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On this post, I'll be talking about the PROS of working in a Call Center. And of course, next week, I'll post the CONS, as well. Anyway, if you are planning to land a job in a Call Center, you must read this post. I'll be talking about the good things that you can get from this job. I remember the time when I was still planning to work in this Industry. I literally did some research about it and asked some friends to give me some tips. But, no need for you to do any research, I'll put now the deck of cards just right on the table!

The PROS of working in a Call Center that you will read below is based on the small Interview that I have conducted. I have asked a couple of friends who also work in the same Industry; to give me some idea on the things that I should mention on this post. Take note, all of them are Call Center Agents here in the Philippines. So, if you are on a different side of the world, we might have different views on this post. I'll just be talking about the basic Pros in the Call Center Industry in our country. Anyway, let's get it started...


1. COMPETITIVE SALARY, BONUSES AND ALLOWANCES - An average Filipino worker earns at least P8,500 a month. But, as of this writing, an average Call Center Agent without a Call Center Experience can earn P13-15,000. So, even fresh graduates can earn more than what regular employees are getting in other Industries. But, if you have at least, 6 Months worth of Call Center Experience; on your job offer, you will surely get an additional P2-5,000, that means from the basic pay alone, you can get P17-20,000 or even more, it still depends on your qualifications. The best part of the Salary is the non-taxable allowances, which include the usual Food, Transportation, Rice, Clothing, and other allowances that could range from P3-5,000 added to your monthly pay. And, the good thing is we are getting Salary Increase annually based on our performance. That means you can double your basic pay in a few years if you work harder. In the Call Center Industry if you love your job, it loves you back! Now, if you are really a certified workaholic and you really value your job. Passing your monthly scorecards will bring you more money. For each metrics that you pass, you could actually get more money. We are talking about thousands of Pesos added on your pay. I am not going to release any numbers since each metrics are different from one another and give different amount of Incentives and Bonuses. Aside from those, if the team where you belong reach the passing metrics, then, expect over flowing food from your loving Team Leads or Operations Managers. That's why a Call Center work can now be considered as a lucrative job, compared to other Industries.

2. MEDICAL AND LIFE INSURANCE - This is the most important benefit that we get from this job. We all know that Call Center job is really stressful. If we get sick, we can easily get to a nearby clinic or hospital without worrying about getting billed. I remember the time when my doctor said that they will need to remove my tonsils to avoid complications. I was shocked because after the operation; the whole Tonsillectomy procedure and 2 days stay in the hospital costs more than P80,000. But, since I have the Medical Insurance, I didn't pay anything. It just makes our lives easier. Now, if something happens to us, we also have a Life Insurance that can secure our family. Of course, money can't replace our lives. But, let's not forget that other Industries in our country; do not give this kind of benefit.

3. PAID VACATION AND SICK LEAVES - I'm not sure how many days other companies give. But, as far as I know, the standard is we get 15 Days Paid Vacation Leaves. This allow us to be with our loved ones in a trip, vacation or even in just a small family gathering. And, the 15 Days Paid Sick Leave, allow us to get compensated even if we are still in the hospital; while trying to get well. And, the best of all, some companies even pay you the amount of Unused Sick Leaves. So, if you didn't get sick, that means more money at the end of the year!

4. ENHANCES COMMUNICATION SKILLS - For Filipinos like me, since, English is my second language. My job as a Call Center Agent requires me to speak with English Native speakers for 8 hours a day, 5 times a week or an average of 20 days in a month; it helps me enhance my English Communication Skills. For fresh graduates, this is just an added bonus on top of the monetary benefits that you can get. Studying English alone without actually using it, won't help that much. This is an opportunity for you to help people and learn from them at the same time. With this job, you can easily adapt different accents, slang, and etc.

5. FAST CAREER GROWTH - We all know that here in our country, Call Center is the fastest growing Industry. Having that said, climbing the career ladder won't be that difficult. I have seen people who got promoted from an Agent position to Operations Manager in just a couple of years. So, if you love your job and you have all the good qualities that the management are looking for, then, you can start applying for a much higher position! Remember this, if you're just on the entry-level position, then, the only way is to go up!

Now, before you start practicing Mock Calls Scripts, or preparing yourself for a Call Center Interview. Wait until you read my next post, I'll be talking about the CONS of working in a Call Center. I hope this post helps! If you like this post, don't forget to LIKE US on Facebook, and FOLLOW US on Twitter! Thanks!

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pinoyphp said...

Pagkagraduate ko next year try ko mag apply jan:)

Celina said...

I love the hip, cool people..also, i love the fashionistas in this industry. Also, for as long as you wanna complain &/or suggest to the management style, you're given the opportunity & chance to speak. Also, social freedom. Most people who work here are liberal thinkers. You are always updated with the newest in town because people here are outgoing. People in call centers came from all walks of life, giving you different kind of social growth. Most young people, especially fresh grads get employed in call centers as their 1st job, so, the environment is young. You would never grow old in this industry.

Blogging Tips said...

Yung lucrative salary at benefits ang naka entice na mag work sa call center; Na miss ko na rin mag call center pareng Jomi; the people and the fun. :-)

Henry said...

I want to go back to call center industry na, tagal ko na rin no job. :-D

Jerome said...

I love to read all of your post here at isp101.
I've just graduated collge and luckily i have this pending training at a network industry cc(call center) @ july 16 for the position of tech support rep. I just want to say isp101 that i learned a lot of stuffs from you. as a fresh grad who is willing to work on a cc environment i can say that your ideas and opinions in your blogs can help a lot of filipinos who's aspiring to be an agent and grow their carreer in cc industr. mr. isp101. can you write an article about fresh grad willing to work on a call center and what should they expect and do in the trainings in order to impressed their supervisors....and again a BIG thanks!!!

isp101 said...

Hi, Jerome! Thanks for visiting and appreciating my blog. There's actually a post that I'm writing about the CONS of working in a Call Center, but, due to lack of time, I'm really having a hard time finishing the article. Sure, I'll write some tips about your suggestion. However, one thing that I'd like to suggest to you, just take the training seriously. Because, if you pass your metrics, and you're never late or absent, that's a huge point for you! For sure, they'll get you regularized! I'm wishing you all the best! =)

Jerome said...

a BIG Thanks for that piece of advice sir jomi(:D. i saw your name in the comments of the readers of your articles)
And I hope that God may enlighten you with his wisdom so that you can create more informative articles for you to share to us..

Anonymous said...

Please write about the cons....

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -Thanks for dropping by! Here's the link for the CONS:

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