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I've tried reading some post about BAYANDSL ZTE ZXDSL 831 DSL MODEM. Other BAYANDSL subscriber claims that their ZTE ZXDSL 831 DSL Box is a Modem / Wireless router. I am not really sure, it might be true, especially for Business type account.  I was at work, when my BAYANDSL service was installed. They just left me a receipt, didn't even leave my username and password. But, so far so good, I've been using my BAYANDSL Internet Service for about 6 months now as of this writing. But, I still want to know If my modem is using PPPoE (Authentication), or is it just set on a Bridge Mode...


I just want to clarify, I do not work for Bayantel, I am just a regular DSL postpaid subscriber. It just happened that I work for an International Internet Service Provider, that's why I have a little knowledge on how to configure different types of modems and routers. Now, what we have to understand is, the BAYANDSL ZTE ZXDSL 831 DSL MODEM is a single user modem. And, this modem is a dumb modem, that means it has no Graphical Users Interface (GUI) or software on it. So, the settings for PPPoE or Authentication (Example: Username and Password) should be set on your computer.

Why is it important? Because, If you will be hooking up a Wireless Router behind your DSL Modem, you should know first If your current DSL Modem is using PPPoE or if it's on a Bridge Mode. Because, most router has its own GUI or Software on it, where you could select Authentication. You can't have both Modem and Router to use Authentication. Here are the scenarios:


BRIDGE MODE means PPPOE or AUTHENTICATION is OFF, No GUI or Software on your Modem
PPPoE means your Modem is using AUTHENTICATION -This requires you to have a Username and Password to authenticate your connection.
DHCP means your Wireless Router is using Automatic Configuration.

What we just have to understand is, most Internet Connection requires a Username and Password for AUTHENTICATION (PPPoE). So, If your DSL Modem is using PPPoE or AUTHENTICATION, you can't use PPPoE or AUTHENTICATION on the Wireless Router that you will be Installing behind your Modem. You should instead select DHCP or Automatic Configuration. Because, If your DSL Modem is connected on the Internet using PPPoE or AUTHENTICATION, your router will just pass the Internet signal to your computers via DHCP or Automatic Configuration.


For WINXP Users:
1. If your modem is directly connected to your computer via ethernet cable. Go to the Start button on the lower left hand corner.
2. Click on RUN, then go to the small white search bar. Type in there the word "COMMAND" or just the letters "CMD", then push the ENTER Key on your Keyboard.
3. Once it shows you the Black Window or DOS PROMPT, you'll see a blinking cursor. Type in there the letters "IPCONFIG", then, push the ENTER key on your keyboard.
4. Now you will see there some results, some numbers and dots. Like this:
IP Address:
Default Gateway: ___________

For WINDOWS Vista / WINDOWS 7 Users:
1. If your modem is directly connected to your computer via ethernet cable. Click on the Orb windows logo button, then, go to the white search bar, on the lower left hand corner.
2. Type in there, the word "COMMAND" or "CMD", then push the ENTER Key on your Keyboard.
3. Once it shows you the Black Window or DOS PROMPT, you'll see a blinking cursor. Type in there the letters "IPCONFIG", then, push the ENTER key on your keyboard.

4. Now you will see there some results, some numbers and dots. Like this:
IP Address:
Default Gateway: ___________ 

Note: If your Default Gateway is Blank, most probably your modem is set on a BRIDGE MODE. Because, If it shows you an IP Address on DEFAULT GATEWAY (Example: Default Gateway: that means, your Modem has an active GUI and probably using PPPoE.Now, what I did is, I tried resetting my BAYANDSL ZTE ZXDSL 831 DSL MODEM for at least, 30 seconds up to a minute. Just to make sure that I reset it to Factory settings. Because, If it's just set on a Bridge Mode, If I Reset the Modem for 30secs up to a minute, it will erase the saved settings. It should boot back up on a Regular PPPoE Mode, and It should give me something on Default Gateway. But, it didn't make any difference, even after powercycling the modem and computer and checking the IP Address again. Default Gateway remains blank. It only means that, by default, this modem that BAYANDSL INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) gave me is a dumb modem. So, there's no SOFTWARE on it, where I can configure my Username and Password. I hope that this article helps your understand the basic function of your modem and HOW TO CHECK IF YOUR COMPUTER IS ON BRIDGE OR PPPoE! You might also wanna check out, the article I wrote about, "WHAT SHOULD I SELECT DHCP OR PPPoE ON MY MODEM / ROUTER SETUP PAGE?"

