Saturday, June 4, 2011


I decided to write this post, because, I don't know how much longer I could still take my job as a Technical Support Representative. I've been on this job for the past 5 years now, and counting. We are giving Technical support for International / U.S. based Internet Service Provider. Due to some security concerns, I can't tell you the name of our account. And, I guess, it's not really important, since, what I am gonna tell you is not just happening in our company. We have talked to the nicest people in the planet. And also, we have encountered the worst customers you could ever imagine. We have been insulted, cursed and accused for the things that we didn't do or some concerns that are out of our hands. This article is just my rants, no one force you to read it. So, read at your own risk! Yes, it is part of our job, and we can't really complaint. I am writing this Open Letter to ISP (Internet Service Provider) Customers. There are things that you should know! PLEASE, READ IT!


To those ISP Customers who are calling because, their account is SUSPENDED DUE TO NON-PAY. Why do you have to yell at Technical Support department?! First of all, your concern is not being handled by Technical Support group. You have to speak with the Credit and Collections or Billing Department. Even If you whine or yell at me, It will do no good. Why?! Because, I don't have the capability to turn your account back on. Even If you request for my Supervisor, HE WILL JUST TELL YOU THE SAME THING! So, don't waste your time. Let me transfer you to the correct department, and please, stop blaming us! It's not our responsibility to remind you when you have to pay your bill. If you are irresponsible, that's something you have to handle yourself. Don't tell me that you don't know that you are getting billed for your Internet usage?! Even, If your account is being debited monthly on your bank account, you are still fully aware that you are paying your Internet service monthly. And, please, If you will call us late at night. Don't blame us If we can't transfer your call to Billing or Credit and Collections department, because, they are just open during normal business hours (Example. 8AM-5PM), they are closed during Sundays. Yes, Technical Support department is open 24/7. But, it doesn't mean, that we can activate a disconnected or a suspended account. So, don't waste your time, and our precious time, because, there are other people who are waiting on queue, who really need our Technical assistance. If it happened that your account has been disconnected or suspended for no reason, then, allow us to get you to the correct department. We always let you vent out. But, If you will just blame us for your account disconnection or suspension, it won't do any good. How many times do I have to tell you that we don't have the capability to activate your account?! In which part you do not understand?! You are barking up the wrong tree!

To those ISP Customers who will call, but, DO NOT WANT TO TROUBLESHOOT their issue, and they love being a SMART ASS. First of all, you are calling Technical Support hotline, and we are just human, we are not gods! Without your cooperation and help, we won't be able to address your concern. You have to get your lazy fat ass to check on your modem, the lights on it and the model number of the box. Why? You are not the only person that we serve! Yes, we have a database, but, it doesn't mean that I will not ask you those questions again. How would I know if you change your modem, cables, or routers in the past few months?! We do not monitor your activities. So, for the sake of getting the problem resolved, do your part! And, please, don't be a SMART ASS, because, If you really know what you are doing, you will not call us in the first place, right? If you don't wanna follow simple and basic troubleshooting instructions. I won't waste my time on you! Hang up and call us back when we can provide you an assistance! We are being payed to help customers, our job is to give Technical information and troubleshooting. And, we are NOT being payed to baby sit customers like you! Don't expect us to resolve your concern, If you are in a hurry, or  you just simply don't want to troubleshoot. I am not here to convince you to get your lazy fat ass moving. Just don't blame us, If you can't use your Internet, and don't dare to ask for credits, ok?! Because, we do not give credits in our department, call the Cancellation department, and check with them If they will give you credits. But, what they usually do is, they will call Technical support first to see If the issue was you or the service; to really check If you are eligible for a credit. Read your Terms of Service!

