Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm really shocked to find this video on youtube, I can't believe myself that there are people doing this kind of fraud; putting their job and company in jeopardy. I am a Call Center agent and I really hate to see things like this. Especially, if the said issue is coming from our country, in the Philippines. Although, our job is so difficult and very stressful, it still helps to pay the bills! Let's watch the video of this Call Center Scandal, it has already been aired on television...


The video says it all... It's about the TELSTRA Call Center Agent offering a customer to kill big bills for a small kickback fee! Her name is already on the video above. How can someone ruin their customer's trust? Why there are agents who do not value their job? Is it because of the company that they are working for? I don't think so. We took time and effort in perfecting our communication skills, and getting ourselves prepared for Call Center Interviews, just to get employed in a Call Center. The company hired you because, they thought that you could be an asset in the Organization, and could be trusted! I have been working in a Call Center for about 7 years now. I really feel exhausted sometimes, and find myself to start writing my resignation letter. But, never thought of doing something illegal or stupid...

Let me tell you, being sick and tired of our job, or maybe, in need of money, or other reasons, won't be sufficient enough to justify this kind of act. It is destroying not just one person, but, the whole community of Call Centers in the Philippines. This basically tells the investors, clients and its companies that Filipinos are not trustworthy! How can we convince them to continue doing business in our country, if there are some rotten tomatoes who takes advantage of the system of their company and customers. Let's put in our mind that we won't be able to provide World Class Service if our image is already destroyed!

To be fair, this could probably not just happening in the Philippines, but, also in other countries. But, this should not be taken as an excuse to extort money or commit fraud in our jobs. One mistake, can ruin the entire Call Center Industry in the Philippines. And, could also affect the Outsourcing Industry around the world. So, If I will be asked, I hope that the Management of Telstra do something about it. I hope she gets behind bars for comitting this crime! I hope this TELSTRA Call Center Scandal Video would serve as a lesson to our fellow Call Center Agents. And, for those of you, who still plan to work in a Call Center, aside from making yourself ready for the actual Call Center Interview, make sure that you are honest and trustworthy. If you like this post, please, do not forget to subscribe below! Thanks!

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sayitnessie said...

These people whould be penalized by their Employer and by our country. Its just sad that these things happens despite of the company policies being implemented by the employers. This case should not be taken lightly. =(

joy said...

What a shame! only for a few $$ pinagpalit ang integrity :(

tess said...

she is a disgrace in the Filipino community.ilan na kaya naloko nyan.the bad effect is the telstra company will have a 2nd thought hiring pinoys,maghihigpit na rin sila nyan.

ritche said...

Anybody thinking about getting pinoy call center agents will indeed have second thoughts. This agent didn't just put to shame all pinoy call center agents...she may have cost the country millions of dollars in investments, jobs and government revenue. Money that could have put food on the table, fix up our economy, etc.

Sure, this maybe an isolated case but would CEOs care to give us time to explain? That's the way it works.

Hope she's happy now with her kickbacks and for ruining the livings of many.

dr.joint said...

This is the reason why I am ashamed of being a Filipino. I work for a foreign company in the USA, and I see to it that I extend the best possible service and hospitality to my client.

Because if you do something bad, then the ENTIRE Filipino nation will have a bad rap. Too bad for this bitch Daniella (or whoever she is), she will get fired (and filed charges, probably) and she deserves it.

To all Filipinos who are watching and reading this, be forewarned. Want to earn an extra buck? Want to get out of misery? Scamming is not the way to go. Try WORKING HARD for a change, idiots.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the girl in the video is not Michelle Valdez or Daniella.
She is not associated to Teleperformance or Telstra.
She don't know who Michelle Valdez or Daniella is.
But one thing for sure, my friend is a victim of identity theft.
She don't have any idea why her facebook pictures were posted in an Australian News, Today's Tonight. This is a huge misunderstanding. My friend is depressed right because of the issue.

isp101 said...

@sayitnessie -I agree, this case should not be taken lightly. I hope that the agent gets what she deserves! Thanks for dropping by!

@Joy -It is really a shame, just for a few bucks! The heck with her! Thanks for visiting!

@tess -Indeed, a disgrace to the Filipino community. Investors might think twice now when it comes to oursoucing jobs in our country. Thanks for passing!

@ritche -We will be losing millions of dollars in investments if this kind of issues won't stop. Our fellow Filipinos should realize the important of Integrity, and being Trustworthy...

@dr.joint -I really hope that she gets behind bars, so, people would see that this kind of crime is not being tolerated by our country...

@Anonymous -I have taken down the photo of the lady, whoever she is. I only got that photo from the video itself. If she's a victim of Identity Theft, then, it might be best for her to consult a lawyer on how she could contact Telstra to have the pictures taken down. I hope she gets well! Thanks for letting me know!

KM said...

Im working in an Australian Account too.. A competitor of Telstra.. This thing here sucks to know that it cam from our country.. And it is also sad na yung Picture na inilagay sa Video ay hindi rin yung taong tinutukoy nila.. That lady in the Picture ay hindi si Mitchelle Valdez.. Sadly, nagdamay pa sila ng isang inosenteng tao..

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