Sunday, August 28, 2011


Have you ever watched Robocop? If not, then, google it! This is some thing crazy and amazing, similar to Robocop... A one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer got this very cool project that will surely revolutionize the world of prostetic eyes. Rob Spence and Kosta Grammatis are trying to make history by putting in a video camera with transmitter in a prostetic eye! The EYEBORG is going in Robs eye socket, and it will record the world from a different view that has never seen before! I'm pretty sure that you can't wait now. So, let's go ahead and watch the EYEBORG VIDEOS below; this can also change the way we see the world!


This will somewhat makes him a bionic man; where Video Camera and Wireless Transmission technology will be embedded in his EYEBORG, and it will record anything he looks at. If it is successful, Rob Spence will become a very successful lifecaster, in this fast changing world!

He has been wearing his prosthetic eye for years, when he realized the importance of converting his prosthetic eye into an EYEBORG! By the way, ROB SPENCE lost his eye when he was just 13, while playing with his grandfather's gun on a visit to Ireland. He said, "I wanted to shoot a pile of chowshit," and then, "I wasn't holding the gun properly and it backfired, causing a lot of trauma to the eye..."


This is a very interesting and an innovative idea. If gadgets manufacturers will only see the potential of EYEBORG, this can help millions of people who lost their eye during an accident or war. I believe that this can really help a lot of people. I guess, that's all for now folks! If you like this post, please, don't forget to subscribe below! Thank you!

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Mintscreen said...

hindi ko alam kung matatakot ako or mamamangha.. hais't..

Semidoppel said...

I still find it weird, or I'm just shocked about this project

isp101 said...

@Mintscreen -Nakakatakot, pero for those who lost one of their eyes, this is a good alternative! Tnx for dropping by, Lulu, regards kay Brenn! =)

@Semidoppel -Hi, Jam! I felt the same way the first time I saw it, but, this is pretty amazing, since, Technology that can help a lot of people is evolving very fast! Tnx for dropping by! =)

SunnyToast said...

Shocking but amazing...this is really good for my good friend who lost his one eyes dahil nung bata kmi nag laro ng syringe at natosok ang mata nya. I should inform him about this but for sure this would cost a million box:)

thank you for sharing!

isp101 said...

@Sunny Toast -That's one thing for sure, it would be really expensive, but, I'm pretty sure that soon, it will become affordable! Tnx for dropping by! =)

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