To those ISP Customers who are RACIST and who can't even SPEAK straight American English. Why being a racist, when you need help?! Would that help you? How much are you paying for your Internet service?! Would that be an enough price so you can insult the people that you will be speaking with? You often write on the email surveys, "BRING BACK THE JOBS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"... And, you, yourself don't even want to get involved in this kind of job. The Call Center jobs are available to all Americans and Citizens of the United States. Why you or your friends didn't apply? Is it because, they are not just eligible for the job or they just don't want the job? The Job is right there in the United States, IT'S NOT GOING TO ANYWHERE. But, because, not all people like you are interested to work as a Call Center agent, companies like ISP needs to Outsource. Otherwise, no one will answer the phone when you call the Hotline of your Technical support or Customer Service department. Unemployment is getting higher, If no one wants to apply or take the job. Do you know how much are we just earning here in the Philippines? Not even close to 1/4 of the salary of Technical Support in the United States. With the same sets of standard and quality, we are actually getting less. Outsourced companies should not be blamed. The lack of applicants or trainees shows how difficult and stressful the job is. And, because, not everybody in the United States are interested in this kind of job. Multi-billion companies are being left with no choice, but, to outsource the needed manpower. How about you who can't even SPEAK straight American English? How dare you tell me that you can't understand me? You talk like a parrot! You have a very thick accent, where did you get it? I have encountered people from Philippines, India, Saudi, China and etc, who are now American citizens or might be just an illegal alien. Most of the time, those who can't even speak straight American English, are actually those people who loves to complaint about language barrier, they are also irritable and arrogant. Yes, I am a Filipino too, but, unfortunately, there are Filipinos in the United States, that are much rude and arrogant than Americans. And, it's not just Filipinos, but, some Chinese, Indian, or Saudi people are causing language barrier and in denial of their incapacity. At the end, it's not really about the race or nationality, it's all about being HUMAN. You don't have to be nice when you are calling Technical Support or Customer Service. Just stop being rude and don't be a racist. Just don't do unto others, what you don't want others do unto you. Just be HUMAN.

To those ISP Customers who will call for their COMPUTER issue or 3RD PARTY device. As much as we want to help you, we are just trained to check the line and fix minor Internet issues. Not all of us at Technical Support have got Computer troubleshooting background. Our training is more on, Internet line troubleshooting, and not Computer or 3RD Party device, like (Unsupported Modems, Routers, Network Adapters). If you can't even turn your Computer on, why are you calling your Internet Service Provider?! What's the point?! If your car is not working, do you blame the gasoline station or do you call your car technician? It's plain and simple, no need for you to make yourself look stupid. You already know that your concern is your Computer, since it's not even booting up, so don't waste your time calling Technical Support. In instance, that your concern is about your newly bought or existing 3RD PARTY modem, network adapter or router. You have to remember that If we are not trained for the product you just purchased, most probably, we might not be able to help you. All we can give you is the username and password information on your account, and probably, the kind of setup you need to choose for your Internet service setup. We are not allowed to troubleshoot 3rd party products. Even If you argue with us all day or night, If we are not trained for it, then, don't be hard headed. Please, call the Manufacturer of the product you purchased, or If you want to get a free Technical support assistance from us, then, purchase a product that we support. Again, please, Read your Terms of Service! And, don't dare to ask for a credit. If you can't really use your computer and you don't wanna be charge for those days that you can't afford to have your computer fixed, then, call Customer Service, ask them to FREEZE your account for a couple of days, once you have your computer back, they could just simply RE-ACTIVATE your service.

To those ISP Customers who are being transferred incorrectly to Technical Support and who HATES the Automated System. Yes, you are not alone. I have tried it myself and I hate dealing with the stupid Automated Systems as well. But, I guess, multi-billion Internet companies need to filter out the calls and make sure that It will be routed to the correct department. As what I have said, I hate dealing with robots, like the Automated System. But, If you have the correct account number and you choose the correct options without being in a hurry, it will surely transfer you to the correct department. Automated System use this process: Trash-In, Trash Out! If you put in the wrong information, don't expect that the system will recognize it. Or, If the Automated System uses a voice command, it will help If you won't yell on your phone or you will just select the options using your keypad. The more you try to bypass the Automated System, the longer the call will take. Because, If you are not that lucky, it will either transfer you back on queue or transfer you to the wrong department. Just don't blame the Human being that you'll be speaking with, let them transfer you to the correct department, because, even If you spend the whole day venting out, it will not really help. If you are not convince, you can request the agent to stay with you and explain to the next agent the situation.

