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I was just amazed how this upcoming technology can revolutionize the way we capture important events in our lives. Using regular film or digital camera, or even professional DSLR, let's you do a manual or auto-focus, before you shoot. But, LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA will change the way the photography world evolves. LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA Technology lets you shoot first, then, you can focus the exact object you want in your photo, at anytime, even after years they are taken. Isn't it amazing?! Let's check out this mind-blowing technology of Stanford!



I am pretty sure that most of you have your own either digital camera's, DSLR's, or even the old type film camera that only operates or capture events in two-dimensions. LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA captures all of the light rays in every direction in a certain scene or event. Giving you total control on which specific spot you wanna focus or manipulate, even after you shoot it. This innovative prototype technology powered by a new light field sensor captures the intensity, color, and light rays vector direction. It unleash the power of the light, allowing you to get the professional and perfect picture you want, each time you click on your camera.


1. Shoot Now, Focus Later -Since, it's powered by light field technology, there's no need to focus first, you can just simply take as much as pictures you want and just focus it later on. LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA gives you the power to manipulate the photos, change the focus points anytime you want, after taking the photos.

2. Unparalleled Speed -This is amazingly fast. Since, LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA won't need to focus before it shoots, no more auto-focus shutter lag.

3. Living Pictures -Both photographers and viewers can now manipulate the photos at any time, that includes changing the focus points of pictures you took using the LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA.

4. Low-light Sensitivity -No more difficulties in getting great pictures in a low light environment such as clubs, concerts or candlelit dinners. Since, the LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA can use all of the available light in the scene, giving you great pictures, in any scene.

5. Immersive 3D -With the LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA, you can now view or shift the perspective of the scene, whether in 2D or 3D.


A. Focus is on the flowers
B. Focus is on the shore.
As you could see on the two sample pictures above, you can play with the focus points. On the first picture, I put the focus point on the flowers, while the second picture focus is on the shore. I just took the screenshots of these photos from my desktop. So, If you wanna experience how LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA works, visit their website now and browse their picture gallery. Or, get your own camera, now! Until, next time!


  • RED HOT 16GB Lytro Light Field Camera - PRICE $499 -You can store up to 750 Pictures
  • GRAPHITE 8GB Lytro Light Field Camera - PRICE $399 -You can store up to 350 Pictures
  • ELECTRIC BLUE 8GB Lytro Light Field Camera - PRICE $399 -You can store up to 350 Pictures

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Anonymous said...

This technology would be great for use in the medical field for internal scopes, if it is not already in use. Granted miniaturized.

isp101 said...

@Anonymous -There are so many possibilities, aside from using it for medical field, it could be also used for investigations and law enforcement. Tnx for dropping by! =)

Jeff said...

Hi Jomi!
I forgot to place a link to this post.
Done it already. Thanks for this share.
I'm a frustrated photographer, in a sense that I don't have a DSLR yet. hehehe

isp101 said...

Hi, Jeff! No problem, same here, a frustrated photographer. But, I'm now saving my online earnings, looking forward to buy my dream DSLR Camera soon, since LYTRO Light field camera is still not out in the market. Have a great day! =)

Matthias said...

Hi Jomi,
the picture of the camera you used above is actually a camera by the german lightfield technology company Raytrix. I know because I did their website and also edited the shot above. ;)
So I hope you don't mind if I do a little promotion here, their cameras are just amazing. In contrast to Lytro they focus on the industrial market, e.g. quality inspection.
You can find more information here:
Take care,
Matthias (@m_ott)

Ane said...

So not crazy about this camera, it will hinder photographers to do actual work because the camera will do it for them.. :P But it's a great innovation and great for people like me who can't take a good picture to save my life.. :P LOL! :D

alohagems said...

It is available in Philippines?

isp101 said...

@Matthias -Sure, feel free to share the link! I'm sorry, at the time when I searched for a Google image prior posting this article, I really thought that it is the same Camera that Lytro was working on. My apologies, but, I already took it off, since Lytro finally came up with their own Camera pictures on their website. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Ane -This is good especially for those people who are experimenting in photography. This Camera will not just produce a static photo, but, rather, a LIVING image, where you can shift the focus! =)

@Alohagems -Hello, Shirley! I don't think it's now available in the Philippines, but, you can now pre-order it. Although, the actual delivery of the product might take early next year! =)

Adeline said...

Very promising new gadget, Jomi. It will be a great study tool for photographers to see which shots will work best. However, I did notice that most of the shots featured involve well-lighted areas. It would be interesting to see how well it would work under really low light conditions like evening shots, especially since it doesn't appear that it comes with a flash.

Ann said...

This looks like the wave of the future. I would love for Santa to leave me a note that I am getting one of the red ones, but I think even Santa is financially strapped these days. May be I will be able to get one someday.

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