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We had a dog named "WARRY", and he died a year ago because of CANINE PARVO VIRUS TYPE 2 (CPV-2). Lack of awareness can kill your very cute and loving puppy. CANINE PARVO VIRUS attacks any kind or breed of dogs or puppies. Especially, dogs that have not been vaccinated or completed its vaccination; are at high risk of becoming infected by CANINE PARVO VIRUS. Let's spread the awareness, let us find out first the Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment. This article is dedicated to all dog lovers, also, in Memories of  our very loving dog, Warry...


I attached Warry's picture on the upper left of this page and right below this paragraph. I just feel so bad, because, despite of our efforts, he still left us. Now we know why prevention is better than cure. Warry is a very bright DOG, he knows where to pee or poop, he do not scratch furniture's. He never gave us a problem, he never chewed things like what other dogs usually do, he is a very loving DOG... I took those pictures 3 days before he died, as you could see, he can't even open his eyes. He started having a diarrhea and vomiting... We gave him some anti-biotics and meds for diarrhea and vomiting, immediately as prescribed by the vet. But, his condition became worst as the day goes by, he became very weak. He often vomit a yellowish mucus, we also noticed often mucus secretion in his anus. His body became yellowish, and I called up the doctor and he said, maybe, he had complications or his liver got attacked by the virus. We forced feed him with food, vitamins and meds. Unfortunately, after three days of struggling, he still died...

In Memories of WARRY


CANINE PARVO VIRUS or CPV-2 is very contagious and deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the gastro-intestinal tract of puppies and DOGS. It can also damage the heart muscle in very young pups or unborn puppies. And, it can also cause other complications in your puppies or DOGS, affecting the liver and other internal organs.


CANINE PARVO VIRUS or CPV-2 is very contagious and can spread directly: dog to dog or contact with contaminated poops, environments or people. The virus can stay and propagate in dog kennels, food and water bowls, dog collars, human hands and clothing. It can surive in the environment for long periods of time, it is resistant to heat, cold, humidity or drying. Can be spread from one place to another on the hair, feet of your DOGS, even via contaminated cages, shoes or other objects like garments or clothings.


CANINE PARVO VIRUS or CPV-2 shows no symptoms at all. But, can get your puppies or DOGS severe vomiting and diarrhea that often shows blood trace. It can make your pups or DOGS to lose appetite and show weakness in the early stage. Pet owners should not just take it for granted, immediately bring your puppies or DOGS right away to the nearest veterinary clinic. 


Completing your pets Vaccination is very important! Vaccine puppies starting at six weeks of age, and then every two or three weeks until eighteen weeks of age. The last booster given not earlier than eighteen weeks of age. Thereafter, revaccinate your pets every year. And, do not forget, aside from the vaccination, hygiene comes next. As CANINE PARVO VIRUS or CPV-2 can stay longer in a contaminated dog cages, make sure that you do not just wash your dog cages with regular detergents, make sure you spray disinfectant as well. If you have morethan one pup or dog, make sure that you isolate your infected DOG right away, to prevent it from spreading to your other pups or dogs. Giving your DOGS regular dose of vitamins will also strengthen their immune-system.


When your puppy or dog starts diarrhea and vomiting, DEHYDRATION is our first major concern. If your dogs lose appetite, you could either force feed them or much better, bring them right away to your VET's so they could give IV fluids. MEDICATION such as anti-biotics, together with anti-vomit or anti-emetic drugs will help your dog not to dehydrate. This should be administered or instructed by your trusted Vet's, DO NOT SELF MEDICATE YOUR PUPS OR DOGS. That's why, I would suggest that If your dog starts vomiting or diarrhea, don't wait anymore, bring your dogs right away to the nearest veterinary clinic near you. Once your puppy or DOG recovers, isolate them first and clean your dog cages. It is so important to prevent the CANINE PARVO VIRUS or CPV-2 from spreading.

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iya_khin said...

all about dogs talaga ang blog mo 'no?! hehe! ipromote kita sa twitter para dun sa mga dog lover tulad mo! hehe

isp101 said...

@iya_khin -Halata bang dog lover ako?! Hehehe! Cge, promote mo naman, honestly, 'di ako marunong mag twitter eh, yaikkzzz! hehehe! =)

Anonymous said...

kailangan mabasa ito ni moks kasi may love dog siyang named sasa.. hehe! nice info isp101

Ane said...

So sorry for your loss! I don't own any dogs because I can't take care of them.. :P But both my sisters are dog lovers and breed dogs for a living.. :) My youngest sister is studying vet med but I'm going to tell her about this just incase they haven't covered it in school yet..

isp101 said...

@mommy-razz -Oo mommy, sabihin mo kay Moks, pasyal siya dito, this article might help to protect "Sasa" from Parvo Virus! =)

@Ane -Hello, Ane! That's nice to know, what kinds of dogs do they breed?! I was breeding dogs too, but, I had to stop, due to my current work commitment. I hope she becomes a successful vet someday! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. I just lost my 4 month old chihuahua puppy yesterday form this awful nasty disease! I had planned on getting her vaccinated but I wasn't in a rush because she lived inside and had NEVER stepped a foot outdoors It's a horrible disease. I would advise everyone if you have a dog get their shots asap!! I wouldn't want anyone to go through the pain my little baby and I both went through! and again i'm very sorry for your loss!

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -Warry had been part of our family, even though he left us, he will never be forgotten! Oh my, I'm sad to know that you also lost your puppy, because of this nasty parvo virus. Warry also NEVER stepped outside the house, that's why we were so confident that he will never get this kind of disease. But, we are proven wrong, CPV-2 is very deadly. The sad thing is, it's not easy to cure. So, it's better to prevent it, by making sure that your puppy's completed all of the vaccines. Only those people who had been in the same situation would understand the sorrow that we are feeling right now. Good thing that I still have three more adorable mini-pinscher dogs plus a couple of stray dogs that I'm taking care of, they are really a bundle of joy! Tnx for dropping by! =)

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