Last but not the least, we are struggling so hard to give you the best possible service we can provide you. I sincerely apologize If you have encountered rude and arrogant Technical Support agents, but, I can assure you, not everyone are like them. So, please, don't stereo-type. Because, our goal is to make all of our customers very satisfied! We don't do this job just for the money. You just don't know how much happiness you bring us, every time we resolve your concern and we hear you laugh. These are priceless for us, and it's really a pleasure to talk to someone, with a genuine heart and a good perspective in life. Thank you so much for letting us do our job! Because, this job pays the bill, and help us feed our family and send our kids and brothers to college. A big, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely Yours,

Technical Support

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Khantotantra2 said...

lols. nadanasan ko na din yang mga ganyang lechegas na mga customers. hahahah. meron nga mura lang ng mura, ayaw makinigs. ayun, drop call. lols

BON said...

ang haba!. pero natapos ko! lols! rants!! =)

gOOdluck!! ^^

isp101 said...

@Khantotantra2 -Hehehe! Oo, pwede natin i drop kapag abusive si customer, hehehe! =)

@BON -Hello, Bon! Tnx for reading my rants. I've read some of your articles in your two great sites: BONISTATION and TARAGIS, I've actually added your two awesome sites, I just wish to be added on your two sites as well. Cheers! =)

Momel said...

Of course, you know how close this hits home, right? And, with that, you should know how I LIKE LIKE LIKE THIS POST, JM! Thanks for taking the time to write and publish this golden piece. It facken rackxss!

Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

Bino said...

minsan na din akong naging tsr sa isp at may mga pagkakataon talaga na may mga buraot. hayyy

Ane said...

LOL I have worked as a telemarketer so I know what you're talking about. :D That's why I am fairly nice when I am on the phone with tech support or customer service, because I know what it feels like to be yelled at and cursed for things that are not my fault.. :D Hang in there, at least you get paid for your troubles, these stupid people aren't getting anything from being stupid, just laugh it off and feel good that you are so much smarter than most of those jerks.. hahahaha :D

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.. :)

isp101 said...

@Momel -I went to your site, and wrote a short comment on your new post! Tnx for appreciating what I wrote, it was just rants! =P

@Bino -Yep, marami talagang mga buraot, that's the right word. Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Ane -That's a good idea, I always try to laugh it off, but, I guess, since I've been doing this job for the past 5 years now, I am just starting to feel exhausted. But, since, it pays the bill, I would hold on tight for now! Tnx for dropping by! =)

Freyah said...

Sorry I can't relate... T_T But my brother is a tsr from qualfon cebu, I'm sure you and him have the same sentiments. Thumbs up for staying in that field for 5 years! XD

pusang kalye said...

sinu nauna sa inyong nag rant ni Bino? nagkahawaan ata.lols----seriously---to be honest--naka relate ako--kasi I also worked in 2 call centers way back 2006-2007. Both short lived--yung isa 3.5 months--- yung pangalawa 3 weeks. Don sa 1st nagresign ako kasi toxic tas napagod ako---don sa 2nd nag give up ako kasi natrauma ako sa mga calls. It's simply not for somebody like me na balat sibuyas. I am an emotional person at diko kinaya. Imagine--xmas break. umuwi ako ng Pangasinan to have xmas with my family--then on the 26th balik Manila para lang pumasok sa bullshit na work tas mumurahin ka ng mga customers. I was alone sa bh and my wife (gf back then) was in Pangasinan. Alam ko lahat nakabakasyun--ako lang mag isa sa bh----one night---diko kinaya. I called my wife and I cried on the phone. I felt so sad, I realized that that kind of work is damaging to the soul. at least in my case. kaya I admire people who stay in that kind of job for long. salaudo talaga ako. and that includes you therefore. Hope you find peace despite all the shams...better yet---hope you find a job that suits your soul in the future. PS; when I said soul, I didn't mean it in a strictly religios context ha.hehehe

pinoyphp said...

jomi, ang pusu mo...chilax hehe.

isp101 said...

