This could be a trap question for you. Don't say right away what irritates or annoy you about your family, friends or co-workers. The Interviewer just wants to know If you would fit in the company or organization's culture.

Example: "I don't really have a pet peeve, since people are created different from one another. If I hate something, I back up a little bit, and try to understand the situation. If you ask my bestfriend, He would probably tell you that my pet peeve is his very loud headset that could be heard from miles away."

6. How can you be an asset in our Company? -In this question, you will need to point out your best qualities and your career plans If ever they will hire you. Give them an answer that won't get them confused, make it plain and simple.

Example: "I am a fast learner and very hardworking. My dedication in this job would be my top priority in life. If ever, I would be given the time and opportunity to work here, I do believe that I could be an asset and promoted someday in this company."

7. How much salary do you want? -The Interviewer just wants to know If you have an Idea on how much they give out for the position you are applying for. Be truthful as much as possible during Interviews. I would suggest that you let them offer you first, If they refuse, don't hesitate to ask them. Don't get very aggressive in negotiating the salary that you want. Remember, you are not yet hired, so be as professional as you can.

(Without Call Center job experience Example: "Based on my research. For this position, other Call Center's gives around P13-15,000 for applicants without Call Center experience. But, I would love to hear more from you how much the company could offer me."

(With Call Center job experienceExample: "With my 5 years of solid experience as a Tier 2 Technical Support. Other companies, offers P28-30,000 for the basic pay. But, I would be glad to listen on how much the company could offer me."

8. Why should we hire you? -This question is usually being asked at the latter part of the Interview. The Interviewer might probably heard of different good answers from other applicants. So, give your best shot, try to stand out!

Example: "I have heard lots of good things about your Company. And, In the past few months, I always imagine myself being part of this great organization. I know my qualities and capabilities, which will surely help me to be an assent in this company. Given the time and opportunity, I would love to work here and see myself, not just getting a job, but, rather having a career."

9. How do you cope up with stress? -We all know that working in a Call Center could be really stressful. You can tell them the things you do to fight stress and how you manage it.

Example: "If I am stressed, a few bites of chocolates really helps me to relax and calm down. That's why, I always carry, my stress ball with a pack of chocolates. And, when I am home, playing with my dogs keeps me at ease and happy."

10. Hypothetical Call Center Interview Questions -I actually reserved the best for the last! These questions are very tricky, and sometimes weird, but could get you off guard. Here are the list of Hypothetical Questions that are often asked in a Call Center Interview:

Hypothetical Question:  How can you describe a color red to a blind person since birth?
Possible Answer: "A color red describes passion and love... Fire could be a good example of a color red, it make us warm in cold nights and help us cook our food."
Tips: Just talk about emotion or anything related with the color. Blue = coldness, royalty, blue skies. White = Purity, Sincerity, Water. Green = Trees, Plants,

Hypothetical Question: Why does a round pizza, comes into a square box?
Possible Answer: "Well, the box design isn't that important, it is just used to carry pizza. However, the round box couldn't be used also for the square pizza's."

Hypothetical Question: How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
Possible Answer: "Cracking a concrete floor would be definitely difficult, especially If you were just asked to use eggs."
Tips: The Interviewer just wants to know how good is your listening skills and If you understand the question. The question is referring to, how you would be able to crack the concrete floor by just using eggs.

Hypothetical Question: How would you sell a second hand toothbrush?
Possible Answer: "In reality, we do not really use a second hand toothbrush to brush our teeth. But, for the sake of recycling, toothbrush are far more efficient to use in cleaning our finger and feet nails."

Hypothetical Question: If you were an animal what will you be and why?
Possible Answer: "I believe I would be an Ant. Because, I am very hardworking, and dedicated to what I am doing."
Tips: Do not use animals such as Snakes = Liar, Sneak and Dishonest. Whale = Bloated and very slow to move. You can also say, Tiger = Intelligent and brave, Dolphin = Intelligent and a fast worker. Other versions are about, Trees, Flowers and Etc.

Hypothetical Question: How many bolts are there on a Boeing 747 plane?
Possible Answer: "Based on my research, a Boeing 747 has around six million parts, and half of which are just fasteners."

Note:  The TOP TEN (10) INTERVIEW QUESTIONS we have discussed are just the most common Interview Questions you might encounter during your Interviews in a Call Center. You might also encounter the Question; "How do you deal or pacify an irate caller?" This question is also very common, even in most Call Center phone interview. The more you become familiar with these questions, the more confidence you'll gain! If ever you need more tips, you can check out my post about, CALL CENTER MOCK CALLS SCRIPT SAMPLES!

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Download Boy said...

wow nice list JM! I have just submitted this post to DIGG!

lakwatsera de primera said...

Another helpful tips Jomi, (Question number 4 could be bit tricky sometimes. Should you really tell your weakness or capitalize on something positive and make it your weakness, like for example, "I tend to be workaholic and too engrossed with my work that I forget to socialise" )

isp101 said...

