Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello, Readers! I'm finally back from hiatus. I know, it's been a long time, and I apologize for not updating this blog. I decided to create this post, because, I have seen a lot of friends recently who are giving up their jobs, but, not emotionally ready to face the reality. There are few things that we have to consider upon leaving our job. We also have to accept the fact that we did it for a purpose, and we should be solely responsible for whatever outcome of this decision. This post is also applicable for those people who just got fired. Since, it's so important for us to think of what we're gonna do next or how we should react in this kind of situation. Let's talk about it...

Each of us has our own reason why we quit our job. Whether it is about your company, yourself or your family, or some other reason. The good thing is, you're now finally free! We can use this event in our life to take advantage of our skills and become better. Let's go through the things that we have to do.


BREATHE - What you'll be doing next should not be a problem, since, you'll have all the time. Taking a deep breath won't hurt. If you feel like crying, then, let the tears roll down your face. After all, the next few days won't be an easy ride. Of course, you'll remember the best people that you've been working with for the past few years or months of your stay in your previous job. It is normal to feel sad. But, you could be sad, without feeling bad. Everything happens for a reason. And, it's not gonna help if you'll focus on blaming yourself or someone else. Time to breathe! Give yourself a break, after all, you are now Free! Do what you love most! If you want to sing, dance, or you wanna watch movies all day, then, do it! If you feel eating a bucket of french fries or fried chicken, don't deprive yourself! After all that you have been through, this is the best time to give yourself a little break.

MONEY MATTERS - After a week or so, it's gonna be important for you to know, if you will have enough funds to sustain your expenses for the next few weeks or months. If you have savings or emergency funds that you could use while you are still finding yourself, then, that's great! The money that you have in your hands will tell you if its gonna be sufficient enough to pay your bills, food, groceries, and etc. It will dictate the amount of time you can spend for yourself, or for finding a new job. Once you have gathered all your savings, you have to do a simple computation on how much money you really need to spend each day. Being out of work can definitely go out of hand as the time goes by. You won't notice it at first, but, it could make your life a lot miserable. Unless, you are filthy rich. Let's not forget, our monthly utility bills won't stop coming. We also need to allocate money for food, water, and etc. If you have all the money, then, you can ignore worrying about it. But, if you don't have enough savings, then, this should be your number one priority. It is very important to think about your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. Remember this, you quit your job; and no one has to suffer. And, please, don't borrow money from anyone just to survive this event in your life. Try to squeeze your budget, adjust your lifestyle, and make it sufficient for your needs.

THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE - As much as you wanna enjoy being unemployed, you also have to consider what's gonna happen in the future. Your savings won't last forever. So, you have to plan ahead. You have to gauge the next kind of work or what kind of business you want to have. In my case, after quitting my job, I decided to enroll myself in a French Language School for future Career Advancement. Aside from it, I decided to start investing in the Stock Market here in the Philippines. What I am trying to say is, consider having a short term and long term goal. You have to clearly see yourself what you'll be doing in the next 5-10 years from now. Don't be in a hurry, let the ideas flow, write it down in a piece of paper. Then, make a good decision, and prepare yourself.

WALK THE TALK - After finally making up your mind, you can't just sit around and expect things to happen by itself. You have to start doing what you want to accomplish. If you are planning to apply for a new job, do some research about the Industry, Company and etc. Don't forget to practice Interview Questions, so you can ace the interviews. You also have to prepare yourself physically emotionally and mentally for the actual work. If you decided to just have a business, then, focus and look around your competition. It is best to have a feasibility study first before jumping right away into a certain business. You have to gauge yourself how you will be able to start the business, the current money or resources you have, the experience, and etc. Being positive at all times will surely help. Stick to your plan, and walk the talk; compose yourself and do everything you can to achieve your goals!

CHANGE IS CONSTANT - Yes, we have to understand that we should not be stagnant in what we are doing. We always have to strive for excellence to be successful in life. We have to accept that Change is Constant. It is a way for us to re-focus, and to improve ourselves. And, of course, to avoid going back to the same old bad habits or mistakes we have had in the past. The World may not be perfect, but, we have to appreciate what we have. Simple things can be great, it is actually how we look at it. To success, cheers!


Bennix Baygas said...

Nice hearing again from you pre JoMi.Your bunch of interview question is really helpful for anyone lurking for jobs.I think the most important is a sort plan before leaving and always be confident that you can find much better spots out there just be patience and harness your skills.

isp101 said...

@Bennix Baygas - I agree, it's always better if you are prepared before filing your resignation. Finding a greener pasture might take a few weeks or even months, so, saving at least 3-6 months of your monthly salary is advisable before quitting your job. Thanks for dropping by Bennix! =)

Zion said...

True. You go to think of your future before you decide to say sayonara soul sucking job! :)

Dapat may game plane before ka biglang mag decide na maging unemployed bum, kasi pag wala, ewan ko na lang.

Chamz Chamen said...

Haha tama. These can make others boost their self-confidence. Apply lng ng apply! :)

Nonoy said...

Blog or create a company. :-)

Dumaan lang dito pareng Jomi. Musta na?

isp101 said...

@Zino - I agree, without a backup plan, you might be scratching your head at the end. Thanks for visiting! :)

@Chamz Chamen -Yep, the right job is just waiting for those who seek! :)

@Nonoy -Thanks for dropping by! I'm doing great pareng Nonoy, I just rarely blog, but, when I do, I try to reply to the comments. Yep, if you have the money and time to create your own company, or the patience to earn money from blogging, give it a shot, who knows, right?! I hope you have a great day! :)

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