Sunday, April 24, 2011


Introducing, the FLYNANO! This new lightweight aeroplane is on top of my wishlist! LMAO! It's just lessthan 70kgs, and it comes with 3 dffirent scale model. FLYNANO was unveiled at the AERO 2011 expo, in Germany. This prototype aircraft, looks like a Jet Ski with wings and a propeller. You've got to check this out!


FLYNANO is Invented by Finnish Aviation consultant. It's an ultra-lightweight, single-seat aircraft, weighing lessthan 70kgs. My only question is, could it actually lift me up? I am weighing around ***lbs, hehehe! But, according to FLYNANO's website, it's MTOW or Maximum Take Off Weight should be just 200kgs for MODELS E and R. So, if the MTOW is 200kgs minus the FLYNANO 70kgs weight, it could only carry pilot's not morethan 130kgs. This is bad news for the members of the FPS or the Fat People Society, LMAO! =)

FLYNANO MODELS E-200, G-240 and R-260/300

Don't you know that from nose to tail, it's just 3.5 meters long. It's very small... And, the wingspan of FLYNANO is just 5 meters long. FLYNANO is actually made from carbon fiber composite, that makes it lightweight. It is capable to travel up to 140kph or 85mph speed. Could also fly to the height of 3 Kms or 1.9 miles above the ground. FLYNANO is the future of single-aircraft travel! The good thing is, it's very easy to control; anyone who owns a pilot license or has experience flying microlight aircraft could definitely fly this plane! Get your very own FLYNANO, now! Watch the FLYNANO VIDEO below:

FLYNANO UPDATES:  If you are looking for the FLYNANO in action on video. Unfortunately, it's still not out, but, it would be available soon. So, I'll keep you posted, once I get a copy of the FLYNANO VIDEO.

FLYNANO's Price in the United States, it's $40,000
FLYNANO's Price in the United Kingdom, it's € 25.000 - €27.000
FLYNANO's Price in the Philippines: TBA

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Good Filipino said...

Wow astig nito... kaso sureness mahal yan heheheh sana kaya yan yung malayuang byahe yung country to country..

lulu said...

Good Morning jomi.. ang ganda naman yan :)

isp101 said...

@Good Filipino -Oo, astig talaga yan, kaso 130kgs lang yata ang kaya niyan, 'di ako pwede, hehehe! Ipunin mo yung income mo sa blog, $40,000 ang isa nyan! Hehehe!

@Lulu -Maganda talaga yan Lulu, instead na Bridal Car, yan nalang i request mo kay Brenn! Para wedding of the century! Hehehe! =)

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