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There are human foods that we often thought good for our pets. Being aware of what we feed them is very important, as a responsible pet owner. We love our pets so much, that's why it's our responsibility to know the Foods that might harm or even kill our dogs, cats or any other pets. If you really love your pets, better to know what's good and bad for them. Being unaware before, caused me sorrow and my canine's life, i'll tell you his story later. That's why I did some research about the things we should avoid feeding our pets. Here are the list of Foods that you should not feed your dog...


Let me tell you the story of my DOG, "CHU-CHU", I had this dog morethan 5 years ago. Chu-chu was a very loving and jolly dog. He could jump so high, and could leap himself 2-3 feet above the ground. I often call him, "The SKYWALKER"... I love this dog so much.

One afternoon, I bought my dog a plastic bag full of chocolates. There are around 30 pieces of chocolates in the bag. I gave him once, but, he kept on asking for more. I can't resists giving him more chocolates, because, he was looking at me while he was waggling his tail, and he looked really, really cute. So, I gave him more. I didn't notice that we ate all of it, I ate half, and he ate the other half. So, after that, I went upstairs and took a nap. When I woke up, the next thing that I've noticed is, my dog was peeing all over the place, and his urine was colored yellow. He looks very sick. I gave him milk, but he didn't take it. So, I just kept him in my arms the whole night. But, the whole night was really a suffering for him, since, he was vomiting a yellow foamy substance, every now and then. I was very worried, and didn't sleep just to look after him.

The next day, we brought him to the vet, and the doctor just said that our DOG was poisoned. I told the vet that I gave my dog lots of chocolates. His body was already yellow colored and too weak. When I tried calling him, he tried to stand up, but, he can't, eventually, after 2 more days, he died... Until now, I still feel very sorry, I still blame myself for being so dumb and stupid. I could have saved my DOG, If I just knew the things that could harm or kill my dog... So, read the tips carefully, it might save your pet's life!


1. Chocolates and Coffee - Dogs loves the taste of chocolate, as well as Coffee. However, both of it contain "THEOBROMINE", a chemical substance that can attack the liver of your CANINE, can trigger vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, constant peeing, abnormal heartbeat and sudden death. All kinds of chocolate, especially the Dark chocolate can really kill your dog.

2. Grapes and Raisins - Can cause your dog suffer kidney failure, and eventually, kill them. Even the small amounts of raisin in cakes or cookies, should also be avoided.

3. Raw Eggs and Raw or Uncooked Meat - There are millions of harmful bacterias like E. Coli and Salmonella in most of these raw or uncooked foods, better to cook them before you give your canine friend. 

4. Avocado - Avocado shakes or guacamole are high in fat, and it is not good for your dogs. Even, the fruit, its leaves and seeds contain a chemical substance called "PERSIN", that can cause severe health issues in your dogs, like vomiting, diarrhea and congestions in their heart.

5. Macadamia Nuts -Mostly in cookies, whether it's raw, roasted or in butter, all of it can still harm your dogs. It contains uknown toxin that can cause seriuos health problems, like weakness, tremors, heavy panting and swollen limbs. 

6. Onions -Whether it's raw or you cooked it onion rings, don't give your pet a taste. Onion kills the red blood cells, it contain "SULFOXIDES" and "DISULFIDES" that can cause anemia in your dogs, can eventually, result in fatality.

7. Tomatoes -There's an unknown chemical compound, that can result in tremors or heart arrythmias after they eat it. 

8. Beer, Wine or any type of Alcohol -CANINE can become intoxicated very easily, compared to humans. Most pet owners find it funny when they are pets or dogs are drinking beer, but, that can lead to blood poisoning, that can kill you canine easily.

9. Artificial Sweetener -Any kind of artificial sweeter that has "XYLITOL", most of the sugar-free candies or gums, toothpaste or even baked goodies contains it. It can lead to low blood sugar and release of high insulin amounts that can cause liver failure. 

10. Chicken Bones or Cartilage -Could either choke your dog or jagged pieces can either put holes in their throats or intestines, can cause instant death to your CANINE.

11. Salt -Too much salt or any salty foods can result to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

12. Fish or Any seafood (Shrimp, Clams and etc.) -It can cause skin irritation and hair loss. High amounts of fish can also result in Vitamin B dificiency that can lead from loss of appetite, seizures and even death.

