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If you want to quickly get yourself familiarized with the American English Communication Skills, you will literally need to start from the very basics. You will also need to study hard and do your home work. Even if you have no interest in working in a Call Center. Most Job Interviews nowadays will require you to speak English. So, learning this very beautiful yet complicated language might come in handy. Who knows, right?! Here we go...

Before we start, let me just add; this article isn't just created for Filipinos. This is for anyone who are interested to learn English. Honestly, I struggled at first, because, English is also my Second Language. But, worry no more, here are the things that we can do:


1. Start Buying or Borrowing books -If you have no plans in spending some cash, then, try to borrow Elementary to High School English books from your younger brothers, sisters or relatives. You have nothing to be ashamed of, I also did it before when I was still studying. This will actually help you build your own sentences with flawless grammar. Start writing simple and short sentences, and try to read it aloud for several times. Your sensitive oral and facial muscles will remember the words or sentences that you are repeating for several times. Just like when singing, if you constantly repeat the song or even just the chorus, most of the time, you will get the "LSS or Last Song Syndrome". Reading aloud some Mock Calls Script Samples might also help. Anyway, It will help you become more fluent and confident on the second language that you are trying to learn.

2. Always have a Dictionary with Thesaurus - This will help you discover New Words and its meaning, as well as the Synonyms and Antonyms. Don't be afraid to learn new words everyday, who knows, you might be able to use it in the future. If you have encountered new words that you are not familiar with, you could just simply grab your Dictionary and use the new word in a Sentence, and learn how to pronounce the word. Or, better if you write down first the unfamiliar word in a piece of paper, then, use it in a sentence. But, if you are still confused on how to pronounce it. Most Dictionaries nowadays are also available on-line, and the good thing is, it comes with an Audio pronunciation of the word.

3. Expose yourself in watching American Movies -When I say American movies, I wasn't referring to any adult oriented or stupid videos that you can find in most Social Networkings sites. Any movies with sub-titles would do. This will help you learn how Americans speak their own language. It is also a good Introduction for you to hear and recognize different accents, american slang and phrases, new words, american culture, and etc. Since, English is our second language, if we don't know any native american speakers that we can speak with, this is the closest thing that we can do.

4. Listen to English Songs -Genre's aren't important here, however, try to avoid fast or loud musics like rap or hardcore rock. The main purpose why you need to listen to English songs, so you can get yourself more familiarized with the new words, it will improve your Listening skill as well. Especially, if you have a favorite English song, just make sure that you know its meaning. Most Filipinos nowadays just know how to sing a song, without even recognizing the meaning of a song. You will appreciate more the beauty of a song, if you know what it means.

5. Read English Newspapers or Editorial -I mean, newspapers written in English. If you want to improve your vocabulary, or use English in "Formal Conversations", then, this should help you a lot. Especially, if you want to improve your communication skills for future Job Interviews. It will help you learn New words, and how to use it in a Formal conversation. Let me just reiterate; If you are planning to enter into corporate world, then, this is a must!

6. Socialize and Make New (Native English Speakers) Friends -Nowadays, finding new friends in the United States or United Kingdom won't be that difficult. With the help of Social Networks or Gaming Platforms, you can gain new friends; socialize and learn from native English speakers. If you think that Internet is full of crappy people, then, you are wrong! Most English people who stay infront of their PC's longer are the nicest people on the Planet; most of them, probably know how to meet new friends online, and how to treat people with respect. Don't stereotype, not all of them are rude or racist. Remember, Internet is a different world; full of nice and friendly people. I'm not encouraging you to flirt or anything. You just have to practice what you have learned. Don't be afraid to use it; learning is a continuous process.

7. Video or Audio Record Yourself -If you think that you are now improving your language, then, try to record your voice using an Audio recorder. Much better, if you have a video recorder. Sometimes, if we are reading or saying something, we don't really hear ourselves, so, having it on camera will show us how we sound. Most cellular phones nowadays are packed with High Resolution or HD Videos. You just have to read at least, 500-700 words article per session, so you can hear or see how well you sounded in-front of the camera. This will help you build your confidence. Now, if you don't have a video camera or an audio recorder, stop making excuses! You can use a mirror, which gives you the same concept of hearing yourself. The mirror won't lie, if you are saying something that bothers you, like an unfamiliar word or phrases, then, you can stop and repeat it as many times as you like. The only disadvantage of a mirror is, you can't rewind or fast forward it.

8. Search for Most Common English Grammar Mistakes - This will help you save a little bit of your dignity. If you don't know the different between "Lose" and Loose", then, don't be sad, it only means that there are still rooms for improvement. We, Filipinos often get confused on how to use, "its" and "it's", "your" and you're", and many more. We also tend to pluralize adjectives, phrases or words that are already plural by its form, like "Xerox Copy", "Next, Next Week". Isn't it just redundant? You just won't make sense if you talk, if you let yourself get used to it. Try to avoid these common mistakes for your own good.

9. Write English Articles, Poems or Songs -If you do these things, it will not just improve your writing skills, but, it will also unleash the hidden talents that you have! Who knows? Oh, yeah! You might be the second "Mozart", LMAO! But, seriously, this is a fun activity that you can try on your free time. After all, it's also a good way to express the things that you can't speak or tell to anyone. Find something that will inspire you then, use it as your main subject or focus in the articles, poems or songs that you are writing. Believe me, if you start doing it, you'll start loving it!

10. Free Your Mind -Don't stuff yourself with so much words or choke yourself with things that you can't understand. Your journey begins when you start appreciating and enjoying the English language. Time will come, you will not just be able to speak, write, or hear English. As soon as you develop these communication skills, you will notice that you do not have to think about the things that you have to say. English will just become a part of you, it will just naturally develop in you. So, don't be hard to yourself. If you think that learning this language is impossible, then, you have to change your attitude and outlook in life first. Free your mind, enjoy learning your second language!

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that It took me a couple hours to finish this article about the TOP TEN WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS. I hope you guys find it helpful. Let me just add, by practicing Mock Calls Script Samples, it will help you practice your Call Handling Skills. Got to go! Please, don't forget to LIKE US on Facebook, or FOLLOW US in Twitter. If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below! Thanks! Until next time!

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khantotantra said...

number 3 and 4 is effective pero be careful kasi minsan some americans have wrong grammars din minsan. ahahahaha

Semidoppel said...

I agree to all the factors you have listed in this article. I can say that they are all right because I've done most of them, and the best part is you are enjoying while learning.

Ian Buena said...

It's been a long time. Haha. I so caught up with my studies that I already forgot to visit. I really support all the ways that listed here but I really believe number 1, 5 and 6 is the way to go. I've done number 1 once because my personal tutor back when I am in high school lend me a book for a Grade 1 and 2 then I said, "what? You're tellig me that I need to study english using a Grade 1 and 2 book?" but my tutor told me. The best way is to start with the basics. Then I started reading it and it really helped me to review and farther master the arts of writing/speaking in English. To make the story short. Great job with your article. :)

Henry said...

best advise para sa new graduate na balak pasukin ang call center career ^_^

Nonoy said...

Malaking tulong yun panonood ng mga Hollywood movies. Great post bro Jomi! :-)

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