Friday, December 13, 2013


This post is not about Call Center or any other regular stuff. This is a personal post, to honor my late dad. It's been 5 years, but, it's still fresh in my heart and soul. To all sons and daughters out there, consider yourself lucky if you still have a dad... Most of us give utmost respect, love and honor to our mom, but, often forget about the great things our father sacrificed for us. We have to give equal love to our parents. We shouldn't wait for a special occasion to say Thank you or I Love You to our parents. Life is so short.

Believe me, it's hard to live a life without a father. I often wake up in tears and in deep sadness, realizing that I won't be seeing him for now. I realize how loving and good he was, not just to our family but, to everyone who knows him. As I remember, after my late dad worked in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years, he became a full time Christian Pastor here in the Philippines. He served God and helped and fed a lot of people, without expecting anything in return. He loved what he was doing. Just pure love and selflessness.

The scenario each day at around 4:30 in the morning, I'd here him cooking our breakfast, filling all the container with water, preparing our uniform and lunch box. I suddenly remember that here was a time when my eldest brother was in hurry 'coz he was late for work. When my dad saw that his breakfast was still on the table, he hurriedly put it in a plastic bag and run very fast to give it to my brother. Those were just small things. I can also remember how he gave me advised when I was feeling down, depressed and hopeless. He was there by my-side not just as a dad, but, a true friend! I wish I could thank him for all the things he did for our family.

The last time that I spoke with him was in one Saturday morning, in our old house. I was advising him to see a doctor right away, since he wasn't feeling good. But, he was a bit stubborn. I actually cried and told him that he doesn't love us, since, he was not taking good care of his health. I begged him to come with me to the hospital, but, he declined. He said that he's fine and he doesn't want to stay in the hospital since he'd be preaching the next day, and he promised that he would just go to the hospital on Tuesday. I left the house very sad, but, I was able to tell him that I LOVE HIM SO MUCH... I didn't know that it would be our moments of goodbye.

The day past, and he was able to do the regular Sunday service. Then, at around 11:45 in the evening, on December 17, 2008. I got a phone call from my brother, that they had to rush my dad in the hospital. I got very nervous and was shaking when my brother said he was unconscious. My wife and I quickly dressed up and went to the hospital. When I got there, my dad wasn't moving anymore. And, my brother held me in my hands and said, "Daddy is now gone, he's now with the Lord".

I wish I could have given more appreciation of those small and sweet things he did for us. I'm so sad because, I wasn't able to do my plans for him. I never knew that he would die at the age of 61. He was still strong, and young when he departed this world. I wish I could hug him so much, and tell him that I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH! But, our lives is not ours. We are just strangers in this world. That's why we have to make sure that we leave a good legacy to our loved ones. Let's honor our parents, for without them, we won't be here.


Semidoppel said...

Sorry, I didn't read the whole article, I suddenly felt sad. T_T

OPM Songs said...

Merry Christmas po Sir Jomi :)

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