Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This news is still HOT!!! Recently, GOOGLE PLUS or GOOGLE+ was unveiled, and was said to be an alternative to Facebook. But, on the news, Facebook's CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was one of the first to create a GOOGLE+ account. Can't get enough?! Click, read more!

Just incase, you still don't know who's Mark Zuckerberg, his picture is on the upper left. Believe it or not, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg now already have around 29,000+ followers on GOOGLE PLUS!


That's morethan 10,000 followers than Google's CEO Larry page, who now just have 19,800 followers, as of this writing. Making Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the MOST POPULAR user of GOOGLE+. Anyway, this is not a contest, so, who really cares, right?! It's jus interesting, may be, Mark Zuckerberg wanna test the GOOGLE+ interface, to see if it's really a threat against the very famous, Facebook! Still not convinced? Watch the video below, it's on News!


For now, let's see what will happen... Let's wait, and find out If GOOGLE+ IS REALLY AN ALTERNATIVE TO FACEBOOK! Have a great day, Folks!

Credits: http://www.cnn.com

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Sendo said...

super hot nga....gusto ko ng magreg sa google+ kaya sana free for all na yan... kung registered ka...painvite hehe ^^ sendzki@gmail.com

isp101 said...

@Sendo -Yep, this news just came out of the oven, hehehe! My brother already invited me to join GOOGLE+, but, I went to the page where it says, "At the moment, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure that you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people."... I guess, I just have to wait few more months huh!? Hehehe! Congratz to your new domain, Sendo! And, tnx for dropping by! =)

Mark Zuckerberg said...

Yes, I joined Google Plus.

SunnyToast said...

Never heard about this busy mode kc ako...hahaha but anyways thank you for your informative post but I guess I will stck to FB:)its hard to maintain two social network:)

Dhemz said...

thanks for sharing...will check this one out....:)

isp101 said...

@Mark Zuckerberg -Hey, Mark! What's up?! You surprised me again! Didn't know that despite of your busy schedule, you still managed to visit my blog! Add me on GOOGLE+, I'm your number 1 fan! LMAO! =P

@SunnyToast -Yep, It's hard to maintain two social network account at the same time, but, it's a different environment, a new dimension, it won't hurt If you'll try it! Can't wait to see amazing photos from your site! =)

@Dhemz -No problem, Dhemz! Tnx for dropping by! =)

SunnyToast said...

Wow...Is that really Mark Zuckerberg? sosyal...hahha..by the way thank you for you comment and I'm only using Canon 450D...I just recently learned to use the best setting thru net...kahit ako na amaze ako minsan sa mga kuha ko:) thank you po sa appreciation:)

happy blogging:)

isp101 said...

@SunnyToast -Hey, you are back, and you're welcome! I don't think it's Mark Zuckerberg, he won't waste his time just to blog hop, Hehehe! Oic, Canon 450D pala yung gamit mo, the pictures on your blogs are always crisp and amazing! Tnx for dropping by again, Happy Blogging! =)

jehzlau said...

hahhahaha! sumali pala siya! :D pero hindi sisikat ang google+ i think, parang google wave lng ang +, magsasawa din agad mga tao. hehe :D

isp101 said...

@jehzlau -Master Jehz, good morning! You surprised me, it's an honor to see you again, hehehe! Alam mo naman na ikaw ang "The Prodigy" ng blogosphere, ang inspirasyon ng mga small time na blogger na gaya namin, hehehe! Tingin ko din, mas appealing pa rin yung interface ng FB, i don't really think Google plus could beat it. But, hey, it's not a bad alternative, lalo na para sa mga Google fanatics and users! Tnx for dropping by Master Jehz! =)

Christian said...

This is one of the most interesting topics in the world of computing. All of the geeks was shock when they notice that Mark finally register in one of he's rival. It proves that Google+ is not just an another social site but a great opponents of FB. I also notice that FB release more interesting features including Video Call since Google+ was released.

isp101 said...

@Christian -Yep, they should do something, since, they don't wanna get dropped from the number one spot of Social Networking. Although, Facebook got the SKYPE's video calling, they still can't beat the "HANGOUTS" of GOOGLE+, which allows multiple or conference video calling. Tnx for dropping by! =)

mc said...

Oh cool ha! Im liking Google+ na Jom. How bout you?
and nagulat ako ha si Mr Zuckerberg nag comment sa post mo, naks! LMAO
what's up? ( :

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