Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm not sure if I have mentioned this on my other post about Dogs. But, a stray dog named Pao-Pao who is very dear to me, got sick a week ago. After she gave birth, her body became as thin as paper. She won't eat food, nor drink milk. I was alarmed because, I was told by the so-called owner that she have not eaten food for almost 3 days. I realized that her breast was swollen, and she was in pain. So, I called up my vet, and brought her for consultation. I forced feed Pao-Pao; gave her food, vitamins and antibiotics, since no one was taking care of her. My heart broke when I saw the puppies lying on a wet and muddy alley...

The good news is Pao-Pao was able to recover, she can now breast feed her puppies again... Just this morning, I heard my father in law calling us. When we found out that our neighbors are planning to throw away the puppies. I was so mad, because, the word that they used is "itatapon", meaning, they're just gonna leave the puppies on a street or something. Just a few days ago, I took these puppies in our house, gave them a bath because, they are really stinky and full of dirt. I also gave them milk and vitamins, because, Pao-Pao was still recovering at that time, and can't breast feed. I really wanna keep the puppies, but, the problem is, we already have 3 dogs. And, we don't have a space anymore, and our house is just very small. The pictures that you will see below are the puppies that you can adopt for FREE! I checked out the website of PAWS, and unfortunately, they can only accept animals who are in distress, or rescued from Animal Cruelty or Neglect. These puppies just need some loving! I will only give them to those people WHO REALLY LOVE DOGS! I am not gonna release them to someone who just wanna experience how to have a puppy. You must be a real dog lover, we just wanna make sure that these puppies will be in good hands. Here are the pictures:








DOB: 12/5/2012

  1. Strictly - Puppies will only be given to DOG LOVERS!
  2. No Fee's or Papers Required -You must just have a room or dog kennel for the puppy. We just wanna make sure that the puppy will not be neglected.
  3. Puppies still need to be bottle feed. Make sure that you have a baby bottle and you are capable to buy milk for the puppy.
  4. First Come, First Served. Meet up in Malabon City Area only. 
  5. Comment below which puppy you want to adopt, and post your mobile number, I'll contact you asap. My restdays are Sundays and Mondays.
Please, spread the good news! I need serious people who will really adopt and take good care of these puppies! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

HI ! my puppy recently died :( his name is morrie he pukes a lot and never eat for a week, pag uwi ko nalang wala na siya. i kinda miss him by seeing this photos of your puppies, can i adopt 2 of them? they are real cute and i would love to celebrate my upcoming bday with them :)) i would want male puppy 1 and 2. here is my contact details 09352851258, btw my name is cee :))

Bino said...

AY sayangmay mga aso kasi ako eh

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -Hello, Cee! Good Morning! I'm so sad to hear about Morrie, two of my dogs left us this year, I can feel you. It seems that you are a dog lover, I'm gonna contact you today. Consider male puppy 1 and 2 yours! Advance Happy Birthday and thanks for dropping by! =)

@Bino -Sayang Bino, please, help me find new family for these cute aspin's! Thanks! =)

Aerynne Silverbreeze said...

hi! Im willing to adopt 1 male and 1 female. I hope male pup 4 and female pup 1 are still available. I had dogs named Dinky and her son Lucky but both died of old age na.. I very much miss taking care of dogs. I already have a family of my own and I wish my kids to be dog lovers too. My name is Nica Ramilo, my cel number is 09155328384. Thanks.

isp101 said...

@Aerynne Silverbreeze -Hi, Nica! Good Morning! Yes, they are still available. I'm gonna contact you in a few. Our first puppy died of alge also. I'm so thankful to my parents because, we were trained on how to become dog lovers! It's nice to know that there are still parents like you who value the beauty of life; and now, sharing it with your kids... I'm pretty sure that your kids will love them! Consider Male Puppy 4 and Female Puppy 1 yours! God bless! =)

Anonymous said...

hi Im Mhar Jhun D. Santos i would like to ask if i could adopt 1 or 2 or 4 male puppy? way back when Im 6 years old i have 2 dogs but they only askals but i took care of them nicely for almost 3 years. their name was brownie and whitey. but when Im 9 years old whitey have passed i away she suffer from an illness and i dont know what is it because i have no money to bring her to vet, and my parents would not lend me some money. i put her body on a box and buried her in front of our house. Im so sad because whitey is the wife of brownie and they had 3 puppies but unfortunately my parents sell them to their friends without telling that to me, i was in school that they when they sell it. i feel so angry but i cant do anything since im so young, i only have brownie left on my side. when im 11 an incident happen in my life. it was 10 in the evening i was sleeping and brownie is sleeping beside me, not knowing my father took brownie outside and let him sleep there. i dont know what is the intention of my father why he do that. and when i wake up in the morning i was asking where is my dog? and my father say that my dog go out and sleep there at night. so i go outside and find my dog but i was shock that i see brownie lying in the road with no life. i, he was been hit by a car. i was crying and shouted loud. but i cant bring brownie back. like what i did to whitey i placed him on a box and buried him at the front of out house where i buried whitey. after that i dont take care of dogs because of the fear that i might be losing another dog if i take care a new one. years had passed and Im 19 years old, thinking to have a new dog to take care of but i dont have money to buy a new dog since it was to expensive.then i saw this link in Facebook. thinking if i could adopt some of your puppies for free. Im not saying that im an dog lover but i can proved you that i can took care of your puppy. God Bless and Im hoping that you would trust me to take care of one of your dogs.

