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Hello, Folks! I have finally got rid of my 3 year old Samsung 1HP Split-Type Aircon, and bought a new Panasonic CS/U-S12NKQ 1.5HP Split-Type Aircon. I guess, I just had enough with my old aircon, since, It gave me so much headache for the past 3 years. I literally spent thousands of pesos for cleaning, repair and maintenance, yet, the quality just seems to be very poor. Let me tell you what we have experienced with this new aircon.

It's too early to say that this aircon is durable enough to last for years. But, based on the small research I have conducted, most aircon users forum says that Panasonic is one of the best brands here in the Philippines. And, the features are far better than other brands.


This product boast ECONAVI which helps you save up to 35% Less Electricity consumption!  It is packed with eco-sensors that detects Sunlight and Human Activity to reduce waste and optimize air-conditioner operation based on the room conditions. This helps when it's installed near by the window, since, it detects when it is sunny. It also gauge the room temperature and if it needs less cooling power by increasing 1 degree Celsius to your set room temperature. So, if we have to go out and we leave the room when there's only a dog inside. It automatically detects and adjust the needed cooling power in the room. Another great feature is the Human Activity Detection. I was really impressed since the very first time I used this aircon. It shows the light indicator finding the place where I am sitting. It simply adjust the airflow direction to where I am at. So, if you move from one place to another, it automatically detects your movement and adjust the airflow direction to where you are. It helps reduce energy wasted of cooling an unoccupied place in your room.

Another great feature is the INTELLIGENT INVERTER, it can also help you save energy up to 50% Less. It provides a technology that maintains your room set temperature by varying the rotation speed of the compressor. Unlike the traditional or non-inverter aircon that brings a fixed amount of energy on a fixed speed. An Inverter Type Aircon need not to stop and start to maintain the desired room temperature, because, it varies the speed of the compressor to give much or less cooling power. That means on non-inverter units, if you choose 16 or 29 degrees Celsius, the compressor runs on a fixed speed. Unlike, on Inverter units, the compressor adjust its speed for the needed cooling power for the set room temperature.  Which means huge Energy saving, especially, if you hate making your room like a giant freezer. It can also cool down your room 1.5 times faster than non-inverter models. With my old Samsung Aircon, it takes around 10-15mins before the room gets cold. But, with our new aircon, it only takes 3 minutes to cool the whole room, seriously!

If you have kids or you need an air-filter for your room, no need to buy one! It comes with a NANOE-G AIR PURIFYING SYSTEM, it uses nano-technology generator that release around 3 Trillion Nanoe-G fine particles that catches harmful airborne micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and moulds. Then, the Nanoe-G particles bring the capture micro-organism back into the filter. With the old aircon we had, we used to spray tons of Glade and Lysol to somewhat disinfect and remove the room odor. But, with this new ac, we don't really need to. We tried leaving the room with the aircon and Nanoe-G running. When we came back, the room smells fresh and deodorized. It doesn't have the usual stinky smell of a closed room. Air smells clean and refreshing.

With all that, the AC operates so smooth and quiet. You can also set the Timer, or manually adjust the air swing, fan speed, and the different modes with the remote control. I have no complaints so far, and I was told that I could get 2 Free cleanings before it ends its first year. I'll let you know if this AC breaks down or something.


After researching about this product, I went to several stores, and found out that they are selling this AC for around P39,999. But, what I did is, I tried calling different AC Installer and Service Providers and found out one store. FAIR 'N SQUARE gave it to me for only P35,250 or $830 USD plus P300 for the delivery charge. Then, they referred me to their trusted Aircon Installer, which is ACOSTA, and I had to spend P9,000 for the Installation. It was fair enough, why? The room is around 30 feet far from the place where the compressor was installed. They also removed my old and problematic Samsung AC.

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BON said...

oha taragis hataw! ^_^

Henry said...

Save 35% sa kuryente pwede na. Kala ko rin maganda yung Samsung split type aircon, nakikita ko kasi dati sa mga billboard.

jehzlau said...

Energy saver daw mga inverter... Sakin, Samsung AS12VBC parin eh, malamig pa kasi, nasira na once pero naayos agad, so di pa nag papalit. Hehe. Pero super cool ang feature nyan ah.. yung it automatically detects your movement and adjust the airflow direction to where you are, very nice. :D

So bumaba na Meralco bill mu compared dun sa samsung na split type? :D

isp101 said...

@Bon -Taragis talaga, hehehe! =)

@Henry -Yep, actually, up to 60% ang savings sa electricity, kapag naka on yung ECONAVI! =)

@Jehzlau -Master Jehz, na miss kita! Thanks for dropping by! Oo, mas mababa na ang kuryente namin compared duon sa Samsung na Split Type ko. Dati kasi with my Samsuing Split-Type Aircon 1HP, ang Meralco Bill namin ay nasa P4,800-5,000. Tapos, with this new aircon, using Panasonic Inverter Split-Type Aircon 1.5 HP, I was surprised kasi P3.4k lang ang bill namin. Which is dapat mas mahal, since 1.5HP yung Panasonic AC, pero nagulat kami ng wife ko, kasi talagang ang laki ng savings namin! Yep, it really follows your movement, tapos duon lang niya nire redirect yung airflow. Kaya concentrated yung cool air kung saan nanduon kami, it also saves the power being used by the AC. Kapag nagpalit ka ng AC, try this one, tipid pa sa kuryente! =)

jehzlau said...

Hahaha! napadaan lng ulit ako dito kasi papalitan ko na finally yung AS12VBC ko na samsung. Bumigay na compressor eh after 6 years. hahahaha! pero grabe daming beses ko pina repair yun.

Pinag pipilian ko now is etong Panasonic Econavi or Carrier Xpower 2. Hirap mag decide. >__<

isp101 said...

@Master Jehzlau -Wow, it's been a long time! Hindi na ako halos nakakapag blog, but I truly appreciate your time. Thanks for dropping by! For me, you can't go wrong with Panasonic! Hanggang ngayon, gamit ko pa rin itong 1.5HP na Inverter series. Kahit sobrang init ng panahon, di namin ramdam, kasi mabilis siya lumamig. Siyempre, nag research din ako nuon sa mga forum, so far, so good! It's been more than 2 years, wala pa namang problem! Take care always! God bless! :)

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