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I have seen websites and blogs with well written articles, packed with great contents and page layout, but, there are no visitors. Perhaps, the website admin or author do not have the knowledge on SEO or just simply, do not care at all. SEO is not magic or something that you could learn overnight. It requires patience, hardwork and skills. Learning SEO to the very basics will give you an idea on WHAT IS SEO, HOW IT WORKS, AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT?! Come with me as we discuss to you why you have to learn SEO. Let me just warn you that I am not a SEO expert, so read at your own risk.


This article is not a SEO tutorial, I wrote this post because, I have friends on the blogosphere who are new to SEO, just like me. I believe that understanding the very basics is the key to success. 

Before we proceed, here are the Terms you might encounter below:

Search Engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo and Etc. These Search Engines are not operated by humans, they use crawler bots to reach your web pages. Google is the most widely used Search Engine, almost or around 60% of Internet users use this Search Engine.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) -Is a list of Web pages that you get when you are searching for something using your favorite Search Engines.

Organic SERP -Is the natural listings of SERP, based on relevant results gathered by the Search Engine.

Paid SERP -Is the paid advertisements or sponsored links for Pay-Per-Click search results, to make sure that you get the advantage on the SERP results for the Keyword that you are targeting.

Keywords - It is the word you type in on the Search Bar of your Search Engine. Or, the words that most people are looking for on a certain topic, issues or products.

SEO (System Engine Optimization) is the process of making a web page or site to be effectively seen by the Search Engines. In short, it's the page that you first see when you search something. Just like what you see below. I searched the topic about, "HOW TO ACE A CALL CENTER INTERVIEW", and here's what Google showed me:

You don't really have to be a genius to understand all these basics. SEO is more on commonsense, basic knowledge and skills. It's the proper way of structuring your web page to be visible in the eyes of the Search Engines. If we don't use SEO, either on your blog or website, Search Engine won't care how much time you spent on your valuable articles or even products, or how good it is. Unless that you created your blog or website just for yourself or some friends. If that so, then, you shouldn't wasted your time publishing it on the Internet. Once, someone search for a certain Keyword, it is always best to be on top of the page, because, people most likely will click on the 1st website link on the SERP.

Search Engines don't care who you are, they are just bots. But, since, it's on the World Wide Web, then, it should be applied with SEO. For bloggers, I personally believe that whatever your blog niche is, you still need to understand and learn the fundamentals SEO. It gives blogger more online earnings opportunity, more site visitors, means more ads earnings! For Internet Marketers for Small or Large Businesses, without proper SEO knowledge, your campaign will end up to nothing. The better the SEO, the higher you will get on top of the SERP.

Search Engine bots crawl on the World Wide Web and look for targeted Keywords. Each Search Engine have their own way of searching for Keywords and Web pages using different kinds of algorithms. For example, Google values websites rank, great contents and quality links. While other Search Engines uses content of the pages, sites linking to it and etc. The bottom line of this is, before you can master SEO, you have to understand first how it works. And, why you have to study about it. This is a MUST, seasoned bloggers and Internet Marketers know why this is a big deal. And, it should be IMPORTANT to you!

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alohagems said...

I need to bookmark these and read how SEO works because I only only know the basics.

isp101 said...

@alohagems -We really need SEO for our blogs, for more opportunities! Tnx for dropping by Shirley! =)

Bino said...

it's true! napakaimportante ng SEO lalo na sa mga money making blogs. may mga templates na hindi seo friendly so beware of using those. great help to

SunnyToast said...

Informative..I guess I'll wait for your next update with regards with this subject:)

thank you for sharing:)

Marvin said...

nice post very informative... by the way was just hopping around... hows your weekend... have a great week ahead... see yah... :D

Shey Malindog said...

Thanks.. I'd love to see more of this SEO chenelyn..very informative post.. like!Thanks..

isp101 said...

@Bino -I agree, there are really templates that are not SEO friendly, using customized template is better if you really want to maximize the potential of SEO... =)

@SunnyToast -Welcome back! It's been a long time my friend. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Marvin -Tnx Marvin, weekend was good, hate going back to work! Have a blessed day! =)

@Shey Malindog -Tnx Shey, I'll keep you guys updated for some SEO tips! =)

Blobber-Boy said...

thanks for sharing your knowledge about SEO sir joms, almost 2 years na ko nagbloblog pero hirap parin intindhin yung ibang parts ng SEO hehe

Nonoy of Cebu said...

Important because it how your blog breathes. Kapag walang SEO, your site is dead. hehe:-)

Margaret C said...

Great tips. Thanks Jomi for sharing this to us all. Learning a lot from you. Keep it up bro! XO

pinoyphp said...

naks...ganda ng tips:) master jomi musta?
sensya na ngayon lang ulit ako naka pag blog eh..hehe

Scolex said...

nice info JoMi. So in our next article, let's apply SEO in our post. Search through Google: "SEO tips to increase ranking in SERP". hehe

Christian said...

Bookmark! You're actually right that if you want to succeed, you must have the proper knowledge in everything on the web including SEO (a must). But we must stick to "White Hat".

What'S Latest said...

Thank u so much for such an informative and important post...its really very important for me to learn about SEO...Thanx for sharing brother...
Bye the way how r u?

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