Sunday, August 5, 2012


The hottest topic now in our country is the battle between the PRO and ANTI RH BILL. I have seen numerous debates about this issue. There's still a question in my mind; why this bill is being rejected and feared by so many. What's so special about this bill and why is it being very controversial? I guess, we should understand first the value of life. And, see how difficult it is to make a living nowadays. The sad truth is, there are still families who can't afford to have three meals in a day. Like in some depressed areas here in Manila alone, you'll see children collecting bottles, used papers, copper and iron just to bring food in their family table. Their parents can't feed all of them, and to send them to school seems to be nearly impossible. You don't have to go far to see what's really going on in our country. By the way, have you really read the whole Reproductive Health Bill?

If you will ask me; Yes, I have read the whole RH BILL or the Reproductive Health Bill. Are you against this bill? If yes, in which part you don't understand? Honestly, I didn't see any hint of abortion, or anything that could make our society immoral. Why are there people keep adding malice on this issue? Let's admit the fact that there are still so many fellow Filipinos who are not aware about contraception, reproductive health and the consequences of the ever growing population in our country. This bill might help to reach them out. Although, I personally don't believe that this bill alone will end the poverty in our nation. But, I know that it would at least, somewhat help us, and educate our fellow Filipinos to become more responsible parents. Watch this 25 minute long BBC Reporting: Our World. This is what's going on in our country...

I guess, it's now time to pass this bill. In my own opinion, only an idiot would think or even compare the contraception against abortion. This bill is not anti-life, it is actually pro-life and pro-poor! We can't afford to do what the old practices in the Bible to go and multiply, unless, you are filthy rich. We are over populated and we are putting the next generations in a much difficult situation if we won't do anything to stop our fast growing population. This bill will also help those people who are poor and who can't afford to buy contraceptives...

As a Filipino, I am not really sure why the Government is always being dictated by these Catholic priests who are never married, or had a chance to build a family. No disrespect intention, but, honestly, they are not in the position to say anything against this bill. And, they should not dictate our Government on what to do, or represent the whole nation. These priests are probably enjoying their life inside the comfort of their fully air-conditioned offices, without looking out their windows. They should see how many starving fellow Filipinos in Payatas, Tondo, and other depressed areas. Teaching them how to prevent the sperm to meet the egg cell is not an abortion. Giving them contraceptives that they can't afford is also not an abortion. It's controlling how many kids they can feed, send to school and support. Just take a look at this one photo below; a pregnant woman sniffing rugby!

RH BILL is not all about contraception. This will actually help us lower down the unwanted pregnancies, and even abortion. It will properly educate the young people about the risk and consequences of unwanted pregnancy, different kinds of diseases, and make them ready for adulthood. It will protect more women and their little angles from pregnancy risks. And, it will open the doors for health care which will be provided not just for the rich but, also for the poor. More Filipinos will be educated. Which will result to responsible parenthood. These are the things that some hypocrites should realize. Let's End the Debate on August 7!

To our beloved lawmakers, for the sake of more suffering and hungry Filipinos, please, PASS THE RH BILL! Sign the online petition to support RH BILL: Click here! I guess, that's all for now, if you like this post, please, subscribe below! Thanks!

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Henry said...

I just wanna share my answer about this, I think of this many times before, for everyone's sake, it will be better if we pass the RH bill.

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