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This post is dedicated to my fellow bloggers, and colleagues who just recently entered the World of Blogging! I have read tons of articles on "HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG", but, some of the articles are not created for the new generations of bloggers like me. Technology and different approach in Making Money Online is changing very fast. So, I decided to write my own version anyway, since, just after a few months of blogging, I am now earning enough to pay my bills. This article is intended for Newbies, like myself. Let's go back first to the very basics...

Before you start monetizing your blog, what we have to understand is, some visitors or readers are going to complain once you start putting ads on your blog or website. Some people might not understand that you need to monetize your blog or website to keep your website running (to pay the bills). You are giving them valuable information and you are putting a lot of your time and effort when making an article. Getting something from it, is just a very small portion of what we have already invested. So, if there are few whiners, I suggest that you listen to what they wanna say, but, do not get affected or discouraged. Readers will keep on going back if you have genuine and well written articles, that's one thing for sure. If you are now ready to MONETIZE your blog, let's now jump down to the next step. By the way, placing Ads on your site is just one of the many ways to monetize your blog, which I'll mention on the last part of this post. Ads are just basically the top earner on this site, so, most of the suggestions on this post, will be about Ads.


1. Method of Payment -This is the first thing that you MUST have or consider. Nowadays, you can now receive your payment through Western Union, Paypal or Check. Aside from those, make sure that you also have a bank account, if ever there are clients who want to pay you directly through bank to bank money transfer. But, if you want to get payed faster, opt to electronic payment such as PayPal or AlertPay.

2. Layout  -You have to make sure that your Layout can accommodate your Ads, and it should be noticeable enough by your readers, without getting them irritated. We don't want to sacrifice our readers just to get more earnings from our Ads. So, choosing the right spot for your ads on your blog or website layout is so important. You can try placing an add on a certain spot, as long as, it won't block your contents. Then, observe how many times visitors clicked on it. In my experience, Ads that are very noticeable would be on the very top and on the right. Honestly, I am still looking for a better template, so, I could better implement my Ads.

3. Text Ads Color and Background -We need to adjust the Text Ads Color and Background, and not just randomly pick what the Ads tool give us. You have to carefully match the font color and background of your Ads on your site layout and background color. Don't get me wrong, we don't want to deceive our readers or camouflage our ads on your site. What we just wanna do is, make it at least, look like part of our blog or site, so it won't look like isolated. Otherwise, site visitors will just ignore it.

4. Blog or Website Traffic -Clicking your own Ads or asking someone to click on your Ads are considered as a terminable offense according to Terms of Service (TOS) of most Advertisers. Your Ads can be cancelled or you could get banned, if you do something stupid like this. So, getting more web traffic is so important. Doing a little adjustment on your template, writing more quality articles, and SEO, will surely boost up the numbers of your site visitors. Because, less visitors means less income. And, more visitors, means more money!

5. Choosing your Money Maker -You can choose from tons of the option, or try all of it. Observe and see what works for you, just make sure that It won't violate any Terms of Service (TOS) of each of your other Advertisers or Money Maker. So far, Google AdSense is the top money earner of my site, then, the rest are just almost the same. Examples:
  • Text and Graphic Ads -Nowadays, you can now easily choose Text or Graphic Ads from one Advertiser. Like, Bidvertiser, Google Adsense and Chitika Silver.
  • Ad Text Links - There are good Ad Text links company, such as Infolinks and Kontera.
  • RSS Feeds -What I use for my RSS Feeds is Google AdSense for RSS Feeds.
  • Affiliates -Usually, you'll just earn from it, if someone purchase or signed up with the clients. Careerjet, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, ClickBank and Etc.
  • Sponsored Post -There are lots of it, ReviewMe, PayperPost and Etc.
  • In-house Ads and Reviews -You can offer it on your site, direct advertisers might be interested with this one. See the example I created: ADVERTISE
  • Donations -Buy Me a Drink or Begging -If you have regular visitors, someone appreciates your post or you are a well-loved blogger, being straightforward is not a sin. Since, we pay for our own expenses.

These are just the things that I found helpful for me, for my site. I am pretty sure that there are lots of much experienced bloggers who might wanna share their thoughts about this post. Please, don't hesitate, since, learning is a continuous process! How about you? Do you have any suggestions? HOW CAN WE EFFECTIVELY MONETIZE YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE?!

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Roy said...

Its very useful.
I am concentrating my adsense where im earning from.

Bennix said...

Thanks for this practical tips from you JoMi...:)

Good Filipino said...

bro ok ba ang Kontera? kase sa infolinks maganda ang feedback ng earning ko sa kanila eh... na try mo na ba Kontera? Good post bro :) ayos!

John Murphy said...

Good advice on layout of blog and this is so important. I have just posted on ways to monetize your blog. Be interested in your comments. The post is

Freyah said...

Nice, thanks for sharing.. Very useful. But I'm not really into monetizing my blog. hehehe but if I'll change my mind, I'll check your post again. :D


isp101 said...

@Roy -That's good to know, Roy! I am also using AdSense, actually, it's my top earner! =)

@Bennix -You're welcome, Bennix! Tnx for visiting! =)

@Good Filipino -So far, I earned a few bucks, ok naman Kontera, pero still, mas mataas pa rin ang Infolinks ko, try mo rin sya... =)

@John Murphy -Hi, John! I just went to your site, great site and I love the article you posted, very informative! I'll comment in a bit. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Freyah -Hi, Freyah! how are you now? I'll visit you back later! =)

lakwatsera de primera said...

Thank you for this helpful tips Jomi, i'm kinda leaning on monetizing my new blog.

SunnyToast said...

great advice and this would really mean alot to bloggers who wants to earn money:)

thanks for sharing great information..isp101



isp101 said...

@Lakwatsera de primera -Hello, Claire! Tnx for dropping by! Don't worry, you'll get used to it. But, what's your new website addy?!

@SunnyToast -Hey, tnx for dropping by! =)

Ane said...

Useful information for newbie bloggers indeed! :) Nice one JoMi! :)

Christian said...

I think you said all of my idea. BTW the most important advice is don't click our own ads since it ruin all of our handworks.

isp101 said...

@Ane -Tnx ane, I just shared what I thought would be helpful. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Christian -That's really true, never click your own ads, or even ask someone to click it for you. It won't do any good, and it will surely backfire on you. Tnx for dropping by! =)

k-ivs said...

hi...very nice work bro., i learned a lot of things here, thnx for the share.. i'm serving nuffnang now but im not earning yet. lol,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Sir JoMi.. I'm looking forward to open my new (and permanent) blog and monetize it. God bless.

isp101 said...

@k-ivs -Aside from nuffnang, try to apply for a GOOGLE AdSense, it's the best money maker I've had so far! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Anonymous -Wow, congrats to your new blog! There's nothing wrong If you wanna monetize your new blog, after all, we all need money to keep our website running! Cheers! =)

deb said...

i am a new blogger. Thank you so much for this article.
pls visit my and give me some suggestions for me.

marga said...

Thanks Jomi for sharing. Another great article. idol ka talaga hehe! Keep it up...

I will try monetizing my blog na hehe.

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