Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello, Readers! It's been a long time... But, I'm back! I'm here to share with you a very good French Language Learning App that you can download on your iPhone or on your Android device. This very interactive and gamified program is also available to play on their website for the web based version. Let's cut the chase, I'm referring to "DUOLINGO", for me, this is the best program I've ever used, far better than paid Language Learning Programs that you can find on the cyberspace.

I'm currently studying the French language. And, honestly, I've tried buying and downloading other programs with voice recognition, recording and flash cards. But, I've never seen anything like DUOLINGO. For me, it's really much better and helpful when it comes to my learning progress. I'm actually wondering how they earn money from this Free app or web based program. Unlike other programs, which will just give you the first level, then, before you can continue, you'll be required to subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months. It will require you to pay tons of money before you can move to the next level.

Now, you can choose from the following languages:  Except Russian for the meantime.

And, my goodness, they are also cooking something for users! In the future, once the "hatching" is done, you'll be able to take classes for Russian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Irish. So, if you would like to be a Polyglot someday, this is a good start! I just hope that they include Asian Languages such as Tagalog (Filipino), I'll be glad to be a contributor! :)

What I like about DUOLINGO?

  • Signing-Up Made Easy - No Fees, No BS! If you have an email account, you can use it. But, the best part is, as long as you have either Facebook or Google+ on your smart phone or web browser, you'll be able to Sign-up in a couple seconds and start your course immediately!
  • Progress Status -To see your achievements and progress everytime you log-in on your cellphone or computer is really encouraging to continue learning!
  • Options -There are options to choose from! You can add a New Skill, which will let you "Add a New Course" or add more language course for Free.
  • User-Friendly -The design of both web based and app version are neat, cool and very easy to navigate. 
  • Email Notification -It gives you an alert to continue practicing your chosen language, it's like having a friend constantly encouraging you to learn more and improve your skills each day!
  • Interactive -It's just like playing a game, and of course, learning a language at the same time! It's not boring at all, it's just very addictive!
  • Discussion -There's an option on the top part of your screen, where you can discuss anything under the sun with the other Language learners. 
  • Immersion - It will allow you to Translate or Proofread a document submitted by yourself or other people, or simply discuss it with other users!
  • And, last but not the least, DUOLINGO is absolutely FREE! :)

I'm studying French right now so that I could work in the Business Process Outsourcing here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the English BPO or Call Centers here are now very saturated. To become a multilingual is truly an advantage, companies pay better. By the way, the screen pretty much look like this. But, you'll see how they made it very interactive once you start using it. It's really amazing!

I suggest that you try it yourself! Too excited? Just scroll down below and you'll see the links to DOWNLOAD DUOLINGO on your iPHONE, iPAD or ANDROID smartphone! :)

NOTE: This is NOT a paid advertisement or posting. I am just a big fan of this program, and I hope more people across the globe discover DUOLINGO! To start, just click on the following:



Once you install it on your iphone, ipad or android, feel free to add me: Click Me
Thanks for dropping by! Until next time! :)


Rob said...

I'll move to Italy within some months and therefore been practising Italian accent for sometime now. I think DUOLINGO will be great help my language learning. Thanks for a good recommendation.

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