Friday, April 22, 2011


I know most of you will react! Ok, fine! I know that, I don't look like close to 25 years old, or even 20... I might look like a cute creature or a stuffed to you. But, this is just my entry for "SILKENHUT'S 2011 BIRTHDAY CONTEST!!!" That's right, that's right, there's a generous on-line contest awaiting for you! And, I am joining! This is actually the 2nd on-line contest that I have joined so far. I hope I win this time! You wanna join, too?! Hmmm...

I was very excited promoting this contest, when one of my friends noticed that I haven't answered the question yet. So, here we go...


If I would be given a chance to go back to my past, on my 25th birthday. I would cook my dad's favorite dish, I would buy him the best clothes, shoes, and perfumes. I will tell him all of the things that I wasn't able to tell him when he was still alive. He died almost 3 years ago, and until now, It's so hard to accept the fact that he is now gone. For me, my Daddy is the best dad in the whole world... He took care of us, and showed us the real meaning of love. I would also talk to my mom, so they could be back together, even just for that very day... It's not easy to be in a broken family. If I were not just a Christian, I could probably be dead now or I might have ended up in a Mental Facility. I wish I could have my family back together, even just for a day... My heart belongs to the LORD and to my family. This might sound cheesy, but, let's appreciate our parents or loved ones and always tell them how much we love them... Because, Life is so short... So, If in the future, a real time-machine would be invented, then I will make sure that I would back on my 25th Birthday, and I will make the most out of it, with my family!

The mechanics are very plain and simple, even your dog can join this contest! LMAO! =)

  1. Everyone who has a blog and can make a post is welcome to join. (Actually, even if you don’t have a blog, you can still join! Everyone is welcome to join!)
  2. To join, you must do the following (very simple really)
    What you can do to join.Points Earned
    Like on Facebook
    1 point
    Like on Facebook
    1 point
    Share this on facebook (you can tag me so that I can see immediately)1 point
    Create an entry that answers the question “How would/did I celebrate my 25th birthday?” and link to this post3 points
    Link on your contest entry using your choice of anchor text (eg. Pinoy food blog)1 point
    Link on your contest entry using your choice of anchor text (eg. Silkenhut)1 point
    Follow me on twitter
    1 point
    Tweet about this contest (hashtag #silkenhut)1 point
    Still thinking of more ways … so keep coming back??? point
  3. See below on how you can submit your entries.
  4. Contest starts on April 15 and will end on May 21, 1159pm SGT (you can already start but I will count comments posted between the specified date/time only)

  • First Place winner = $250 in paypal money
  • Second place winner = $100 in paypal money
  • Third Place winner = $50 in paypal money

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pinoyphp said...

pag iisipan ko muna...hmmm...
musta jomi? :)

jezonhamster said...

sasali ako!

isp101 said...

@pinoyphp -Ok lang ako, sayang 'din ito! No need to think twice, wala kang mapupulot na $250 sa kalsada, hehehe! =)

@jezonhamster -Ayus, join the contest, it's free for all and it's very easy! I already have 10 points! =)

Litnik said...

I'm joining! Hindi napupulot kung saan man ang $250! Madami dami din items ang mabibili sa mga social buying sites ang amount na yan!

helen said...

jomi hindi mo pa sinagot anong gagawin mo sa "25th birthday" mo. haha!

isp101 said...

@Litnik -Oo nga, maraming mabibili din yan, 250$ din yan, sayang naman, hehehe!

@helen -Oo nga, masyado akong nalibang, pasaway, hehehe! =)

Allen said...

Hi :)

I confirm your entry to the contest. Your entry is so sad (somehow at the back of my mind, the song "Dance with my father" plays while reading your entry). It makes feel more bad for being a short tempered son to my parents :(

isp101 said...

@Allen -Thank you so much for your time and for the wonderful contest! I'm sorry if my entry was a bit more personal, and sad... I didn't intentionally make it a sad entry. But, what I wrote above is really from my heart! I just wish you a very peaceful and Happy birthday! Please, spend time with your family! We could spend other days with our friends. But, our birthday's, reminds us that without our parents, we would not be here in this world! It's a day to celebrate, a day for rejoicing and happiness! And, a day, to thank them for their unconditional love... Again, thank you very much for your time! Advance Happy, happy 25th Birthday to you Allen! =)

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