Saturday, April 16, 2011


Do you work even during weekends or holidays?! Are you missing a lot of movies, or your favorite programs like NBA or UFC?! If your answer is YES, then you are not alone! I work in a Call Center, and most of the time, I am missing a lot of TV shows, programs and Movies that I want to watch on my cable box. But, worry no more! Introducing the SKYCABLE iRECORD, Your Personal Video Recorder is here!


SKYCABLE iRECORD will allow you to record your favorite HD Movies or TV shows that you want to watch, while you are at work, or doing something. This product is just like TIVO in the U.S. So, no more whining, you can now let your wife watch her favorite telenovela, while you eating your dinner and waiting for your turn to use your HD LCD/LED TV. Isn't that great?! Watch the iRECORD Video below:


1. RECORD - With the iRECORD, You can record up to 145 hours of Standard Definition or 86 hours of High Definition content with a 320 GB hard disk!
  •    Record on the spot, even while you are still watching the show or movie.
  •    Schedule a recording, Even If you are at work, or you have an important errands to run, you could record it at a specific time and watch it once you get home.
  •    Record 2 shows simultaneously while watching a 3rd show, This is crazy!

2. PLAYBACK - iRECORD's power to enjoy your recorded video with several exciting functions!
  •    Slow motion -This reminds me of the CLICK movie of Adam Sandler, LMAO!
  •    Frame by frame playback -Amazing!
  •    Bookmark scenes -You can even bookmark the scene, and get back to it anytime!
  •    Rewind and fast forward -Makes life easier!

3. PAUSE LIVE - iRECORD's timeshift allows you to pause live TV and resume it at a later time.
  •    Pause a LIVE show -Before, it wasn't possible, but not anymore!
  •    Option for saving -Hmmm!
  •    Never miss a scene! -It's just Awesome!

For my fellow existing SKYCABLE Subscribers, you can now avail SKYCABLE iRECORD by just calling Skycable. Only adding P399 to your existing monthly bill, and depositing just P4,999, which is also refundable! With Free HD Channels like Star Movies, NatGeo and Foxcrime, replacing your existing digibox with this new iRECORD HD-BOX!

So, If you are interested, CONTACT SKYCABLE, now!!!

Call: 02-631-0000

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