Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yep, you read that right. You can now PLAY ANGRY BIRDS ON FACEBOOK! Isn't that exciting? It is now available today, on Valentine's Day! Angry Birds Facebook Beta is now finally available on Facebook. It's just like playing Angry Birds on your google chrome. I just can't help myself playing, it's really a very addictive game! There's no delay or whatsoever, let me tell you the steps...

If you have played Angry Birds on your iphone or ipad, you would appreciate this Facebook version. Since, you can easily access it on your apps folder. Check out the video below...


1. You have to click on this link: PLAY ANGRY BIRDS ON FACEBOOK. It will redirect you to sign-in on your facebook account.

2. After you login, the Angry Birds Beta App will pop-up. Just like what you see below. Just click, PLAY GAME

3. Start Playing, throw your birds as accurate as you can, so you can defeat the pigs!

Let me warn you, this game is very addictive. It's so simple to play, as long as you are logged-in on your Facebook account, just simply access the Angry Birds App! Happy Heart's Day everyone! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below.

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Semidoppel said...

Nice, I'll think about it. I might get addicted to it again.LOL

Henry said...

haha, ok to. This is something that I can play on FB.

deb | what-latest.blogspot.com said...

Superlike !!! It's really great to play 'angry birds' on fb. Thanks for sharing and Thanks for sharing the app link too...!!!

pinoyphp said...

Off topic: Musta Master JOMI? sensya na ngayun lang ulit ako nakadalaw sa blog mo.
busy sa blogging at pag aaral.

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