Thursday, August 25, 2011


Most Internet Marketers, Bloggers and SEO Specialist are eager to either master the GOOGLE SEARCH ALGORITHM, or get all the advantage they could get to rank higher in Search Engine Results Page of GOOGLE. However, it's not that easy to understand what GOOGLE is cooking, not because, it's not user friendly. But, it's more on the constant change in the Google Search Algorithms. But, why should I care?! Let's talk about the benefit you will get if you are a blogger, website administrator, Internet Marketer or just a simple Internet user. Let's have a deeper understanding on how GOOGLE SEARCH ALGORITHMS work...


Well, you might be wondering why we even need to talk about this. But, don't you find it amazing when you are searching for something, then, GOOGLE can bring up the results in a few seconds, giving you the most accurate relevant results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). No wonder why GOOGLE conquers the INTERNET - Search World, It gets more Internet traffic than any other Website. According to statistics, around 60-70% of Internet Users use GOOGLE as their Search Engine. If you are a blogger or a Website Admin, and you want to be always on Top of the SERP of your chosen keywords or topic, then, this should be important to you.

Starts when you use the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE; once you start typing in a keyword, it will start the search function, just like other search engines. It uses spider or crawler bots, that brings you the most relevant results from millions of webpages. It spider or crawler bots move from one link to another, creating an index page with the certain Keyword that you searched for. From the time you start searching for something on the GOOGLE SEARCH, the Algorithms immediately start working. This is not an easy job, GOOGLE network engineers and search experts make sure that you get the best results that they can bring you. Watch the VIDEO below, and find out more how the GOOGLE Team make the impossible, to be possible....

Just imagine, in a year, they make around 500 improvements in the GOOGLE SEARCH ALGORITHMS. Making all these changes, contributes to much accurate results. And, making it much difficult to manipulate to be on top of the SERP. I guess, the bottom line is, If you are trying to master one technique in SEO, it might be very difficult to keep your SERP ranking on top. Since, it is being updated constantly. So, creating quality articles for the Internet users, and not just for the traffic, will surely benefit you and your readers. That's all for now folks! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below!

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Blobber-Boy said...

wow I didn't know that they are constantly changing and improving the Google search algorithms, thanks for sharing this sir jomi

Lulu said...

wheewww.. akalain mo un.. me tinatwag pang algorithm.. hahahha.. :) nice post JoMi.. :) Like ko.. hehheeh

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