Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been watching the news lately, as the tension rises. Activists occupied the Wall Street, and now the Time Square, in New York City. It's all about the problems in the government, politics, taxes, everyone's 401k plan and etc. Some networks in the United States, do not really cover this on the news. One U.S. Marine saw NYPD Cops arresting and asking people to leave, and he stood up and went toe to toe with the New York Police Department Cops. Let's watch the, "U.S. MARINE VS 30 NYPD COPS VIDEO", and tell me what you think...


By the way, the U.S. Marine that I am referring to is United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas. He is a 24 year old Marine Veteran, who fought real battles in Iraq. I guess, he just did what he should do, these cops should at least, be more considerate and do not provoke the activists. After all, they are just voicing out what they wanna say to the Government and to some greedy corporations. On the other hand, the NYPD Cops are just doing their job, just simply following orders. If you like this post, don't forget to subscribe below. Thank you!

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pusang kalye said...

I understand the sentiments of these people and I somewhat agree with them that the global financial system is broken. The thing is, despite all the noise, people don't have clear suggestions as to how to fix the problem.tsk tsk

Ritche said...

My view point is always based on the original reason why we have a modern government in the first place.

As pointed out by the marine, "we have a contract". He was referring to the social contract where "We" the people, agreed to form and create an entity we now call 'government' who sole task is to protect and preserve each citizen's God-given rights and freedoms.

When the agents of such government VIOLATE such rights then it goes against the very essence of why a government was formed in the first place.

Imagine hiring a group of bodyguards and household administrator (mayordoma) to ensure you are protected and your domestic affairs are run well.

However these bodyguards beat you and your family up and your household administrator runs away with your money while wrecking up your entire house...how would you feel?

That is why I feel any violation of human and civil rights, stealing and misuse of public funds SHOULD NOT be left unpunished.

Now for the police who have sworn to serve and protect, whenever they are given an order that will violate anyone's rights, such an order is deemed automatically invalid and void from the very beginning. Same with a soldier asked to shoot unarmed citizens.

These cops should do their real job, protect and follow the social contract.

Again as pointed out the marine: We Have A Contract!!

Joy said...

it is sad to know that that his sentiment is a very common problem globally too :(

karl said...

He's just saving what's on his mind...
Those cops will just have to keep their cool, with that size of guy?!

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