Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's been a long time since I blogged. I had a lot of errands to run in the past few weeks. So, to my readers; I'm so sorry to keep you waiting! This topic that we have for today is the most commonly asked question by French Language learners. But, how do we really gauge the level of French language fluency we can achieve as a Foreign Language learner? How is it being measured, is there a guideline for it? These are the things that I have asked myself, since, I have been studying French from home, for a couple of months now. So, How long does it take to Speak and Learn French? Come with me, and let's find out!

For my new readers, my native tongue is Tagalog, it is a Filipino language. I also speak American English since I work in a Call Center (BPO). On my research online, I have read some people who were able to learn French in less than a year or two. Of course, who wants to waste time? As much as I want to learn it fast, I have a very hectic schedule and limited time for my studies, since I'm a working individual. Believe me, studying the French language is not as easy as I thought. I am not gonna brag about the basic common phrases or new words that I have learned from Free French Language Lessons Online. Learning a new language is of course difficult, and it depends on how badly you want it. When I say how badly you want it, I am referring to your motivation; how much time you can devote on your studies, research, and of course, immersion. I understand that learning another language will eat a lot of time, and great devotion. I am still learning from French e-books, watching French TV shows/movies, and utilizing some French tutorial software. Of course, it helps me a lot to get myself familiarized with this new language that I'm trying to learn.

Since, I work, I have to manage my time very well. Aside from the things that I'm already doing to learn this language fast. I just feel the need of getting myself in a real-life classroom, where I could interact with a Native French speaker, as well as, with new classmates with the same goal that I have. That's why I recently enrolled myself in Alliance Française de Manille, here in the Philippines. It is the center for the DELF/DALF exams; it is the official Diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education. I guess, the best guideline we can follow is the Standard guideline which is based on the Common European Framework (CEF), this is actually the best way to describe the fluency level we can achieve in studying this very beautiful language.

The next picture that I will show is based on the hours you will need to spend in a classroom to learn French.Thanks to Alliance Française de Manille and de Cebu for these guidelines!

I have enrolled myself in a Semi-Intensive 48 hour class, which will require me to attend a 3 hour class twice a week. It is the first session of the year for 2013 (up to 5 sessions / year).

Alliance Française de Manille offers up to 5 sessions in a year. I believe 1 session is equivalent up to 2 months worth of classroom study, which let's you learn up to 2 modules in around 2 months. So, that means in a year, in 5 sessions, if I am not mistaken; you can learn up to 10 modules. In a year, you can get up to B1 level. Take note, the following guidelines I posted above are all based on Common European Framework (CEF) for Languages. Of course, you can go as fast as learning French in less than a year, since, other people online claims it is indeed possible. And, you do not let yourself limited to the things that you are learning from the classroom. As long as you have the luxury of time, you can learn this language as slow or as fast as you want. I guess, that would be all for now! I'll keep you guys posted in my progress! Don't forget to subscribe your email below, also LIKE US on Facebook, and FOLLOW US on Twitter! Merci!

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GoodFilipino Fab said...

very nice bro.. next level ka na talaga :) God Bless You always...

Henry said...

Very nice, Kung may chance lang ako, French at Spanish pagaralan ko din. Alam ko may paggagamitan ka nyan importante sa career mo pre ^_^ Tyaga lang.

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