Saturday, August 20, 2011


As of now, everything is still just rumours, although, the iPAD 2 is now out in the market. Tech, Gadget and Apple enthusiast can't get enough of the iPAD craze. We are actually, all dreaming of it.. Since, there are also rumours that the production of iPAD 2 was kind of a rush job. Well, hopefully, iPAD 3 won't be just a disappointment. We will all take a glimpse of this iPAD 3, soon! Let's check out the, rumours about the iPAD 3, remember, this could be the next best thing!


The next iPAD 3 might come with either Dual-Core or Quad-Core Processor, it's possible to to see either A5 (Dual-Core Processor) or A6 (Quad-Core Processor). Well, if APPLE won't rush the production of iPAD 3 and, APPLE will just release it in the market early next year, most probably, we can expect that iPAD 3 Processor could be powered by Apple's A6! 
And, when it comes to the iPAD 3 Display, it is indeed, widely predicted that Retina Display is on the way! This will surely give better graphics on game play, HD movies and pictures! Crisp, vibrant and true-to-life screen display will be waiting for those who can wait!

 iPAD 3 Memory Flash storage can be 128GB or more, won't be impossible. Since, iPAD 2 has the the familiar storage options of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Let's just wait and see. It could have Thunderbolt port as well, for faster connection performance. It could also have a better Camera, compared to iPAD 2. An improved HDMI port support is also being rumored. So, far, that's all we can gather across the world wide web...

A rumour this month broke, that the launch of iPAD 3 was set to delay. Well, do you know why?! It is due to the shortage of retina displays from the 2 giant electronics manufacturer Samsung and LG. I guess, with all these signs, we can say that the iPAD 3 Release Date is gonna be this last quarter of this year, or early next year.

Since, iPAD 3 PRICE is still on speculations. And, on the other hand, iPAD 2 didn't increase its price. We can assume that if APPLE release the iPAD 3 this September, iPAD 2 price will certainly drop, and iPAD 3 will be much expensive. The price perhaps would still vary on the iPAD 3 release date. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!

Again, let's just wait and see, if it's gonna be released this year or early next year. As long as that it's not gonna be a rush and disappointing product, the wait will be worth it. Until, next time! 

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Blobber-Boy said...

nakakainis tlga ang apple, labas ng labas ng bagong update, kahit kaka release lang nila ng ipad 2, dami na naman maiinis nyan hehe

Roy said...

It's not worth waiting for me.

sent from my iPad2

EngrMoks said...

kahit nga ipad1 hindi ko inasam magkaron...McBook malamang gusto ko. Ang iPad ba parang pinalaking ipod touch lang?

isp101 said...

@Blobber-Boy -Oo, kapag ni rush nila itong iPAD 3, at nilabas nila this year, malamang, babagsak bigla ang price ng iPAD 2 sa market... =)

@Roy -Wow, sowsyal naman! Hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@EngrMoks -Oo, parang pinalaking ipod touch 'din lang, with lots of new features, hehehe! =)

Good Filipino said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHhh masaya na ako sa iPad2 ko ngayon :) heheheh

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