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -Mhar Jhun D Santos, I'm so sad to read what happened to your dogs... That's why, it's so important for parents to be supportive when their kids are starting to learn how to take care of their pets! All of the puppies are taken, except Male Puppy 3 is still available. Unfortunately, you didn't leave your cellphone number. I wish to contact you, but, you didn't send me a message on Facebook either. Please, leave your cellphone number, so I can send you sms on how we can meet up. Thank you for dropping by! =)

bonita applebum said...

male puppy 2 will be the best gift this christmas. since me and my bf broke up. i'm longing for someone to take care and love. I actually have a dog before but she died cos she's too old. I took care of her for almost 12 yrs. and i miss her so much. can't to have a new baby/puppy to take care. :) you can text message me thru my globe no. 09174911315

bonita applebum said...

or male puppy 4. :)

Anonymous said...

hi ... we want to adopt the female 1 ... kindly contact as at 571-0115 look for Mrs. COrazon Santiago ... thanks

isp101 said...

@bonita applebum -Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I'm really sorry, all of the puppies are already taken. I'll just keep you posted, if ever there are new pups for adoption. Thanks for visiting! =)

@Anonymous -Hello, Mrs. Corazon! Thanks for your interest, however, all of the puppies are already taken. Thanks for dropping by! =)

Henry said...

Ang dami pala nung anak, kahit gusto ko magampon ng isa magagalit ksama ko sa bahay, 2 malaing dog na kc alaga namin. Sa nga mapunta sa magandang kamay ung mga puppies.

Pinoy Newscaster said...

hjello kuya Jomi :) c halojin po ito.. ANg cute naman ng mga puppies na yan.. Baka may Pusa ka din na PET yun na lang iaadopt ko..

Kuya Jomi? Gusto ko po sanang makisabit sa blog roll nyo po.. kahit pa iba na lang ng link na halojin. tapos anchor text nya po ay "Pinoy Newscaster"

Salamat po ^_^

Aerynne Silverbreeze said...

Hi jomi! Thank you for entrusting these beautiful pups to me. My family will sure love them and care for them everyday. The pups are doing great, I dont feed them through a bottle or medicine dropper anymore. They can drink their milk through a bowl na though I have to hold them (both the bowl and the pup) since they dont drink their milk if I just leave it on the floor.

We gave them names : Poppy (female pup 1) and Teemo (male pup 4). My kids love them and mostly sits and looks at them lang because they're afraid na baka daw mabalian ng buto. Haha. Thanks Jomi. I didn't know my kids are so caring and concerned pala towards dogs until you gave the opportunity to have these wonderful pups.
Thanks again and God bless! - Nica Ramilo-Ilagan

isp101 said...

@Henry -Don't worry, na pa adopt ko naman sila sa mga dog lovers! Alagaan nyong mabuti yung mga malalaking dogs nyo, kasi sila yung mas nangangailangan ng maraming food, exercise at grooming, hehehe! Thanks for dropping by! =)

@PinoyNewscaster -Hello, Jon2x, pasensya na, puro mga aso lang ang alaga ko, heto nga yung mga alaga ni Pao2x, I just tried to save them, kaysa itapon nung may-ari, ipina adopt nalang namin. Done na yung link request mo! Cheers! =)

@Aerynne Silverbreeze -Hi, Nica! That's nice to know, I didn't know that they can now drink milk through a bowl. I was feeding them with a medicine dropper for morethan a week now. Maybe, you could introduce porridge to them next week or so, hehehe! Your kids will surely learn how to show love and care, since you are teaching them how to keep their pets! It's a great way to open their eyes in the harsh reality of life. May the Lord bless you more! And, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family! =)

Anonymous said...

still available???

Anonymous said...


May available paba na puppies for adoptation? Namatay kasi ung 9 yrs old namin dog kahapon and now I am looking for a new one. 3 nalang kasi natirang dog sa house. Please txt me naman and let me know kung may available pang dog for adoptation. Thanks. Txt me at 0927-627-8601, I'm Kim.


Hyatt Luansing said...

hi. im hyatt from valenzuela, we're dog lovers, my family would like to adapt 3 puppies, puppy 1, 2 and 4. Here's my mobile number 09175150139.

We have 2 dogs at home 1 black daschund an 1 aspin with vaccinations and in good health :)

if you wish to verify my profile, you can view my facebook account, pa-add nalang po :) thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pleas let me know if you still have pups for adoption i would like to adopt some. Im a 5th year veterinary medicine student. here's my no. 09167764796, rest assured that your pups will be take care of the way they deserve it. Thanks kuya. Aspin or any breed is acceptable

Reima Cram said...

aw. its too far bu i want to adopt them. i live in Manila eh. in anycase here is my number. i maybe able to visti this weekend. 09178930661

Anonymous said...

im pet lover kgya nyu dn pu im willing to adopt puppies my kitten dn pu aqng knukuha (pinulot) pg my nkkta aq sna bgyan nyu po aq 2 puppies pu sna para my mgkalaro cla im still looking adopt free po sna tx me po txt pu sna agad
sure po maaalagaan q po yan manila sta.ana po aq gus2 q dn mgng ksama nyu s pgadopt ng pet

ato said...


please let me know if there are available puppies to adopt.


Anonymous said...

may available puppies pa po ba?


Jerome said...

may female white puppy pa ba?
09204089906 jerome

isp101 said...

Hello, Guys! For now, we don't have puppies for adoption. I'm really sorry for the very late reply. This is an old post, but, I'll keep you guys posted! Thank you so much to those people who adopted the puppies! May the good LORD bless your heart! :)

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