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I was browsing some videos on youtube earlier; when I came across with this old phone recorded conversation in a local Call Center here in the Philippines. I was just a bit disturbed, how did this happen. And, why did they let this lady talk in rage for around 10 minutes long. Each specific Account or Call Center implements different rules when dealing with irate callers. But, this one wasn't just irate, this one is a very abusive, crazy lady! And, the other recorded phone conversation was all about a customer of a local Internet Service Provider. All conversations are in Tagalog (a native language of Filipinos). If you haven't heard one of these recorded phone calls, then, listen and play the CALL CENTER SCANDAL VIDEOS below at your own risk! Parental Guidance is STRICTLY advised!


If you listened carefully, in the beginning, the lady was a bit calm, but, got annoyed when the agent wasn't able to transfer her call to a U.S. based -Bank Call Center. She is a Filipina, who can't withdraw her money from a local ATM boot, using her U.S. issued ATM Card. This lady is crazy; the agent won't be able to transfer her to a U.S. based -Bank Call Center, because, she is calling a Local Hotline. She should have called the Toll-Free Hotline printed on her card. Plain and Simple. I was just disgusted how she insulted and cursed all Filipinos for her stupidity. This is the kind of job that we have to take each day, when we are taking in calls. Did she forget that she's also a Filipina? Or, this lady is just nuts?! 

I do not know how other Call Centers or Accounts deal with irate and abusive callers. He could have warned the customer and released the call after the 3rd time. But, it appears that the lady was transferred to a supervisor or another agent. I guess, it really didn't help at all, since, the lady wants to speak to someone in the United States. Unfortunately, the agent wasn't even able to explain the situation since this lady went berserk. Well, poor lady, such a disgrace to all Filipinos. I hope you never go back in this country!


From what I understand on this recorded phone conversation. The Agent was trying to explain the network outage situation to a frustrated caller. The caller was upset, because, he can't use his Voice Over Internet Protocol  (VoIP) Phone to call his relatives abroad. Hell breaks loose, when the caller got frustrated and started cursing. Then, the Agent answered her caller with a curse; perhaps she forgot to press the mute button. After she realized that the caller heard her cursing him back, she tried to revert the situation by crying out loud and blaming what happened to her caller. Perhaps, with this recorded phone call, she now learned her lesson. This is not just a lesson to the agent, but, also for Callers out there. If you are frustrated, don't take it to the agent that you are speaking with. They are being payed to help you, and calls are being recorded. What a shame to the agent and to the caller. 

I guess, with all these Call Center Scandals, people will now understand more about the difficulty of our jobs. These recorded conversations can be found on Just imagine the insults that we can get from taking in calls from racist, irate and abusive callers. How much more, if all the curse and insults are coming from our fellow Filipinos. It is just very disappointing. Well, I hope you like this post, and, please, don't forget to subscribe below! Thank you!

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alohagems said...

Oh my God. God bless all call center agents.

Bino said...

yes, this is true, specially the customer sa citibank, nagwala din yan sa mcdonalds sa northgate cyberzone dito sa alabang

isp101 said...

@alohagems -Tnx Shirley, this is the kind of stress we have to endure each day in our job. God bless you, too! =)

@Bino -Talaga?! Grabe, she was very disrespectful and abusive, Diyos nalang ang bahala sa kanya! Tnx for dropping by, Bino! =)

Bennix said...

Ang sagot ko dun sa caller:" Sir magpatayo nlang kayo ng sarili nyung ISP or VOIP services, yung always uptime"lol...

Dapat kasi pag-pang-enterprise yung setup may backup dapat ang company, para pag bumigay yung isang provider hindi ma-stop yung business nla.Ganon lang yun, la kasing perfect na system.

Naiintindihan ko naman yung side nag caller kasi dapat reliable din yung service na binibigay ng PLDT eh...:)

Career Mom Online said...

The call center life is really a very stressful one. Kailangan talaga ang mindset: it's all part of the job. Kaya lang, hindi talaga maiwasan ang maapektuhan.

iamzennia said...

The first thing that the lady should do, is call the psychiatrist herself...
This is stressful. Pangit din ang ugali niya, just like what she is stressing.. Look who's talking..
Na-stress ako dito.. =)

Nonoy said...

About the audio 1: Baka Call Center agent rin dati yung tumawag, kaya ganyan ugali nya. Gumaganti lang; haha!

But besides that, the agent has no experience or right training at all on how to deal with those kind of callers, regardless they're Filipinos or not. He allowed the caller to shout althroughout the call. Dapat ang may control dyan yung call center agent. He should have interrupted the deranged lady from shouting. He should have not shown any sign of disagreeing to the lady, or any sign of welcoming the argument. The agent should have shown empathy to the caller.

The caller seems to had been very frustrated since she can't withdraw the money from her ATM card. She probably had no one to run to. And can't think of right anymore kasi nga she fell down psychologically.

