Sunday, April 10, 2011


I was a bit bored, even after watching tons of movies the whole day. Since, I am a certified dog lover... I decided to check out some dog videos on I was really amazed to see a PRAYING DOGTALKING DOGS, A TWO LEGGED DOG -WALKING UPRIGHT and other AMAZING DOG VIDEOS. They are really cute, awesome and inspiring! Why don't you check out the videos yourself?! Enjoy! =)

The Dog that you see on the top left hand side of this page is my Mini-Pinscher dog named OMPRAH. She is almost 3years old. She can't really do many tricks, but as you could notice, she is very photogenic, and she knows how to SMILE in-front of the camera! LMAO! =)


MOST AMAZING DOG #1: Meet this inspiring Dog named Djaingo, this Dog is saying morning prayers before breakfast!

MOST AMAZING DOG #2: Meet Faith, this dog is a two legged dog, and was born with a birth defect. She hops like a rabbit and could also walk like a human!

MOST AMAZING DOG #3: This dog named MISHKA is a siberian husky that can talk and can say 12 words:
1. Obama 
2. Hello! 
3. How are you?  
4.Are you good?
5. Really? 
6. I am hungry! 
7. I wanna eat! 
8. Happy! 
9. I love you! 
10. Hello! 
11. Bye-bye!
12.  - - - - - ( Obviously, i didn't catch one of the 12 words! Sorry!)

MOST AMAZING DOG #4: Now, for the Finale! Meet JESSE the WORLD'S SMARTEST DOG! This dog can actually do tons of tricks, he could skate, hop, skip rope, blow bubbles under water and many more! This dog is truly one of, If not the Smartest Dog in the World!

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csseyah said...

Ang kulit nung dog na nagdadasal bago kumain... patama yan sa mga taong nakakalimot magpasalamat bago kumain

lulu said...

hi jomi.. gandang umaga po :)

isp101 said...

@csseyah -Oo nga eh, buti pa yang Djaingo, marunog mag pray bago kumain, samantalang tayo minsan, kapag gutom na gutom na, nakakalimutan din mag pray! Hehehe! =)

@Lulu -Good Morning, Lulu! Nakakatuwa naman kayo, sabay pa kayong dumalaw dito, hehehe! =)

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