Saturday, July 30, 2011


What's wrong with the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA BROWSER?! Some users are complaining about the look, or the interface of the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA. Some of them, just simply can't find the regular buttons they see on the old IE interface. Or, just can't surf the Internet all of a sudden. After doing some thorough research, we always end up, uninstalling the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA, and it instantly restores the Internet access. And, believe me, not all people are tech savvy. So, If you do not know how to REMOVE or UNINSTALL the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA BROWSER on your computer, let me show you how...

What we have to understand first is, before you uninstall the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA, before you blame your Internet issues on the product. Make sure that you try other browsers, like Opera, Chrome or Firefox. Just to isolate the problem. If you can surf the net without problems using other available browsers on your computer, then, the issue MUST be the INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA. If it's giving you more problems than the old version, or you just simply don't want the look of the New INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA Interface, you can easily switch it back to the old version by removing the IE 9. Because, once you REMOVE or UNINSTALL INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA BROWSER it will revert it back to the previously installed version of Internet Explorer on your computer. Here are the steps:

1. Click the Start Menu button on the lower right hand side, on the small white search box, type "Programs and Features", and then push Enter on your keyboard.

2. It should bring you the "Programs and Features" window, then, click the "View installed updates" link on the upper left.

3. Once you find "Windows Internet Explorer 9", you could either just highlight it, then click the UNINSTALL a program button, or, you could just simply Right click on it, then Left click on UNINSTALL.

3. Click on the "YES" button, to start UNINSTALLING INTERNET EXPLORER 9 BETA...

4. You will see a window message saying, "Please wait while the updates are being uninstalled. This might take several minutes." Just like what you see above.

5. Once it is done removing the update, you will be prompted to either choose "RESTART NOW" or "RESTART LATER" (Your Choice!). Then, your computer or laptop will be shutting down, then, it will restart, try again the Internet, to see if it's now back to INTERNET EXPLORER 8. If you're not sure, then, push ALT + X (it should bring the tools option), then, click on "About Internet Explorer. It should tell you if it's now back to INTERNET EXPLORER 8.

Note: Recent updates of IE 9 is actually better than before, but, if you are still getting more problems or you don't feel using it anymore, then, don't, no one is forcing you. Also, try exploring other BROWSERS. And, that's HOW YOU CAN REMOVE OR UNINSTALL THE IE 9 BETA BROWSER... I hope this helps!

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Christian said...

Still on Beta? Oh my! Kailan ko pa ininstall yan Beta pa din. Anyway, I'm really disappointed when I tried IE 9 because of its memory hag features which make my PC faster when IE 9 is not running. Get? It seems that IE 9 still have many modification in order to satisfy it customer.

jehzlau said...

Wooot! Kawawa si IE9. Hehehe... La parin tatalo sa Chrome no? hehe ^_^

The latest IE9 version works great with WIN7 Ultimate. Pero we can't deny the fact that IE9 is still not better than Chrome 10 or Opera 11. :(

isp101 said...

@Christian -Honestly, the recent IE 9 version is better, but, based on our experience, we are really getting lots of calls about IE 9 glitch. Tnx for dropping by!

@jehzlau -Hey, Master Jehz! So far, parang mabilis pa din talaga ang Chrome, when I tried all of the other available browsers. I am also using WIN 7 Ultimate, and even tried downloading the latest IE 9. It works better now, compared before, pero minsan, nagka crash pa din talaga. Never experienced this issue with the other browsers. Nakakatuwa talaga, nakakapag blog hop kana, hindi kana yata masyadong busy?! hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

margaret said...

Another helpful tip. Thanks Jomi, Awesome! ( :

Saunders said...

I am still getting an error code - IE9 has possessed my computer. I was getting an error code that said the trial version was not supported. Didn't know I downloaded a trial version! Now it won't uninstall! Any suggestions?

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