Sunday, October 30, 2011


Call Center Industry in the Philippines, is one of the biggest and highest paying industry in our country. Many people until now aspire to get into this kind of job. Some people think that it's so difficult to get in, and others, think that it's just an easy job. Many people are really clueless when it comes to a Call Center work. Being in the Call Center Industry for about 6 years now, it made me realize that we are still lucky to have this kind of work opportunity. It doesn't just support us in our daily lives, but, also it helps our government. Call Center Industry is a huge source of income for our Philippine government. Despite of the recent global financial crisis, our country is still lucky to have a strong Call Center Industry...


Honestly, in my own personal observation, compared in the recent years. Call Center Industry in the Philippines is very far stronger than before. Although, it's still standing, we definitely felt the effects of the Global financial crisis. Some Call Centers had to fire agents or move to a different account. Other Call Centers, was even sold to another bigger Call Center, just to save the company. What I'm trying to say is, while we have this opportunity, we should grab it. For Filipinos who wants work in a Call Center, you have to know the PROS & CONS of Being A Call Center Agent. The reality is, it's not an easy job, and it's not for everybody. And, accept the fact, that this industry could get better or worse. Since, it's right now in a shaky position, we are still lucky to have investors who have confidence in our workforce.

To my fellow Filipinos, If you want to work in a Call Center, you have to do a research about the TOP 5 Call Centers in the Philippines. Never go underdog, and choose the company that you want to work with in the next few years. Call Center hopping is a big, NO, NO! It's gonna be a mark in your employment history, and it's just a waste of time. After you do some research, after you choose where you want to apply. Then, do some research about, How to become a Call Center Agent. If you are prepared, you can easily gain confidence as you face the interviewers.

All I'm trying to say is, we should grab the opportunity while it's still here. If you are planning to apply soon, you have to be in a hurry. You have to grab it, while it's still hot! Look at the Nursing Jobs that was very much in demand in the U.S. and U.K in the past few year. It was really booming a couple of years ago, but, now, unemployment for Nursing graduates are getting higher and higher. The Call Center Industry can actually help many of us to find decent and high paying jobs. It can help more jobless Filipinos, to find short or even long term employment. We should be grateful that this industry still exist in our country. Until next time, folks! If you like this post, don't forget to subscribe below, Thank you!

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khantotantra said...

Call Center hopping is big, NO, NO! >>> yep... base sa nababasa ko. wag hop ng hop from 1 company to other na hindi nagtatagal.

Kero said...

my two siblings were able to finish school because they worked as part time call center agents. it's a good industry but not for a permanent job

Mirage said...

I've never seen the industry in such a way since I only heard "this and that." I just hope that those who invest in such careers get what they should be paid for...the same as their American or English counterparts.

Gene said...

I've worked in a call center for years. Nakakapagod rin. Some people are made to work in that kind of environment. As for me, I cannot stand staying stuck and connected to the phone and the computer for 8 long hours. The pay is really good but I get too stressed at work. Not worth it in my opinion.

Joy said...

my eldest son works in a call center, it's his first job after graduating from an IT course, he told me that he eyes for a corporate job and would start applying by first quarter of next year.

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello hello!

I've never worked in a call center. I have to admit though that I used to dream on becoming a call center agent before just because it was so "in" that's why I applied in a company. Went through all the tests and passed but before starting as a trainee, my resident and working visa to Sweden already arrived. Did not experience life in a call center at all :) but it's okey.

Have a fab day!

helena said...

naranasan ko ring magtrabaho rito before I graduated from college. It was a very enlightening experience. Few people would know how hard it was to stay in this type of job. Night shift pa lang, sobrang knocked out na ako. Anyway, it's true, big help for us Filipinos ang industriyang ito. :-D

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