Friday, May 20, 2011


I am right here in front of my computer, not worried, calm and at peace, as I write this article. I am not afraid of the rapture nor the end of the world, even if it's tomorrow. I believe in the Bible and I know what it is saying about the JUDGEMENT DAY or DOOMS DAY as others call it... I am just disappointed with this religious group of MrHAROLD CAMPING of FAMILY RADIO, as they preach that tomorrow, MAY 21, 2011 will be the JUDGEMENT DAY! I am not here to argue about it, since, it would be just a waste of time, but, obviously, it is a FALSE PROPHECY...


Who is Harold Camping?! He is the president of the religious group the Family Radio, the same person who has predicted that the Rapture will occur tomorrow, on May 21, 2011. Before you hate him, their group is actually sincere in spreading the word of God, telling the people to repent from their sins. But, regarding this prediction, could they be sincerely wrong as well?! Let's watch this video below from, about the Interview of Mr. Harold Camping, regarding the "MAY, 21, 2011 -JUDGEMENT DAY".


You guys probably know the answer to this question. But, this is the question that I would like to ask Mr. Harold Camping after MAY, 21, 2011. Shame on you, Mr. Harold Camping, for putting a lot of people in fear, and making atheist and unbelievers to mock real Bible believing Christians. Instead of leading them to the LORD, you are putting them far and against the truth... What will you do with your followers If nothing happens? If you would still be here on earth on May 22, 2011. What would you say AFTER THE DAY OF THE MAY 21, 2011 JUDGEMENT DAY?

What the Holy Bible wants you to KNOW about people like MR. HAROLD CAMPING and the JUDGEMENT DAY?

1. Yes, the HOLY BIBLE warns us about people like Mr. Harold Camping, 
"Beware of false prophets..."  -Matthew 7:15 KJV

2. Another warning from The HOLY BIBLE, "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you." -MATTHEW 24:4 KJV

3. The BIBLE GUARANTEES IT!!! Please, read this Bible verse, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only". -MATTHEW 24:36 KJV

There's no more further explanation, the HOLY BIBLE is very clear about these things... Surely, the signs are already here, about JESUS Christ' second coming and the JUDGEMENT DAY. However, NO ONE can really tell when it will happen. I guarantee you folks, the BIBLE is the very concrete and reliable source of prophecy. The JUDGEMENT DAY, surely, it will not be on MAY 21, 2011. And, tomorrow, Mr. Harold Camping will be officially declared as a False Prophet! Because, The Lord will never eat His own words. No one knows, not even the angels of heaven... I'll be posting as well, "THE DAY AFTER "THE MAY 21, 2011 JUDGEMENT DAY BY HAROLD CAMPING". So, may the Peace be with you!

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Khantotantra2 said...

baka yung lalaki sa video ang mag-end of world pag di natuloy ang binabanggit nila na end of world

Kim said...

Madalas ko nga yang makita Kuya. Sa mga ads sa gilid ng mga websites. Ang maganda na lang magready na lang tayo para sa Judgement Day. Totoong may Judgement Day kasi nasa bible yun pero diba nga wala daw makakapagpredict kundi si God lang? Kaya magready na lang tayo :) Sabi din ni ate ayaw nya maniwala dyan eh. hehehe

pusang kalye said...

awts--ayoko ng ganito? ayaw kong pakinggan kasi ayaw kong mabuhay sa pagka paranoid pamandin ako.:D

margaret said...

well said jomi. ilang beses na siyang pumalpak, ayaw pa niya tigilan talaga.

lakwatsera de primera said...

So far it's still May 21 here and thank goodness nothing has happened yet :)

Dekrit said...


Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid of the rapture because there is no rapture. I am a non-denominational Christian and what I believe is only based in the Bible. Don't you know that the rapture is a man-made concept devised by heretics and false priests twisting the Bible's truth using the Bible. This is how Satan works, using God's Word to twist and fool God's believers. Jesus is coming and of course no one knows when it's gonna be----and rapture won't happen. When He comes, He will judge, and the world is destroyed and a new world will be created....that's the basic truth of the Revelation.

isp101 said...

@Khantotantra2 -As you could see, nothing happened! Nagiisip na siguro sila ng alibi, hehehe! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@Kim -'Di talaga tayo dapat maniwala sa mga ganyang predictions, in the Bible, if you read the passage above, in MATTHEW 24:36 KJV, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only"... But, we all have to be ready for the LORD's judgement and for our time. Lahat naman ng tao ay mamamatay at magsusulit sa harapan ng DIYOS. Regards to your papa, mama and siblings! God bless!

@Pusang Kalye -Don't worry, Anton! Tapos na ang May 21, as what Mr. Harold Camping predicted, hehehe!

@Margaret -Matigas talaga ang ulo ni lolo, hehehe! They have their own computation, tama ka, He already did a prediction a few years ago, pero wala ring nangyari. Tnx for dropping by!

@Dekrit -He might be in the bushes or something! Or, perhaps, thinking of what's the best alibi! Tnx for dropping by! =)

@I Love-Hate America -Hello, Bing! I am also a non-denominational Christian. I believe that no one can be saved by sects, denomination or religion. The salvation is only through our personal relationship with the Lord JESUS who died for us. I guess, the bottom line is, we just all have to be prepared at any given time, so when the Lord comes, we're all prepared! God bless! =)

rylek said...

tama ka dyan love. my pagkapraning lang talaga siguro si camping!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thank you and God for posting these comments about Mr. Camping today; it is exactly what I want to say to him, after I have been a supporter and listening to Family Radio for 8 years. I left the church, have had disagreements with my family over the teachings of this false prophet for 8 years. I have mixed feelings of anger, betrayal, and yes, even relief, that God's truth has flushed out this ignominious and false prophet. I hope and pray that his board of directors will make him resign and not get dooped again as they did in 1994 and let him mislead Christians for another few more years.
-Peter James

marga said...

I love what @ilovehateamerica said.

Jomi: oo nga eh. nag uulyanin na ata yan. panay pa bilang. anyway, judgement day na niya! LOL

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