@Download Boy -Tnx for droppin' by! And, for posting it to DIGG! =P

@Claire -Tnx for the very helpful tips, I would be adding it as well! =)

csseyah said...

thanks jomi for a nice comment hehehe :) thanks din sa isa pang good tips na ito

isp101 said...

@csseyah -No problem, dude! Anytime, hehehe! =)

lulu said...

good day po jomi.. andito na naman ako hehehe Okay itong tip na ito ah :)

isp101 said...

@lulu -Welcome back, tnx! hehehe! =P

pinoyphp said...

kakatuwa yung tungkol sa egg,,haha nalito ako dun ah.

nag a ask din pala kayo ng tricky questions:D

isp101 said...

@pinoyphp -Yes, they ask tons of different "Hypothetical Questions", buti nga 'di tinanong sa akin yan dati eh! Hehehe! =P

Jhiegzh said...

Hehe inunahan mo ko pareng Jomi, to post about this topic! Pero I love the way you deliver it! Awesome! I also my own answers to that questions! WHat I have learned, in interview time, try to be on the good side ALWAYS! sometimes white lies has its relevance! ahahahaha.....Two thumbs up!

isp101 said...

@Jhiegzh -Tnx, dude! Tama, during interviews, it's best to be ALWAYS on the good side, Hehehe! =)

lulu said...

hello friend :) musta ka na po??? busyng busy ahh march na po!!!

csseyah said...

yehey March na.. malapit na naman ang mahal na araw... meaning .. bakasyon na! hehehe saan ka magbakasyon jomi??

isp101 said...

@Lulu -I'm ok, tnx for asking my friend! Hindi naman busy, mukhang busy lang! hehehe! =P

@csseyah -Oo nga, March na! Kaso, baka makapag vacation kami ng wife ko mga MAY pa siguro, we're planning to go back in Baguio, with our family! =)

Lulu said...

wow Baguio, sama.. ahahahah :D tara csseyah sabit tyo saknila.. hahahahha :D joke!! Good morning JM.. :)

Nonoy said...

hahaha!! kabisadong kabisado ko tong mga questions na to.

"Hi Nonoy," says the HR, "how are you? So let me start by telling me about yourself." haha. Yun na agad, pagkakataon mo nang magsalita at magsalita at magsalita in ENGLISH. To avoid the questions above from the HRs, you have to talk and talk and talk when asked by telling about yourself.

Ang ginagawa ko ay kapag pinasalita na me ng HR to tell him/her about myself, sinisimulan ko ng name, age, college course, then 1st job, and so on and so forth. Then in between those introductions I would tell a story like how my mother and me argued about my first job, and so on and so forth. I just talked and talked until I can entertain the interviewer, and would eventually ask something about him/her, and then talk about him/her and then we two would have a comfortable chat. hehe.

Due to my many experiences in call center interviews in Cebu, I have proven it to be effective way to be hired. of course, tinatanung p rin ng mga HRs ang mga questions above, pero minimal nah kapag nagsalita ka na nang nagsalita, pag nag papakita ka na ng good communication skills.

Questions that HRs asked are for only two reasons, one to test your English communication skills and two, to figure out your emotional and intellectual state, lalo na yung question no. 4. yun lang, ang haba noh. hehe:-)

halojin said...

^_^ nakidaan lang jomi ^_^

Nonoy said...

Jomi nag comment me dito mahaba. nasan na kaya yun? ang hirap kasi ulitin,nakalimutan ko na kasi anu yung sinabi ko. ang sabi :Your comment will be saved after the author's approval."

isp101 said...

@Lulu -Cge, sama kayo ni Csseyah sa baguio, basta, KKB ha?! Hehehe!

@Nonoy -Your very long and informative comment is just right above, I just got home, kaya ngayon ko lang na approved, pasensya na, hehehe! You are right, If you show your Interviewer that you know what you are talking about and you have an excellent communication skills, definitely, you could easily get hired! Thank you so much for the comments! God bless1 =)

@JonJon, tnx for droppin' by! hehehe! =)

Jhiegzh said...

May ishare pa din ako d2 pareng Jomi...One question I never expect na itanong sa akin sa interview, I never thought mag eexist ung question na un...I paused for few seconds and I able to answer it.

The HR interrogated me "If I will call you an idiot now, what will be your reaction?"

Answer: Thank you! Its because an idiot for me is:
I - industrious
D - diligent
I - innovative
O - open-minded
T - trustworthy

I just thought at that time all about "acronyms" and yes, it worked!

csseyah said...

bro.. uy gusto ko yan baguio heheh KKB tayo!!! hekhek hek hek baka mag La Union kami this holy week sa place ng friend ko.. ikaw lulu???

lulu said...

Good morning jomi... waaaaHHhh KKB??? cge pagipunan ko muna hehehehe ..

isp101 said...

