Sunday, September 4, 2011


Better Late, than Never! This is what I have just realized. The Deadline for the Emerging Influential Blogger For 2011 is on September 7, 2011. It made me realize that I should have given credit, those people who inspired me. I started my blogging career just last December this year, and that makes me eligible to join. These people that I am referring to are also Bloggers themselves. It took me this long, because, I was very busy in the past few weeks, and I still had to think of those people, who are really worthy to be included in my list. So, let's get this started!

Before we go on any futher, there are also some people that I would really want to include on my ELITE list of TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS, but, unfortunately, they didn't meet the requirements for it. Their blogs are either, too or a bit old for this writing project. One of the qualifications of the TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS is, only blogs that started anytime from April 1, 2010 to the present, can be included in the list. But, I will mention their names anyway, since, I really love their websites: 


I have seen some Bloggers who are desperate enough to beg, to be included in The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, and even asking for a trade; that they will mention me on their list, but, in return, I have to mention them also. I never replied to these people, because, I don't believe on such crap. I AM REALLY DISGUSTED! I will only include people that I really think who deserves to be included. Nothing in return, nothing in exchange! You are free to remove me on your list, as much as you want. I just want to be true and honest on my pick. So, if you went to this page, and you will just comment that you would like to be included, you are free to leave this page, anytime. Hindi ako galit, OK?! Hehehe! =)

But, if you see your names below, that only means, I just don't love your blog, but, I also have high respect for you! Let's now meet them!


This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Cyber Monday Deals, TRIbeca Private Residences, How To Videos, Palawan Beaches for Sale,Green and Natural Lubes Philippines, Philippine data center, Philippine online shopping, Singapore Jobs, Pinoy Party Food, Manila rentals, and Great product deals.

1. -This site is one of my source of ideas when it comes to Residual and Non-residual Income. Full of unique import information on How to Make Money Online. The woman behind this beautifully crafted site is Shirley Paran Mandel, an OFW, who deserves to be back in our country after working for so long in the United States. What I admire about her is, she is very down to earth, and she never kept her secrets or ideas on How she makes money online, in different ways. She is a living proof that earning money online is still possible nowadays. I have high respect for this woman.

2. -This site is full of everything, from helpful blogging tips to the author's personal life experiences in his journey in England. The author is no other than Abdul Hakeem, also known as Roy Paran. He is also the founder of the Facebook Forum/Group - Proudly Pinoy Bloggers. He is the brother of Shirley Paran Mandel, the first person I wrote on top. This person deserves to be included on this list, because, he shares his life's perspective as an OFW and as a Blogger. He is one of the most hardworking blogger I've ever known.

3. -This site will amaze you; it will show you the things that you've never seen before in Davao and in other areas in the Philippines. It is packed with hotel, food, travel guide and tips! The author is no other than Anciro Romana, a humble blogger, and a certified Boholano. I believe that this good looking guy is still Single, feel free to hook him up! LMAO!

NOTE: Due to technicalities, I got this message from Ms. Janette Toral:
"Hi JoMi. Blog#4 started before April 2010. Let me know when you update on or before September 7" -She is the goddess of literature. She breathes to write, she actually says, "Writing is my oxygen." This friend of mine is really my inspiration when it comes to writing great and worth reading articles. I am guilty of this, because, my niche is all about current Trends and Technology. But, somehow, knowing this person brings value to the essence of writing quality articles. She is no other than, Helen Mary Labao, isn't it obvious on her website address?! LMAO! She just celebrated her birthday a few days ago. I guess, she finally found the right guy, and I believe that she is deeply and madly in-love as of this writing...

So, I have no choice but, to pick another entry for my #4 spot. I'm really sorry Helen my friend, but, you know how good and talented you are, and you can't be replaced in our hearts! Thank you for being such a good sport! And, here we go, my other pick for this spot is...

4. -This blog is all about Family, Parenting, Money Matters and many more! Would you believe me that this blog has just started last month?! No Kidding! If you are looking for good and quality articles to read, you can't go wrong with this blog. Meet Maricel A. Rivera, also known as Mommy Gel, a very hardworking and responsible mother to her three beautiful kids! She was my previous colleague, and believe me, she deserves this spot! Because, I was amazed how much she loves to write; in just a few weeks, she was able to write so many quality articles. And, how sincere she is with her words. You can be assured that each time you visit her site; a fresh article is ready to feed your being...

5. -This site is my daily source of Current Events and Entertainment news, what I remember about this site is, he used to have a blogspot account called "I have something to brood over". And, he started this new site; to give his unadulterated point of views. Being honest on something is what I admire him. This guy is no other than Jose M. Peñas. He is from Negros Occidental, Philippines. This guy is also one of my closest friend on the blogosphere, I treat this guy as my brother.

6. -From General topic to latest scoops and updates around the world! She is one of the first few people who visit my boring site, when I started blogging last year. She and her sweetheart Brenn, they are my bestfriends on the Blogosphere. I consider them also as my inspiration, when it comes to enthusiasm and hardwork in blogging. Their blog is always updated! The author of this site is Lulu "Ericka" Cemanes, a very nice and down to earth person.

7. -Talking about Gadgets and Latest trends? Meet Ben Baygas, also known as Bennix. He is an IT graduate, very techy and full of knowledge when it comes to Networking and Technology. Each visit on his site will surely keep you updated and refreshed, at all time!

8. -The Information Highway of the Philippines is here! Yep, this site is full of Information, including News, Technology and almost anything under the Sun. Meet Marvs Correa, the Author of InfoHiway. He is not just an I.T. enthusiasts, this guy is very knowledgeable and well rounded. If we have something we don't know at work, we actually look for this guy. He was a professor before, when he became a Call Center Agent. What I like about his blog is, it never runs out of interesting and informative news, that's not just being seen on T.V. or somewhere else.

