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First of all, I never thought that I would be able to attend this very awesome event. It was just a few days before October 29, 2011, when I decided to join. It was really worth it! I also finally met those blogger friends that I've been chatting for months online. Anyway, this is a kind of event that Bloggers, Internet Marketers and an SEO practitioners should never miss! If you were not able to attend the MORCON 2011, let me tell you my personal experience about the said event...

After I fetch Lulu and Brenn in SM North Edsa, we went straight to UP DILIMAN for the MORCON 2011. I enjoyed the company of my two blogger friends! Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, we got there at around 9:45AM. Check out the sets of Topics and Speakers below.

Mastering Online Rankings Conference 2011

  • From Local SEO To International SEO Strategies
by Benj Arriola – -2007 SEO World Champion
From Sandiego, California. He actually had to go here in the Philippines just to deliver his speech and teach us about SEO Strategies from local to International market for the MORCON 2011. It was really informative. A very humble guy with lots of knowledge. Truly an SEO World Champion...

  • How To Build an Authority Site
by Ed Pudol – – CEO

He is the New SEO Org President! I've been hearing about the Authority Site, but wasn't really paying attention, since I don't know its importance. I thought that only big websites can be an Authority Site, I didn't know that we can also possibly make one. I actually checked out my brother Glenn's website: And, I found out that his simple personal page is also classified as an Authority Site. He's also a funny guy who can walk the talk!

  • Viral Marketing Strategies and Content Generation
by Jason Acidre – – Marketing Consultant of Doubledot Media
The first time that I looked at this guy, he looked like a band member or a rocker. Never taught that he is a guru when it comes to Viral Marketing. He was able to deliver his topic with a little hint of fun!

  • Social Media Ninja Tactics
by Ester Del Fierro – – Online Marketing Manager
Social Media is very important, she was able to discuss the do's and don'ts about Social Media techniques. Pretty plain and simple, but direct to the point.

  • How To Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change
by Kim Tyrone Agapito, and
I've been seeing this guy on several Forums online, and he is really impressive. I really want to have a copy of what he discussed on the event. The latest Panda update got me de-indexed, and what he discussed could actually help us prevent it from happening to our other sites or to any future updates. He also gave us some hints about the "Manual Review", that can be done by Search Engines people. Indeed, was a very helpful topic!

  • SEO Mistakes To Avoid
by Mark Acsay –  -SEO Consultant
People were afraid to do SEO experiments or testings. Mark says that if we do not EXPERIMENT or Testings, then we are not really doing SEO.... The topic was all about the "Dark Side of SEO", things that we should avoid doing. But, could help us increase our understanding about White Hat VS Black Hat SEO...

  • Website Audit – Site Analysis and Reporting
by Sheila Dela Pena – – Online Marketing Junior Manager
She discussed about the basic things regarding Site Audit and Analysis. Things that an SEO practitioners should learn. Very informative!

  •  Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies
by Juanito Jacela – – PPC Strategist
For those people who do not know anything about PPC, this is the guy that you can contact. He taught about how to play with PPC, and how to get the advantage of it. Great speaker!

  • Surprise Juicy Internet Marketing Topics

by Myles Vives – COO
His topic was all about Internet Marketing, really juicy and interesting! I didn't know that we can maximize our earnings, and Internet market by utilizing youtube, as a very effective medium to reach our targeted audience...

The event started from 9AM and ended before 9PM. After feeding our brains with SEO stuffs! We were able to eat 2 delicious snacks and 1 heavy lunch and 1 heavy dinner, the food they served are truly delicious! They served a buffet, it was eat all you can!  Then, during snack and meal times, we were given time to take our pictures with our friends for FREE, on the photo booth! Check out the fat guy wearing white t-shirt,  that's me, LMAO! With my blogger Friends Lulu, Brenn and Tristan, on our Wacky Shots!


