Thursday, June 30, 2011


As what you can read on the post title above, this is no joke. I had an accident last night. And, it still hurts. I work in a Call Center, and it require us to work at night. So, we sleep in the morning, and wake up in later afternoon to prepare for our work at night. So, I thought that the night was just any ordinary day. But, I was wrong. It was raining hard yesterday, but, before I left the house, the rain was gone. Let me tell you what happened, through this post, I also want to thank some concerned citizen and the MMDA Rescue Team, and my workmates. Here's what happened...


 I woke up at around 5:30PM yesterday, left the house at 6PM. Since, our shift starts at 8PM, I will need to travel from Malabon to Ortigas, just like what I always do when I'm going to work. So, from our house to bus station, it took at least, 10 minutes. then got in a tricycle to bus station. I got on a bus at around 6:15PM. The travel from Letre, in Malabon to Ortigas usually takes around an hour or so, but, this time, it only took 45mins. My workmate Daddy Tom, got on the same bus. We had to alight  in Ortigas, crossed the Edsa highway together, using the pedestrian lane. The rain was already pouring again, and Daddy Tom was walking fast, so I had to catch up. I didn't realize how slippery the tile floors of Edsa Shrine. I was literally swept off my feet, just right under the overpass. And, my fat ass fell on the ground, very hard... All I was able to say is, "Ayayyy ko..." I thought it was just a simple slide. But, I got scared when I can't move my legs or feet, it became, very numb.

I thought I had a crack in my spine or broke my pelvic bones or something. There was two guy who held my head in their arms. Mind you, they are just concerned citizen. And, a girl also saw what happened, and she immediately called the MMDA hotline for me. I can't really stand up, I was in agonizing pain. Also, MMDA Traffic Enforcer Mr. Tulod and his other colleagues did assist me while waiting for an ambulance. After 15mins, still no ambulance yet, they said that the MMDA Rescue Team was still responding to another call. I was just literally lying on the floor of the Edsa shrine. Guards of the shrine, did assist me, they took my name as well for whatever purpose. An MMDA woman officer, did try to speak to some rescue team who happened to be from a private company. But, they said that they will charge me P7,000 just to bring me to Medical City, in Ortigas. Unfortunately, I haven't withdraw my salary at that time, and don't have a single cent in my pocket. Because, I was too confident that I will reach the company building safe, and I'll be able to withdraw my salary in the BDO ATM in our office.

While waiting for the Rescue Team. I tried calling Daddy Tom but, he wasn't answering the phone, maybe, It was left in his bag, like what he always do. I also called my workmate and friend, "Therls". I told her what happened and I asked her If she could lend me some money so I could just get in a cab to the hospital. A few minutes later, she texted me and said that my "Beastfriend Bui", will just bring me the money. A few minutes later, I received a call from "Bloss", my boss. I found out that she was also heading to Ortigas, and she said that she would be coming. I also received a call from Mark, my office mate, and he said that my boss is heading to where I am. I also called my wife, who happened to be going home also from her work. She was coming from Pedro Gil, Manila. I told her calmly what happened and asked her to just wait for me in Medical City. So, I just had to wait more, then I finally heard the sirens of the ambulance.

I was able to get the name of the concerned citizen who called MMDA for me. Her name is "Abigail", and she said, she also used to work in a Call Center as a Team Lead. She didn't leave me until the rescue team finally arrived. When MMDA Rescue Team finally arrived, they carried me towards their ambulance. A rescue officer named "Mona", did assist me until we get to the Medical City, in Ortigas. I was brought to their trauma room. I was immediately checked by the doctors, then, I had to wait few more minutes, then, my wife did finally arrive. She kissed me on my forehead and told me that she was worried. Nurses gave me pain killers. Then, a few minutes after, my boss arrived, then, I was brought to the X-Ray room. So, my wife and boss Bloss had a small talk. I was brought back to the Trauma Room of the Emergency Room. Bloss stayed with us for almost an hour, and even went back to check If we need some money, luckily, my wife already got her salary. My boss had to go back at the office. So, we had to wait for about 2 hours to wait for my X-Ray's and other lab test.