9. -Another awesome site that keeps me updated about Weather, Lottery Winning numbers and etc. My friend, the Weather Forecaster; Jonjon M. Susi is the guy behind this awesome site. He was one of the 1st few people who visit my site, when I started blogging. He is a working student, he blogs on his spare time and earn money from it as well. A very hardworking guy, truly an inspiration!

10. - Last but not the least, If you need help on Blogger or WordPress, even on SEO. Worry no more, this site is packed with SEO, Blogging and Making Money Online Tutorials. I suggest that newbies visit this neatly and elegantly designed site, especially created for Bloggers! Nonoy Avellanosa is also one of the few regular site visitors I had way back last year; also a friend on the Blogosphere.

I actually spent hours on this. If you wanna join this writing project, CLICK ME! Again, the deadline is on September 7, 2011. So, if you like this post, don't forget to subscribe below!

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Marvs said...

nice one Jomi! thanks for including infohiway in this list, I really appreciate it...

as always thanks for the kind support!

Lulu said...

Naku.. Baka n wrong mention k lng JoMi.. Hehehehhhh.. Kasali tlga c mintscreen? Kyo tlga ni jhieghz.. You two really have surprised me.. :) thanks for the recognition JoMi..

Bennix said...

Thanks a lot JoMi for listing me here,it's an honor pre you make me great this September.Stay cool and more power to

Xtan said...

They are amazing people and they really deserve the recognition!

As I am reading this post, I was able to get to know them little by little!

Good Filipino said...

wow... thanks bro :) your the men talaga :) God Bless You always...

Aj Banda said...

majority ng nasa list mo binablogwalk ko everyday.. hehehe.. nice list sir!

Semidoppel said...

Wow! Good luck sa kanila

Jhiegzh said...

This is something I never expect Nong Joms. Thank you so much for this recognition... Though at first I am not convinced, the fact that there are blogs out there who are more deserving than mine, but anyhow you really surprised me.

Anyways I will take this opportunity to thank you for being a kind elder bro to me...Keep it up!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

more power sa mga napili mo..

alohagems said...

I was the first one who read this article after posting it in PPB. I did not expect anything related to me while reading your post. I was partly shocked that I am on your top list. I was a little bit emotional at that time but I tried to make a comment but did not push through. It is an honor to received such messages from you. I did not know that I made an impact to some newbie bloggers. My site shows the other side of residual earning which is my goal. Thank you spending your time and gathering quality search for influential bloggers. Here's my prediction: I can see you successful in anything you wished and planned for. Don't give up easily and keep on learning.

Career Mom Online said...

Wow, Jomi ... I'm so speechless ... Thank you so, so much for including me in your list! I'm so honored. I just don't know what to say, really, other than just plain ... wow!

helena said...

sweet! hahaha thanks so much my friend Jomi! :D sana makablog nako ulit. busy talaga e. :(

Dhemz said...

great choice!

Nonoy said...

Worry no more Jomi! hehe.:-) Thanks for including me Jomi! Here's my new post from Blogirature.:

isp101 said...

@Marvs -You're welcome! I added you not because, we are KULIGS, but, I really saw your potential and hardwork! I know someday, you'll become a famous blogger! =)

@Lulu -Syempre, mawawala ba naman si Mintscreen?! Hehehe! Tnx to you and brenn, for the encouragements you gave me before! =)

@Bennix -You deserve it, Bennix! You really amazed me when you joined PPB, for writing great articles and for being humble, please, stay as you are, my friend! =)

@Xtan -Tnx for dropping by! Those people I wrote above are really worth to be included on this list, they have exceeded my expectations!

@Good Filipino -Tnx Brenn, salamat sa support niyo ni Ericka, I really appreciate it! =)

@Aj Banda -Tnx, Aj! Hindi ako makapag blog walk recently, I was so busy at work, and stressed with a lot of errrands. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Semidoppel -Sana may makapasok sa kanila, or isa sa mga members ng group natin, because, they are all deserving to win! =)

@Jhieghz -You deserve to be recognized, I am indeed, so proud of you! Keep on Blogging, kahit puyat sa work, hehehe! =)

@Arvin U. De la Peña -Tnx Arvin, I hope they all win! =)

@Alohagems -Hi, Shirley! Tnx for wishing me luck! I really admire you for being down to earth, despite of the things you've already achieved in your life! You never kept your secrets on how to earn money online, and shared it to everyone, that's actually, priceless! Thank you for being such a role model to us, Philippines is waiting for your come back! God bless! =)

@Career Mom Online -Hello, Mommy Gel! You actually surprised me, because, aside from writing great articles, you were able to change your own templates and add widgets on your site! You are a fast learner, you don't really need a tutor anymore from me, hehehe! Keep on Blogging! =)

@Helena -Hi, my friend, Helen! Ok lang, you priotize what you should prioritize! Nandyan lang naman ang blog at kaming mga friends mo sa blogosphere! We will never leave you, promise! =)

@Dhemz -Tnx, dhemz! Happy Blogging! =)

@Nonoy -Hey, tnx for dropping by! Alam mo ba na hanggang ngayon, gandang ganda pa rin ako sa template mo, it is so neat! Keep on writing great articles! Mabuhay ang Blogirature! =) said...

Hello Jomi. This is to mark your entry as complete. Thank you for joining the writing project.

isp101 said...

Hi, Ms. Janette! Tnx for including me on the list! ROCK ON! =)

online back up said...

Thank you for making This great list. I always visit to get updated on current events.

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