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Being human, we are lucky to have the one organ that makes us more interesting creatures than the average mammal – a human mind. Our minds have the capacity to be creative, emotional and imaginative. Aside from fulfilling the needs of our basic instincts, we can motivate ourselves through setting goals, plans and creating task lists to add to our personal fulfillment.

However, there are times when we can all be incredibly lazy. A task that can be finished in just 10 minutes will be stretched to an hour, to another, until a whole day has been wasted away delaying and then scheduling the task for later, until it ends up being scheduled for “tomorrow.” If that isn't an unhealthy habit for an individual who aims to boost his/her personal growth, I don’t know what is.

Technology and Personal Development

To become better human beings, we all need to make time to strategize and determine how to carry out our personal goals. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of apps already out in all the different platforms, whether you may be using Android, iOS or Windows. Utilizing these apps can help you plan better and accomplish your goals.

Besides their portability (who goes anywhere without their cell phones these days, right?), having smart phones to constantly help you sync and stay on track with your checklists and goal progress gives you no excuse not to get your stuff done.

1. Mountain climbing, crossfit training, diving, boxing, martial arts, or participating in marathon events such as running or even swimming, are just some of the exciting physical achievements that may intimidate some and yet, have proven to be fulfilling activities.

If accomplishing a physical activity is on your list of goals and you feel like needing a trainer nearby to answer your concerns, you can stay assisted by your coach with the help of useful devices like spy headphonesYou can even use these handy earpieces when you're playing air-soft and want to remain in contact with your teammates, making for a more cooperative gaming experience.

2. Yoga workshops, backpacking trips, exploring other countries' food, culture, learning a new language, or attending foreign festivals are also ways to heighten one's cultural sensitivities and sense of fulfillment.

If constantly worrying about staying connected to your home and/or business base is what's stopping you from going on your dream retreat or vacation, boost cellphone signal by installing a mobile repeater in your car, or in your flat for the night or week that you're spending your hiatus in. Once you get a little homesick or a little edgy by being away, you can just give your loved ones or professional contacts an update, wherever you may be.

Hindrances to completing your goals are plenty, so are the help that technology can offer to turn these hindrances into mere excuses. So stop the whining and start checking off boxes from your bucket list. After all, regret is more often than not suffered by those who aren't able to accomplish anything noteworthy in their lives, simply because they have wasted a lot of time worrying, dillydallying and finding excuses.

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Bloggerman said...

Nice article. Insightful. Dumaan lang ako pareng Jomi! Cheers!:-)

James Bang Files said...

i think mas maganda talaga kapag personal goals ang uunahin mas uplifting. napadaan lang din sir

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