@Freyah -I agree with you, only people with Technical or Customer Service job experience might be able to relate on what I'm saying here. I'm pretty sure that me and your brother have the same sentiments! 5years and counting, I hope I could still take it... =)

@pusang kalye -Ako yata naunang mag post nito kahapon, hehehe! Dude, ako when I was on my 2nd and 3rd year sa work, nataon na may pasok kami ng NEW YEAR. Talagang nakakalungkot! Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, kung may mahahanap lang akong ibang trabaho, talaga I'll leave this job. I agree, it's damaging to the soul. I'm just saving now some money, plan ko mag business at mag Homebased work nalang. Pati mga metrics namin at company rules have changed, talagang, matira matibay nalang! This job is killing me, but, right now, I still have to hold on, I have no choice, until I get the enough money that I needed for my business... Tnx for dropping by! =)

@pinoyphp -Oo, relax na, nag vent-out lang! Ikaw rin ang puso mo, sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit! =)

LhanLhan said...

nakakinis ang mga buraot na customers. haysssss

Glenn said...

I feel the bitterness within your post hehe. Nice writeup, kwwa naman pla mga call center agents

Bino said...

blog added :)

anney said...

Ay naku may ganyan talagang mga tao walang konsiderasyon. Hidi lahat e easy to please kaya kailangn talaga ng pasensya kundi tatanda ka agad at mangungulubot ang balat! Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog. About your question tungkol sa disneyland sa HK, Ok naman sya kahit di ganun kalaki compared sa ibang bansa. Matutuwa na rin ang mga kids kasi nandun yung mga disney characters at pwede nila makasalamuha.Mahal nga lang pagkain. Chinecheck nila ang bag bago pumasok kung may snacks kasi papaiwan nila sayo yun pag nakita nila. magaling lang ako magtago. hehehe!

Nonoy said...

na experience ko rin yan Jom when I was still at Convergys. mahirap ipa intindi ang mga bagay sa mga di nakakaintindi; if you can't reason with them, it's useless. You got to dance with them na lang. But nice post; You write from your heart.

Lulu said...

nice post JoMi.. :) xenxa n laltely medjo wla ako sa circulation.. hehehh.. :) ngkprob lng ng konti.. :) well still i'm back.. :) visiting you everyday.. :) promise.. :)

isp101 said...

@Lhan-Lhan -Oo, nakakainis talaga mga buraot na customers, hehehe! =)

@Glenn -Bitter herbs talaga, parang AMPALAYA plus! Hehehe! =)

@Bino -Tnx for adding me, Cheers! =)

@Anney -Hayyy, sinabi mo pa, kaya toxic talaga itong trabaho namin as tech support, akala ng iba madali mag work sa Call Center. Oo nga eh, nakakatuwa yung trip nyo sa DISNEYLAND HK, very nice! Hopefully, makapunta rin kami this year! =)

@Nonoy -Yep, you just don't have to them, sometimes, they want you to kiss their ass! Tnx for dropping by, Pareng Nonoy! =)

@Lulu -Hello! Musta kana my friend?! Ang tagal mo ngang nawala, ano ba'ng nangyari sa'yo?! Hopefully, ok kana, if may maitutulong ako, just let me know, ok?! Tnx for visiting me again! God bless! =)

Allena said...

I hear you! I've been a technical support rep for a while (just about a year, i think) and I have encountered difficult customers like those you mentioned in this article. They're really a pain in the neck! LOL! Tech support is a very challenging job for me because I'm not really technically savvy. Buti na lang nalipat sa ibang site yung account. I was transferred to a different account, not tech support anymore.

Five years?! wow! tyaga mo! Honestly, I can't handle the pressure ng tech support. Oh well, kanya2x naman kasing linya yan. I bet magaling ka jan.

God bless! and thanks for visiting my blogs!

isp101 said...

@Allena -So, you also tasted the pain, huh?! Hehehe! Congratulations, you are now FREE! Well, honestly, I just have to hold on to this job, because, I'm still saving some money. I am looking forward to have my own small business and Homebased work soon. I'm still praying for the LORD's perfect time and will! By the way, I have added your two sites on my FRIENDS list, please check it out! God bless! =)

Allena said...

I don't think I'm gonna be free from taking calls. the corporate job that I just signed up with still involves taking calls. :D customer service naman this time. Sigh. I often ask myself when will I be able to get off from taking calls? But like you said, it pays the bill!