Problem is, it happened sa Pilipinas. Yung call center agents ng mga local companies kasi can't treat or accommodate their fellow Filipnos; pero yung mga dayuhan they treat them as if they're like Gods.

I have lots of experiences dealing irate, even insane callers from call center companies I had worked with. This scenario is just one among hundreds, if not thousands of calls I had taken.

Nonoy said...

Dagdag ko lang: It simply means local companies don't have good customer service when dealing with fellow Filipinos. Pero kapag American companies, kelangan talga 100% customer satisfaction. Very obvious sa audio number 2.

Very interesting post Jom. Napahaba yung comment ko. hehe Ayuz! :-)

Jeff said...

Sometimes I just wish that these kind of people will go to hell. And be tortured over and over again for all eternity. Sickening! And yayabang. Feeling ko Tsimay lang yung unang nasa recording. Tapos naka tungtung lang ng America kala mo na kung sino umasta. Nagcall center din ako dati kaya naexperience ko rin yung mga ganun.

Boffill said...

I can still remember during my first days in call center. I really had a hard time dealing with irate customers. Good thing I have supervisors helping me out in pacifying the customers. I learned a lot of things when I was still in the call center industry and I'm missing the graveyard shift sometimes! WiWo!

isp101 said...

@Bennix -Rude din yung customer, kala mo kung sino eh, hehehe! Tingin ko, di naman nya sa company gagamitin, parang pang longdistance lang... I was also selling VOIP, matakaw ito sa bandwidth, kaya dapat reliable talaga ang ISP at mataas yung bandwidth ng plan na kukunin nila. May mga irate talaga na callers, itong agent kasi na ito, nag mura, nalimutan siguro nya mag mute, malamang, naka ban na siya sa mga call center dito sa pinas, hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Career Mom Online -Hello, Mommy Gel! Oo, talagang kahit na ano'ng tibay mo, or ilang taon kana nagco calls, minsan talaga, lalona't kapag stress na, hindi madaling sabihin na hindi ma bwiset eh, hehehe! =)

@iamzennia -Napaka rude nga nitong caller na ito, nakakainis, kung sa akin ito, Call Control dapat, kapag ganun ka abusive, warning na agad, pwede naman i release or supcall, basta naaayon sa protocol ng company... =)

@Nonoy -I agree, Call Control is really important. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to show empathy, kasi yung babae rin, mura na ng mura, siguro, natigilan din siya at ayaw nya rin i interrupt. Pero iba iba kasi ng patakaran sa call center eh, in our company, we can drop the call, as long as we give warnings. Or, we can escalate it to our Supervisor. I guess, local Call Center agents tend to be in their "comfort zone", since, they are dealing with fellow Filipino callers. But, not all Filipino agents worship foreign customers just like what you said. In my own opinion, I can be nice to either foreign or filipino callers, as long as they do not cross the boundaries. The truth is, talagang maraming mga Pinoy sa states ang sobrang bastos at hambog, mas ok pa minsan kausap ang mga kano. Pero hindi ko nilalahat, marami din naman matino kausap. That's why, we can't really stereo-type any callers, kasi iba iba talaga ang tao! Tnx for the very intesteresting comment, Nonoy! =)

@Jeff -I believe in that Jeff, time will come, the LORD Almighty will judge everyone of us! Basura nga ang ugali nung 1st caller, kaya nung napakinggan ko, nainis talaga ako eh, I felt bad for the agent... =(

@Boffill -I'm glad you are Free! I'm looking forward to save more money and start up my own business. I'm really tired of taking in calls, but, for the mean time, I guess, I have to stick with this job. The stress sometimes really make me sick. Tnx for dropping by! =)

Boffill said...

Yup yup. Good thing I was able to escape the pressure in taking in calls lalo na yung mga customer na mas magaling pa sa amin. Nasa Tech ako eh tapos yung iba ayaw makipagcooperate parang mga loko lang talaga. Hehe.

isp101 said...

@Boffill -Good for you! Ako rin, Tech account namin, Tier 2, although, I've been doing this job for more than 5 years now, honestly, there are times that I still find it difficult to deal with abusive callers. Yung irate callers, madali lang eh, pero yung abusive at nang i insulto, yun ang pinaka hate ko... But, I can't really complain, it pay the bills! =)

Lulu said...

eii.. I know that CitiBank scandal.. grabe ang rude nung caller.. hais't me mga tao tlgang gnyan..

Henry said...

The 2nd recording is the popular PLDT call. I heard that the mute button was not working thats why the caller heard her cursing him.
I haven't heard the recording of the first Filipina citibank customer, agent should automatically release the call because she wont allow you to speak and keeps on cursing as well. Meydo kumulo dugo ko dun, sana makareceive din ako ng ganun, kelangan lng matigas ka.

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