Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We all heard rumors of the upcoming iPHONE 5, many of us, waited for so long. But, no need to get upset, since, APPLE has just launched the iPHONE 4S! This is promised to exceed your expectations, with much faster chipset, to deliver high quality performance, amazing photos and videos, better screen display and more! Let's check out the TECH SPECS, FEATURES AND PRICE of the New APPLE's iPHONE 4S! If you believe that iPHONE 4 is extra ordinary, then, see for yourself which is better!

  • SIRI -An artificial Intelligence Voice Command App that you can talk to! This is the future, the way phone should interact with humans. An APP that can answer questions and remember details to give you a much accurate response everytime you use your iPHONE 4S.
  • A5 DUAL CORE CHIP -It is said to be the most powerful iPHONE Processor ever, now avialable in iPHONE 4S. iPAD is powered by A5 chip. But, A5 two core only means, twice the power and seven times faster response on photos and videos, without any lags. It is also power-efficient, giving you much longer battery life each time you need it.
  • NEW CAMERA OPTICS -iPHONE 4S comes with this awesome 8 megapixels camera, which is 60 percent more pixels compared to regular iPHONE 4. It also has 2.4 aperture lets you get more light on your photos. Shoot videos or photos like a pro, awesome shots that can be viewed on your gadgets in high resolution.
  • 1080p HD VIDEO RECORDING -Shoot FULL 1080p HD videos in 30FPS (Frames Per Second). With this new optics, it will surely give you vivid colors, perfect light on each shots. You can even edit your videos right on your iPHONE 4S.
  • iOS 5 - New advanced Operating System now available on your iPHONE 4S, packed with new amazing features like Notification Center, iMessage, and the best of all, TWITTER integration, and many more!
  • iCLOUD -Will allow you to store your photos, videos, apps, mail, music, documents and more. Allowing you to push everything wirelessly to all of your Apple devices.
  • RETINA DISPLAY -Talking about Sharpness?! This is the answer, Retina Display is the highest phone screen resolution ever. Its pixel density is very high, making it impossible to notice by human eyes.
  • FACETIME -Better than Face to Face - This will allow you to do a Video Chat using IPHONE to IPHONE, iPAD 2, iPOD Touch, MAC Computer via WiFi, anytime, anywhere!
  • BETTER CALL AND HSDPA CONNECTION- With the iPHONE 4S, it is actually the first phone to easily switch between two antennas at the same time. Allowing you to transmit and receive data, thus, giving you better call quality. From the old iPHONE 4, the maximum Download Speed you can get via HSDPA is 7.2Mbps, but, with iPHONE 4S it is now up to 14.4Mbps.

APPLE'S IPHONE 4S PRICE:  Starting at $199
Note: Come to the Apple Store starting at 8:00 a.m. on October 14. Rate plans from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are available.

I guess, with all of the new specs and features, I can say that iPHONE 4S exceeded my expectation. How about you?! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below! Thank you!


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Blobber-Boy said...

for me sir jomi, I was a little bit disappointed, we all thought that it was iPhone 5, but not, it's just like the iPhone 3GS, I think the only thing that I like is the, SIRI and 1080p HD Video Recording

peachy said...

My husband wants this phone...

Ane said...

I cannot wait to replace my 3GS.. :P But I want to see the iPhone5 first before I make any rash decisions.. :P

Tristan said...

I beg to disagree with those whom are disappointed of the slow progress of iPhone4 to iPhone5. Firstly, it's because of what happened to Apple's former CEO, Steve Jobs' death. It think it's one of the factor why the progress was delayed.

And I am sure that Apple knows Steve's health status since (he) left as CEO. Besides, what's in a name? There's not much different from iPhone4 and iPhone4S, only some added functionality, but no "big" changes so far.

Now, I am more excited with iPhone5! I wonder what Tim is cooking right now for Apple...? :D

Nonoy said...

Pareho lang ba ang iPhone 4 at iPhone 4S? I've encountered this phone last Sunday kase; the owner told me it was iPhone 4S but further informed me that iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are the same;

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