Hey! thanks for the add! returned the kind gesture po! also added you on my blog roll. tc!

Mark Hoel Yu said...

I understand. :))

helena said...

i read this the other day. i have been lurking (subscribed ako pero hindi makacomment sa mga blogfriends lately) dito sa posts mo... okay ka na ba chong? chill ka lang! hirap talaga pag irate. napagdaanan ko din yan nung naassign ako sa billing dati e. hahaha. aguy talaga sa tainga.

isp101 said...

@Allena -Ah, magco calls ka pa rin pala, hehehe! well, siguro, nakaka suka lang yung routine na yun at yun lagi ginagawa natin. Masarap mag Vacation Leave ng matagal, just to get away from it! Hehehe! Tnx for adding me on your blog roll! =)

@Mark Hoel Yu -Tnx Mark, you know our situation as Technical Support agents, most of the time, we are treated like crap! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@helena -WOw, helen! Nabuhay ka?! How are you now?! Ok na ako, I just had to vent it out, kasi I was at the point na, magsa submit na ako ng resignation letter ko eh, sobrang toxic lang! Tnx for your time! God bless! =)

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

I hear ya. It could really be frustrating. People here yelling, "Bring back the jobs meant for Americans" wouldn't even want to have those jobs---because to them, the pay is low. Sobrang maarte kasi .
Anyway, to be fair, I hate dealing with CSR's (or Technical Support Staff) who will say to me that they cannot help me because they are not trained to do what I asked them to do. So why can't they use their common sense also to redirect the issue to the right department or people or recommend something that is helpful? I hate when they say "Sorry I cannot help you with that Ma'am..." And then I will ask, "Can you tell me where will I get help or can you recommend anything better than what you are saying that you can't help me---something more helpful?" I don't expect that all CSR's can accommodate all my needs all the time, but can they just be using their common sense. Or is it just laziness? "That's not my problem ,so I'm not gonna deal with that. And I don't want to think about anything how to help"----that's why they are in that position ----to provide customer satisfaction and the utmost help they can possibly offer. It's doing the extra mile. The worst CSR I've ever encountered in the Phils. is the Globe CSR/TSR. Here in the US, they are so many of them----arrogant, dumb, and stupid. That's because they hate their CSR/TSR jobs. Yung nagiging CSR/TSR dito , wala ng choice but to take the jobs that they don't want and end up being bitchy about it.

isp101 said...

@I Love-Hate America -Hello, Bing! Honestly, tenured agents like me always try to help and even do out of scope issues. Let's say customer bought a 3rd party modem or router, if we can help and we know how to configure those device that we do not support, then, we still do help. I just didn't mention that on my post above. We have a quality assurance team, If they heard us doing out of scopes, we are most likely be getting a mark down, and probably, fail our quality scores. I personally, risk my quality scores in return of getting good reviews and making the customer very satisfied. But, if we know that the customer is being arrogant, most likely, they won't get any help from us, and we will just throw them to other FEE based teams that could probably help them. Who would want to deal with arrogant and smart-ass customer? In the first place, their concern is not part of our job. Just by being nice can really help a lot. However, in other cases, like virus problems, if I don't personally know how to remove it and I don't have the right tools to take care of it. As much as I want to help the customer, I would still refer them to our Fee Based group who can fix their issues, because, I do not really know how to remove viruses. Our training is more on basic pc and line troubleshooting. That's why our job sucks. Because, once that customer receive an email survey, for sure, he/she would give me a failing score -especially if they don't want to go through the FEE based team. That will put our job in jeopardy. I've seen tenured agents getting fired because of low or failing scorecards. I've lost lots of friends, but, that's how it goes. Clients expectation should be exceeded. About using commonsense, most of us have that, especially tenured agents. But, if you are not that lucky, if you speak with a trainee or someone who's not just don't know what they are doing, better, ask for a tier two support. Don't spend hours on the phone If you think that the agent is just plain stupid. I also had bad experience with Globe CSR/TSR, when my postpaid line was still with them, it's too many to mention. Good thing that I switched to SUN Cellular, it's a lot cheaper. Tnx for dropping by! =)

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