Friday, March 11, 2011


Hello, Folks! I've just got my SKYCABLE Digibox yesterday. I was expecting it to arrive by tomorrow, but the tech said, he needs to achieve his daily quota for the service call. Since I was the nearest subscriber in the area, he decided to take a look If I'm around, and check If he could now install my "FREE" SKYCABLE Digibox! That's right, that's right, hehehe! CAMANAVA area are now with SKYCABLE, after 4 long years waiting for a digibox, we've finally got our device...


When I was with SUN-Cable, I was just using an old semi-analog cable box. It wasn't really digital, since, it's just used to make sure that there's only 1 TV per box. Nothing is really exciting with the old box. When, CAMANAVA became part of the SKYCABLE Family, after waiting for several months, our area is now getting digitalized. They started installing new cables and remote terminals around the neighborhood. And yesterday, they finally got my FREE Digibox installed. Believe me or not, it actually did improve the signal! We compared the old box with this new Digibox, and found out that the picture and color is a lot better. Of course, HD box is far better, but unfortunately, it's still not available in our area. Here's the VIDEO -Infomercial of SKYCABLE Digibox from

 I also received a snail mail from SKYCABLE, and they informed me about the NEW Channel line-up's that I could choose from. For the past four years with SUN-Cable and SKYCABLE, I was on PLAN 680. I called the hotline and asked If I could really downgrade my plan from PLAN 680 down to PLAN 280. Since, now that I have my BAYANDSL connection, I spend most of my spare time on the Internet. I just now use my cable to watch news, UFC Fights and Etc. Unfortunately, they said that I will need to pay an extra P150 monthly charge for the DIGIBOX, plus the PLAN 280. I said to the Sales Rep, that I would prefer getting my box FREE of charge, as what they've promised me. Then, they offered me PLAN 499, since I don't want to pay for the Digibox. So, I decided to get PLAN 499, since It is loaded with my favorite channels!


I am not getting anything from SKYCABLE. This is just my personal blog about my new Digibox, and to let people know that DIGIBOX is now available for FREE,  in CAMANAVA area, here in the Philippines. I was told by the tech that soon, they will also offer us an HD Box and SkyBroadband Internet connection. Which made me very excited, so I could have a different viewing experience with my SAMSUNG 32" LCD TV, which is capable of FULL HD (1080p) output. If you would like to know more about SKYCABLE's products and services, click on the SKYCABLE picture below,  to re-direct you to SKYCABLE's website. Thank you! =)

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Glenn said...

wow ang daming channels nyan jomi, panood sa inyo :)

isp101 said...

@Glenn -Sure! Most of my favorite channels such as HBO, Balls, JackTV and StarMovies are now on my Digibox! Thanks to SkyCable! =P

lulu said...

nice naman may cable ka na hhehehe pa-extension naman hahahaha joke lang... Good morning po.

isp101 said...

@Lulu -Nuon pa ako may Cable, recently lang kami na kabitan ng libreng Digibox, it took them around 4years bago sila nag digitalized ng area namin, dito sa CAMANAVA. Tnx for dropping by! God bless! =)

Anonymous said...

ang digibox ay scam meron kami 3 tv dito sa bahay at unting unti tinatangalan na nila ng mga channel isa lang rin ang tv dito na may digibox pano na ang iba sa amin dito ayoko mag bayad ng extra para makapanood sa ibang tv palusot lang ang digitalization para maka pera lang sila

Anonymous said...

totoo yan

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