Tuesday, May 10, 2011


While I was checking my Facebook account, one of my friends posted a youtube VIDEO URL of JAYESSLEE. I have no idea what would this be, but, I clicked it anyway, hoping that it's not just a virus, LMAO! Then, I just suddenly realized that I'm watching a video of two beautiful korean girls with angelic voices. JAYESSLEE is their band name, they are two beautiful Korean twins, with Aussie accent. I decided to write this article, and you will find out why, as you watch JAYESSLEE's VIDEOS, right here!


Who is JAYESSLEE? It is a music band, composed of two beautiful korean girls; Janice Lee and Sonia Lee. They are mixed Korean-Australian blood. I am happy to know that JAYESSLEE - Janice and Sonia Lee are also both Christians. I don't have a copy of their birth certificates here, but, based on what I've read on their Facebook account, Janice is just 10mins older than Sonia. GO, and LIKE them on FB! Believe me, JAYESSLEE - both Sonia and Janice are extremely talented! Let's watch now JAYESSLEE's Videos, as these two humble ladies serenade us. Enjoy!

This first JAYESSLEE's Video of "OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU" by Tamia. Find out why they got 7,372,576 hits on youtube.com, as of this writing.

This second JAYESSLEE's Video is their version of "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" by Bruno Mars. They got 3,599,542 hits on youtube.com, as of this writing.

This one is JAYESSLEE's Video - as they sing "NOBODY" by Wondergirls People viewed it 2,792,401 times on youtube.com, as of this writing.

Be amazed, as you watch JAYESSLEE's  Video, as they sing "FIREFLIES" by Owl City. Around 1,621,342 hits on youtube.com, as of this writing.

This JAYESLEE's Video is a Mariah Carey's song "HERO", already got 1,210,653 hits on youtube.com, as of this writing.

This one is my favorite, "YOU RAISED ME UP" by Josh Groban. This JAYESSLEE's Video got 1,109,587 hits on youtube.com, as of this writing.

Last but not the least, here's another New JAYESSLEE's Video, as they sing "BREAKEVEN" by The Script

JAYESLEE is a very promising music duo artists, youtube sensation and International recording stars! I won't be surprised If these ladies will become the next Justin Bieber. Or, JAYESSLEE will be included in GLEE, just like our very own Charice Pempengco. Let's watch them as they conquer the World of Music! I think, that's all for now folks! =)

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Good Filipino said...

Wow sarap sa pandinig ah :) Good Morning bro

lakwatsera de primera said...

lamig ng boses :) very talented young ladies

isp101 said...

@Good Filipino - Ang lamig nga ng boses nila, I always listen to their songs! Tnx for dropping by! =)

pinoyphp said...

kakainlove ang boses hehe..gusto ko yung 'officially missing you'

offtopic: jomi, nakuha mo na yung adsense pin mo?
btw, xenxa na ha aausin ko pa yung layout ng blog ko, palalakihin ko yung link sa blog roll hehe.

isp101 said...

@pinoyphp -gusto ko rin yung officially missing you, ang ganda ng pagkakanta nila! About my adsense pin, until now 'di ko pa rin nakukuha, ang tagal nga eh, nakakainis, baka nawala na sa post office! About duon sa blog roll link, alam ko naman na busy ka, I was just kidding! Hehehe! Take care! =)

pinoyphp said...

@jomi, yung pin ko din kakainis mukang mag rerequest uli ako ng panibago.
kinakabahan ako baka hindi ko makuha yung pin at masayang lang ang kita ng adsense ko. hehe.

yup,mejo busy ako ngayon, nagbalik na kasi ako sa school..andami kong inaasikaso.

isp101 said...

@pinoyphp -Oic, sabi nung friend ko, minsan daw 1 month, after that if wala pa din, ask nalang daw sa Google Adsense Forum, 'coz they can send it to you via email! Ok, study hard, I'm sure malayo ang mararating mo! Take care! God bless! =)

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