I am now officially member of SEO Org Philippines. We definitely had a blast! I am actually now looking forward for the next event! I guess, that's all for now. If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below. Thank you!

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Herbert said...

Wow!! Intense pala talaga ang mga topics. Sayang lang hindi dito sa Cebu yung conference.

Mark Hoel Yu said...

that was a long day! 12 hrs! information overload. hehehe.

Roy said...

nice. kaka-inggit nman. sana ako rin haha

Blobber-Boy said...

too bad I was busy for the past weeks, I didn't know about this, hoping for the next event

isp101 said...

@Herbert - Oo, Herbert! Si Tristan, alam mo ba, galing pa ng Davao! Di bale, next year, who knows?! Pero sana, makapunta ka rin, parang get together na rin natin ito! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Mark Hoel Yu -This is the event that I was talking about! I hope you could join next time. It was really an information overload, luckily, my nose didn't bleed! hehehe! =)

@Roy -Once you get back here in the Philippines, hopefully, mataon na merong MORCON 2012! =)

@Blobber-Boy -That's ok, Mike! Don't be sorry, but, make sure that you catch the next event! =)

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Naks! Ang saya naman! Busog ang isip at tyan, hehe.

Mari Bella said...

Meron din palang ganun? Wow naman congratz sa inyo...

Glenn said...

Thanks for the mention jomi. Nice post, nakaka encourage ! next time sasama nako hehe :)

Ester Del Fierro said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in MORCon. we are happy to have you there :)

Mintscreen said...

Akalain mo un.. Kahit puro tyo daldalan nkikinig k pla.. :p nice nice Jomi.. Ikaw n.. Hehehehehhhh.. :p like tlga..

mark3acsay said...

Hi! Thanks for this post event review of the MORCon. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Jhiegzh said...

hong cute ni nong joms....sana magkita2 tau sooner or later na blogger conference XD

Good Filipino said...

hehehe sana may MORC0n 2012 hehehe at nawa may morcon nang kasama sa menu hehehehe :p

Maricel said...

Wow ... sana maka-attend na ako next time ...

Detektib Gapo said...

congrats for attending this conference.. hope you will share some of the insights!

isp101 said...

@Jonha Ducayag Revesencio -We were filled with understanding and much delicious foods! =)

@Mari Bella -Yep, meron, it's a very complete event, sana nagpunta ka, di bale, next event nalang! =)

@Glenn -Yep, duon ko lang din narinig yung Authority Site, and how to make one! Maraming magagandang lectures, next time sama kana! =)

@Ester Del Fierro -Hi, Ester! I enjoyed your Social Media Ninja tactics lecture! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Mintscreen -Oo naman, nakikinig talaga ako, hehehe! I'm so happy at nakasama ko kayo nila brenn! =)

@Mark3acsay -Sir. Mark Acsay, the SEO guru, your lecture was insanely good and impressive! We want more! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Jhiegzh -Oo, sana merong blog conference, don't worry, we'll get in touch, soon! =)

@Good Filipino -Meron tiyak na MORCON 2012, at siguradong, meron ng morcon sa food menu, hehehe! I enjoyed your company! God bless! =)

@Maricel -Next time Mommy Gel, sumama kana, marami kang matututunan! =)

@Detektib Gapo -I will share the links, or if you are a member of SEO org, they will probably post the links of the audio and slide shows of MORCON 2011! =)

Green Dei / Daryll said...

Hi Jomi, funny puro ka pala talkies dun =) But you're right Myles Vives has the vibes, meant about the juicy internet thingy =) Next time tatabi ako sayo!

isp101 said...

@Green Dei / Daryll -Oist, I was quiet all the time, hehehe! Didn't know na isnabera ka pala sa personal, hehehe! Joke lang! Cge, cyah on the next event! Tnx for dropping by! =)

Tct Solutions said...

Di ako nakasama. next time nalang. sayang

tony marco said...

Practical tips, really helpful to newbies and informative site as well. It's worth the visit. thanks

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