@Jhiegzh -Ayus yun ah, that's why, during Interviews, you'll never know what the Interview might want to ask you next. Kaya, presence of mind is really important! Good thing, it worked for you! =)

@csseyah -Masarap mag unwind, magrelax, punta ka ng La Union, tapos blog mo, hehehe! =)

@Lulu -Mura nalang yata ngayon ang Baguio, nakakita ako ng mga Transient home at Hotel rooms worth P1,100/Day... 'Di ko lang alam magkano na pamasahe, last time we went to Baguio, it was just P450 from Caloocan to Baguio! =)

lulu said...

500 n ngaun JoMi ang pamasahe.. :) ung friend ko kggling dun.. :) hehehehh :P hilain ko si csseyah libre nya ko.. hahahahahh :D

isp101 said...

@Lulu -P500 na pala pamasahe?! Hehehe! Mukha naman galante yang si csseyah eh, tiyak, lilibre ka nyan! Hehehe! =P

lulu said...

andito muli at s iyo'y bumabati ng magandang umaga JoMi.. :) nawa'y maging maganda ang pagtatapos ng linggo sa ating lahat.. halina't samahan ako n papurihan si Ama at ng s knya rin ay mgpasaamat s mga biyayang kaloob nya sa anim n araw n lumipas.. :) God Bless you and you family,friend.. :)

Luffy said...

wow, ang galing, thanks po sa mga tips.

Unni said...

dumaan dito at thanks sa tips,,malaking tulong itetch~~
teka lagay ko sa blogroll ko link mo sir ha~~thanks po

isp101 said...

@Lulu -Good Morning my friend! God bless you always din! =)

@Luffy -No problem, Arwin! I've just added you on my blog rolls, Cheers! =)

@Unni -I went to your site, my link wasn't added yet. But, that's ok, I've already added you on my FRIENDS list! Good Day! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks po for the tips :) how many times do they interview me before getting hired? same Qs paren po ba? ty :)

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -In most Call Center's, you will know the results immediately. Call Center exams, Call Simulation and Interviews could only take a few hours. So, most probably, you will know the results within the day! They might also ask you some other simple questions, anything under the sun, just to test your communication skills. But, If you are prepared to answer the most basic questions, for sure, you'll be able to handle even the most difficult one's! God Bless! =)

eagerbeaver said...

what kind of exams do they give?

isp101 said...

@eagerbeaver -They give communication and multi-tasking skills, and typing exams, call simulation and mock calls exams. Those are often given after the first phase of the interview. Good Luck!

vaj said...

thanks for the idea sir. ((:

Anonymous said...

pwde po ba mgtanong if ano mga common call center conversations and what are the questions commonly asked by callers?

Anonymous said...

hi good evening!.this blog is very informative,thanks for letting us know about this.I am looking forward to apply for a CC representative,but I'm kinda afraid.I'm still working out to boost my confidence a bit more.
@isp101 - sir?are you a call center agent?

isp101 said...

@Vaj -You're welcome, feel free to read the Other articles related in the Call Center Industry! =)

@Anonymous -Are you referring to Call Center mock calls? Maybe, I'll just write an article about it. Tnx for dropping by!

@Anonyous -Thank you! Don't be afraid, Interview is just one of the toughest part of the process. But, once you get in, it's gonna be fine. Yep, I still work in a Call Center, going 6years this December. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also submit your resume to a Call Center company, by clicking on the CAREERS tab on top, and sending your email to my address. You can also find other articles that I wrote about Call Centers and our experiences as Agents. Tnx for dropping by! =)

Jonha (@jonharules) said...

You are right, interview is just one part of it. You have to sustain it all throughout your stay with the company you're working it. Answer not only to impress but to really work hard to keep what you've just landed. Neat list!

princess bech said...

Thanks for the tip!!!! Kinda used it already for my phone interview.. keep up the good work.. More power!!!

pauldoh said...

Very usefull post. Madami pong nangagailangan nito. Pwede ding reference sa ibang job interviews.

alinea said...

those were great tips...thanks:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for providing this ,, this is really helpful to all aspiring call center agents,=D

Anonymous said...

good tips. nag kakaroon ako ng idea thank you..

norlan said...

Thanks So mUch ISP
lagi kasi akong na de-dead air sa mga ganitong questions specially when it comes to my strength and weaknesses
tapos sa mga hypothetical questions gaya ng sinubmit mo
thank u so much
ill review this post thanks again

paul avera said...

you forgot something, the interviewer will probably give you a "situation" right? dun ako bumagsak e.

lex rams said...

just got an interview last thursday in a call center and i got denied ...haha...that was my first time interview in my whole debut nervous and my english didnt sound good to this gay interviewer...this tips will help me a lot for my next interview...

Don Hunyango said...

Thank you ISP!
After reading your articles, it gave me hope and courage to still pursue the call center industry, even though I failed my first four interviews. Thank you so much ! Im gonna practice more and Im gonna ace the call center interviews!..

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