After two hours, I thanked GOD, because, there were no signs of fracture! It was just a "Soft tissue Contussion in Lumbosacral Area", (In tagalog, Bugbog sa Pwet), hehehe! ER, Xray and Other Examination Fees are all for P5,595.60. I'm just lucky because, we have a health card; Intellicare. So, I didn't pay anything. But, honestly, it is still very painful. I still can't sit or stand up straight. It takes me 10-15mins just to get to the washroom. And, just imagine, I am writing this article while lying on my chest. I really thought that people will not help, since it was already raining hard, but, I was wrong. I wanna thank the guards of Edsa Shrine, the Concerned Citizens (The Good Samaritans), and the MMDA Rescue Team. Also, the people in ER, Dr. Chua and the rest of the nurses in Medical City. I can't thank you more than enough, you guys Rock! Also, my huge thanks to my Colleagues and our Boss Bloss! May the Lord bless you all, more and more! Take Care! -Garnier

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Mark Hoel Yu said...

Take care next time! I hope you're ok now.

Allen said...

That's going to make sitting down painful in a few days. :D Glad to know there are people that care for strangers and not just pass by you. :)

helena said...

"Soft tissue Contussion in Lumbosacral Area", (In tagalog, Bugbog sa Pwet) hahahahaha. funny phrase for the injury!

grabe stress, wag ka kasing magmadali masyado. ang lapit mo pala samin! hahaha. may isa pang blogger near our area baka pwede tayong magmeet pag magaling ka na hahaha. get well soon! :-D

isp101 said...

@Mark Hoel Yu -I'll be very careful next time, tnx for your concern! I even mentioned you on the post above... =)

@Allen -I still can't really sit down straight. Yep, I really didn't know that nowadays, we can still find good samaritans! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Helena -Yep, bugbog lang pala sa PWET, pinaganda pa yung term eh, hehehe! No problem, saan ka ba? Ang alam ko ang C&E nasa gawing quezon ave, di ba?! Meron ba kayong office dito sa Ortigas? Cge, minsan set kayo ng get together natin. Mas maraming bloggers, mas maganda, hehehe! =)

Supladong Office Boy said...

awww.. hope you're okay now..

dobleng ingat na lang next time.. :)

Anonymous said...

okay ka na pala jomi, hehe... kala ko nabalian ka na ng buto sa pwet. sige, ingat ka lang palagi:)


Kisses said...

Hi Kuya Jomi! Kumusta ka na? Sana maging okay ka na, buti nalang okay yung mga lab test results mo. Get well soon Kuya :) Ingat at God Bless!

glentot said...

Wow that sounds really traumatic for sure nabasa ka pa sa ulan. Natawa pa ako dun sa "Ayyayy" pero seryoso na pala hehehe. At natawa ako sa translation ng diagnosis sa iyo LOL pano ka jejebs nyan hehehe get better.

Jhiegzh said...

Wow Nong Joms, the accident happened to you was actually same thing happened to me few years ago, kaso my scenario was Flores de Mayo that time pero me and my friends pumunta ng plaza para maglaro which was not supposed to be. The incident was nung naghabul-habulan kami, pumunta ako sa slide, and instead na pwet gamitin ko, ginamit ko ung paa ko sa pagsaslide, until nung nasa dulo ako ng slide, ako'y, natumba at bagsak talga pwet ko sa ground. Hindi rin ako makahinga that time, akala ko nga end of my life ko na un for I thought nabali rin spine ko. :'( However, God is good all the time, I am still alive again.

Anyway, the next time papasok u sa work nong joms, ingat palagi as in ALWAYS...Hope you're okay Nong.. God Bless.

Momel said...

It's nice to know that there are still people like that. Blossom rocks, ano? Naku, kung sa akin nangyari yang bugbog sa puwet na yan eh... hindi na ko magtataka. Ahaha!

Muahness from Pasig Cirehh!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

take care always..

Freyah said...

