Sunday, September 11, 2011


BONJOUR! I am thinking of what to write, then, I suddenly realized that it might be helpful for others, if I share what keeps me busy in the past few days, and, the websites that I have visited recently... Yes, I am learning FRENCH ONLINE. So, this post is to help people who are looking for great websites that can help them LEARN FRENCH ONLINE FOR FREE! Other websites, ask for donation or fee's, but, if you don't wanna spend money for it, then, you've got on the right page! No need for you to look for the BEST WEBSITES TO LEARN FRENCH. I'll post my pick for the TOP 5 BEST FREE FRENCH ONLINE LESSONS & TUTORIALS, come with me and let's LEARN FRENCH!

By the way, the main reason why I wanna study FRENCH it's because, if I learn FRENCH, and get a job in a FRENCH SPEAKING Call Center, the pay is double or triple than what I am earning now. I speak TAGALOG, which is our native language in the Philippines. I also speak AMERICAN ENGLISH, which is required for my job. My personal goal is to learn FRENCH in the next few months or years...

The websites that I will post below will help you LEARN FRENCH in the comfort of your home. A good alternative to learn FRENCH for FREE, without spending anything! I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, there's a lot of things to learn. That's why, I am still going to enroll myself in a FRENCH language school either this coming last quarter of the year, or, early next year. For now, I just want to get the grasp of the French language, and learn the very basics, and gauge if this is really for me! Come with me as we take a look on some websites.


BUSUU.COM is absolutely FREE! Another great news is, they don't just offer FRENCH, you can also learn ENGLISH, SPANISH, RUSSIAN and etc. Aside from that, the interface is way better than other websites, because, you can add your photo, see your progress and see other online users who are studying the same language and make friends with them at the same time. It is very interactive, compared to just hearing recorded pronounciation and viewing learning materials.

BONJOUR.COM will not bother you to register your email. Plain and Simple, click the lessons you wanna learn, then, play the Audio file and start learning! NO tricky sign up or pop-up screens! All you have to do is listen to the Audio File, and read after it. It's a good way to learn the very basics of the French language!

IELANGUAGES.COM - The good thing about this site is, aside from FRENCH you can also learn other languages. But, on their FRENCH category, you can actually, jump from one lesson to another. They also have French Phonetics, Exercises and more!

FRENCHTUTORIAL.COM will teach you from basic French Pronunciation to advance lessons. You can fire up the lessons as soon as you open up the web page, no need for registration, really easy to use audio file and lessons!

FRENCHASSISTANT.COM will require you to Register first, before you can start your Free FRENCH lessons, you can select from Beginner, Intermediate up to the Advanced level. Best of all, it's FREE! What else can you ask for?!

So, I guess, that's all for now! Remember, the sites will not do any good for you if you will just look at it. You have to practice, and learn from the lessons! Let's ENJOY learning FRENCH, Au revoir! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below, Merci!

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Career Mom Online said...

I tried studying French online before, even Spanish, too ... waaah ... ang hirap ... sa conjugations pa lang, taob ang bangka ... but really, it helps a lot to know other languages. It just takes time and a whole lot of patience. I know some people who speak foreign languages very fluently, and all I can say is ... astig!

Tristan said...

These are helpful bro Jomi! Although wala pa akong task to translate, but these might come in handy if I bump into some french clients! :D

helena said...

hahaha very nice! i will check these out! :-) I love it! Thanks for sharing this!

isp101 said...

@Career Mom Online -I guess, studying online will help you gauge yourself if you really want to pursue the study of the language. And, enrolling in a local Language school, where you can interact and ask questions to a native speaker and classmate, will really help! Tnx for dropping by, Mommy gel! =)

@Tristan -I hope you get more French and foreign clients around the world, try, it's on my top pick! =)

@helena -Oist, di na busy?! Hehehe! Cyah around, my friend! Tnx for dropping by! =)

Inday Jenny Jayon said...

Before I went to France I wanted to learn basic French language to communicate with other people in France. Only Paris has good English communication skills. It's dead hard to learn the language because they have feminine and masculine. It's like Spanish though. I have good Spanish skills. Yet, I prefer to learn English as I want to be fluent soon. Learning different languages is a skill for life.

Anonymous said...

Sir Jom! Thanks for the TIP!.

French Spanish Online said...

what about it is free to learn French with audio, video, text-to-speech, recorder, grammar.....

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