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marga c said...

oh, i got it now. galing talaga! naks ( :

isp101 said...

@Marga -Tnx, Marga! Have a great night! =)

Anonymous said...

You already tried ipconfig /release or ipconfig /renew ? Then u check ipconfig again..

isp101 said...

I didn't get what you mean. But, If you do ipconfig/release then, you push enter. IP's should be released, and it should show you and EX. IP ADDRESS: Then, do an ipconfig/renew, to renew the IP ADDRESS, and to see the renewed EX. IP ADDRESS:, then it should show you also something on EX. DEFAULT GATEWAY: (which is your Modem/Router Address). NOTE: IP'S could be changed automatically, and DEFAULT GATEWAY should stay the same, If you haven't changed your modem/router. I hope this helps! =)

Anonymous said...

pano po kung magkokonek ako ng huawei modem (bayantel) sa netgear access point? pano po yung config?
bridge po ba si modem and DHCP nmn si AP? thanks!

isp101 said...

I'm not familiar with Huawei modem kung meron itong PPPOE, or username and pw interface. If meron, then, you can set the username and pw for Huawei, then, just set the netgear or DHCP. Just plug the modem straight to your computer and go to start, then search the word, "COMMAND", then type in IPCONFIG then push Enter. Kapag may Default Gateway ka, your modem is most probably using PPPOE or USERNAME AND PW. That's the first thing that you have to check. I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

i have a zte zxv10 w300 series. is it possible to reconfigure the modem using globe broadband line? i already accessed the gui. i tried to reconfigured it , but still can't access the net using this modem. is this a PPPOE modem? i have my username and pword provided by globe. thanks

Anonymous said...

HI, how about ung ZXDSL bayantel internet na di n kylangan ung username and pass to connect net. as of now internet is working fine with modem zxdsl configured as bridgemode/dynamic IP address from ISP (i guess) and Dlink to be at AP mode only.
i wanted to use my dlink as my dhcp server, should i change my config at the zxdsl as well or only at the dlink wifi router?

Main purpose of this is to use DDNS, tried everything but it seems its not working when DDNS is configured at the ZXDSL modem bayantel router. im assuming port forwarding is not working properly.

--- Remote Guy

Yanski Flores said...

good morning po.. ask lng po ako ng help.. yesterday po kc nagreformat po ung desktop computer ko. then na-install ko nmn po ulet. i'm using windows 7 ultimate.. my problem po is paano ko po icoconnect ung internet ko sa computer desktop.. since na reformat po, nawala po lahat.. ngaun po hirap po ako maconect ung PC ko sa internet. ako po ay BAYANTEL subscriber.. i'm using ZTE ZXDSL 831 SERIES modem... and a BELKIN for my wifi. my wifi is working but my computer can't connect to the internet..

please pa help nmn po.. urgent lng po.. need magamit b4 lunch po eh... salamat po. at magandang umaga... :) (Y)

isp101 said...

@Yanski Flores -Hi, Yanski, thanks for dropping by! Usually, if you had your computer reformatted and re-installed with your Operating System, all of the programs including Device drivers will be erased as well, only the main Windows 7 platform as your default OS will be available. And, other Device drivers should be re-installed. Since, you can connect Wireless or via WiFi, at least, we now know that it has nothing to do with your modem or router settings.

On your Windows 7 desktop screen, what you can do is go to the start button, right click on computer, then click on properties. Look for Device Manager button, then scroll down and look for Network Adapters, if you see a Question Mark, that means, you may need to Install the latest driver for your Network Interface Card (NIC) also known as LAN Card. You have to check if your NIC or LAN Card is built-in on your computer's motherboard or it's a separate device that you plug-in. Whether it's built-in or not, you will still need to find the Motherboard CD or LAN Card CD that you used on your computer when you got it from the store. If there's a red X mark on the NIC, that means it's installed, but, it's just disabled, by right clicking it and choosing Enable will do the trick. But, based on my experience, since you had your computer reformatted, most probably, your computer WINDOWS 7 Operating System doesn't include a Device DRIVER for your NIC or LAN Card. I hope this helps!

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