Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is just another short post. Since, my blog is more on general topic and personal adventures. Let me share with you my recent experiment. I've been craving for DULCE DE LECHE for the past few weeks now, but, I always end up depriving myself. Yesterday, I finally took the courage and try making my own DULCE DE LECHE with a Pressure Cooker. Yes, you read it right! And, I didn't waste much gas and time at all. The usual DULCE DE LECHE takes 3-4 hours to cook, but, not with a Pressure Cooker!

Yesterday, before starting my little experiment, I had to visit a couple of foreign and local food blogs. Here are the things that I've read.
  • 8 out of 10 Food website and blogs claim that the Condensed Milk Can will explode if you don't put in holes on it. Which is basically not true, in my case. Even if you will be cooking your Dulce De Leche in an open pot, no need for you to put in holes. Unless, that you will purposely put in holes so you can regularly check the thickness and color of your Dulce De Leche.
  • Some of them recommended boiling the can for around 3 up to 4 hours. Which takes more time, and of course, lots of gas. This is the traditional method.
  • Dulce De Leche is also known as "Dangerous Pudding". It refers to the danger of bursting the can of Condensed milk that can cause a Kitchen accident.


  • On this specific experiment, I chose MILKMAID Condensed Milk, which was recommended by most local websites. Do not buy Condensed Creamer, it should be Condensed Milk. Remove the Label of the Condensed Milk Can.
  • Get your Pressure Cooker and put in a rack inside of it; to avoid the can from touching the bottom part of the pot. This will help you cook your Dulce De Leche evenly, especially, if you will be cooking multiple cans. 

  • Put in your Condensed Milk cans sideways, so it can roll and move around as the water starts boiling. Put in enough water to submerge the cans. The count starts when you hear your pressure cooker releasing some air. For me, cooking it with a pressure cooker for 40 minutes is just perfect! The longer you let it stay on fire, the darker and thicker the sauce will be.
  • After 40 minutes, turn off the fire, and let it rest in a normal room temperature. After an hour or so, put your DDL cans in the fridge. Then, enjoy your delicious, mouthwatering, and caramelized Dulce De Leche!

My dog, "BALDOG" has a sweet tooth! He ate half of the Dulce De Leche can! The extra cans you cooked can be stored in the fridge for future consumption.

Dulce De Leche should not be called "Dangerous Pudding" at all! It is simply delicious and very easy to make! I think that's all for now folks! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below. Thank you!

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Lulu said...

Weeee.. Nkktakam.. :p mtry nga ring gwin yan.. :)

Glenn said...

swerteng aso to ah.. hehe,sarap

Henry said...

Gagamit ako ng uling kapag gumawa ako nito, masarap rin ba palaman sa tinapay? ^_^

Herbert said...

Bago sa pandinig ko to Boss Jomi :D Madali lang ba? Masubukan nga to

Nisa Homey said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and for the lovely thought...I ams so glad that ur dulce de leche came out perfect. Enjoy. Blessings, Nisa.

isp101 said...

@Lulu - Yep, try it, masarap, promise! =)

@Glenn - Swerte talaga, baby namin yan eh, hehehe! Pero kaunti nalang, kasi bawal dairy products sa mga aso... =)

@Jualo - Yes, this is so easy to make, try it! Thanks for dropping by! =)

@Henry -If lulutuin mo sa pressure cooker, it will only take 40 minutes. Pero kung sa open pot lang, it might take 3 - 4 hours. Oo, henry, ang sarap ipalaman sa tinapay! Parang nagpalaman ka ng leche flan, promise, hehehe! =)

@Herbert -First time ko lang din magluto nito, kasi na curious lang ako, hehehe! Madali lang, bili ka lang ng Milkmaid or Carnation Condensed milk, pressure cooker mo for 40 minutes! Meron ka ng instant dessert! =)

@Nisa Homey -Hello, Nisa! I'm gonna try soon making a capuchino muffin, and put dulce de leche for toppings! Thanks for visiting! Stay Cool! =)

Belle said...

Lucky dog! Hehehe Sarap nyan, pahenge! :-)

BON said...

wow! taragis! dito ko lang to nalaman, meron palang ganyan? at pwede pa la yun? hehe hindi ba masama? walang chemical reaction angh lata sa gatas pag ganyan? ^_^

anyway mukhang masarap parang pastillas! penge brod hehe

Heart Blog Mind said...

Hello Sir Jomi :)Sa mga elementary school ang dami nagtitinda ng ganyan... hehe isang kutsra ata 2 pesos! sarap nyan! puwedeng pwude din sa halo halo yan :)

bennix said...

hmnnn. ang sarap nito pre, parang tira2x ng mga bisaya.hahah

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