Oh, MMDA is not that bad after all, like what I've heard on the news. Nice to know that there are still those people who are willing to help, without expecting something in return. Take care next time, hope you're okay now. TC!

isp101 said...

@Supladong Officeboy -Oo, next time talaga, mag iingat na talaga ako, hirap na hirap ako kahit pag upo eh, hehehe! Happy2x 1st Blog Anniversary sa blog site mo, and Happ2x 25th Birthday sa'yo! =)

@Anonymous (Pinoyphp) -Medyo ok na ako, yun nga lng kapag nawawala yung effects ng pain killer, 'di ko kaya tumayo pa magisa, sobrang sakit... =(

@Kisses -Oo nga, text Kisses, ok na naman ako, medyo swollen lang yung lower back at pwet ko, kaya hirap akong umupo at tumayo. Miss ko na kaya, send my regards to your Papa and Mama, ok?! God bless! =)

@Glentot -Tnx glenn, hirap nga ako umupo eh, sobrang sakit, parusa ito kapag jejebs, hehehe! Oo, "Ayayyy ko" lng nasabi ko nung nadulas ako, hehehe! 'Di ko rin kc alam yung translation ng diagnosis eh, hehehe! =)

@Jhiegzh -Na experience mo na din pala ito, grabe, ang sakit noh? Akala mo simple slide lang, pero nakakatakot talaga. Oo, doble ingat na ako lalo na kapag umuulan. Tnx! =)

@Momel -Hayyy.. naku, Oo, ang bait nga ni Bloss, grabe, pumunta pa talaga syang medical city. She really ROCKS! Sakit pa din ng bugbog ko sa pwet, pinagpapawisan ako sa sakit, wala na yata effects ng pain killer, hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Arvin U. de la Peña -Tnx dude, tagal kitang 'di nakita ah? I hope you're ok too! =)

@Freyah -MMDA Rescue Team did a great job! May napupuntahan 'din pala ang 28% Tax ko, hehehe! I'll be careful next time talaga, tnx for dropping by! =)

Marvs said...

Ingat na lang lagi, oras na rin para seryosohing magbawas ng timbang for your own good.. haha!

isp101 said...

Tama ka marvs, this is an eye-opener! hehehe! =)

moshpit09 said...

good thing there are some good samaritans out there, and thank God its just a minor injury, take care always bro!

Ane said...

OMG! I am glad to know that you are okay! Be more careful in the future! It's nice to know that there are still good samaritans in our country... :) Kudos to everyone who helped you and you're right, may God bless you more.. :)

OMG ha! Php5,000+ na kaagad ang gastos! Buti nalang my healthcard ka!

isp101 said...

@moshpit09 -I could have been robbed or something, if those people just left me on the Edsa shrine floor. I can't thank them and the LORD enough, despite of what happened... =)

@Ane -My ass still hurts, hehehe! Yes, there are still good samaritans, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get all of their names. But, I know that the LORD will bless them in return. Yes, P5k plus din inabot yung hospital bill, emergency room kasi diretso ko, kaya siguro mahal, buti nalang talaga meron kaming health card. Tnx for dropping by! =)

Semidoppel said...

yan kc...yangmga tiles n yan eengot -engot

Csseyah said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhh bro grabe yun ah tsk tsk tsk... thank God your ok now. God will protect you always. pahinga ka muna bro mabuti.. remember tumatanda na mga katawan natin but not the heart hahahahaha :p Need exercise na bro. me nga di pa rin nagstart maggym baka kase lumobo na naman me :p hehehe

isp101 said...

@Semidoppel -Oo nga, eengot-engot yung mga tiles, wahahahaha! =)

@Csseyah -Oo, nakakatakot talaga, kc ang lakas nung pagbagsak ko, by GOD's grace, wala namang fracture. Talagang dapat mag exercise na ako, ang bigat ko kc eh, If i'm just thin, it won't probably hurt that much, hehehe! =)

canadian kid said...

Buti na lang okay ka na ngayon, thanks to God. Sabi nga ng look alike ko si John Lloyd "ingat".

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