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Malditang "Kura"cha said...

awww! sorry about that. I have two dogs at home too and I'm very glad I had the chance to read this post before it's too late. (thanks for visiting my blog) Very helpful indeed. Chicken bones lang ang alam kong bawal sa kanila e. Marami pa pala. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kawawa naman si Chu Chu :( Dapat talaga tayong maging aware sa mga foods na ipinapakain natin sa mga pets natin.

isp101 said...

@Malditan "Kura" Cha -Oo, marami pa, 'di ko nga din alam na yung grapes bawal eh, yung aso ko mahilig sa grapes, deadly pala yun sa mga dogs. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Anonymous -Awang awa ako kay chu-chu, but, it was too when I realized na masama pala ang chocolates sa aso. Every time I remember him, it makes me really sad... =(

Kristine said...

Kuya, yung chocolates alam ko pero yung onions hindi :O thanks. Ifoforward ko 'tong link na 'to sa mga friends kong mga dog lovers. Thanks for sharing kuya!

khantotantra said...

ang alam ko lang hipon, maglalagas buhok ng aso.

isp101 said...

@Kristine -Yep, onions, hindi talaga pwede sa mga dogs. It would really help If you can forward this link to your friends, to make them aware of the human foods that can kill their dogs! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Khantotantra -I wasn't able to include that on the list, yes, If we feed our dogs with any seafoods like shrimp, clams or fish can cause skin irritations and they could lose hair eventually. Also, large in takes can result to Vitamin B deficiency, and worst, death. Tnx for reminding me! =)

pusang kalye said...

andami palang bawal din na diko alam. i.e chocolate. why not.a ang sosyal naman kasi nung dog kung mag-chochocolate pa.hahaha.pero nawindang ako don sa beer. walapakasi akong nabalitaan na dog na uminum ng beer. if not, record yan.hahaha

isp101 said...

@pusang kalye -Oo nga Anton, dami talagang mga bawal na pagkain sa aso, yung chocolate, 'di ko alam, nalason at napatay ko pala ang aso ko, dahil favorite niya ito... Yung beer, sa states at UK maraming gumagawa nun, search mo sa youtube, pinapainom nila ng liquor ang mga pets nila, like dog, horse and etc, mga pasaway na pet owner, hehehe! =)

Leah said...

I have several dogs.. At yung mga nakalista, tumpak na tumpak. However, hindi ko alam yung sa fish. Actually my dogs like to eat cooked fish. At okay naman sila. hehe.. Hmm.. siguro yung "fish rule", para lang yun sa mga pure-bred dogs. Mine are half-breds.. 3rd gen na nga. and they like fish. hehe...

Thanks for dropping by my site. :)

iya_khin said...

uy salamat sa pag daan sa bahay ko..alam mo may ka pareho kang mahilig sa din sa aso or sa pets si moks at si leah mga blogger din sila..siguradong magkakasundo kayo nun. ako kasi may phobia sa aso eh!! hehehe! nalapa kasi ako dati, ako yung ginawang feed! ahaha! yan tuloy iba naging epekto sa kanila kasi naulol! wahahaha

isp101 said...

@Leah -Hi, leah! You're welcome! Siguro, meron talagang "Hiyang" na mga aso sa seafoods. Pero yung mga dogs ko kc, meron akong mga pure-bred at may mga aspin din ako, talagang ginagalis sila kapag pinapakain ko ng seafoods, kahit na sardinas. Si "PUPPY" dati yung aso namin, parang naging "SKINLESS LONGGANISA", kasi naubos yung balahibo, hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@iya_khin -Nakakatuwa naman at mga bloggers din na mahilig sa dogs! Kawawa ka naman, nalapa kana pala ng aso? Hehehe! Ang aso kasi, kapag territorial, talagang nakakatakot, lalo na kung 'di responsible yung mga pet owner. Dapat kapag ka inaangilan ka ng aso, wag kang tatakbo kasi lalo kang hahabulin. Pero sana naman, mawala na ang phobia mo sa mga aso, kasi masarap mag mahal ang mga aso, may isip sila gaya ng mga 3-5 yrs old na bata at malalambing din naman! Tnx for dropping! =)

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