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Are you sick and tired of getting  E-mail Spam?! We get thousands of calls regarding E-MAIL SPAM and other forms of scam and fraud each day. What we probably need to understand is, there are just limited things we can do to stop it. You can't blame your Internet Service Provider If your email is being flooded with E-Mail Spam. You might have tried blocking and filtering E-mail SPAM, but, it just don't work. And, now, you are very upset and you can't do anything about it! Stop pulling your hair! Don't lose hope! On this article, I'll teach you, HOW TO PREVENT E-MAIL SPAM! Still, there are things that we can do to prevent it! So, cheer up!


What is E-MAIL SPAM? It is unsolicited, unwanted or junk email or on-line communication. Some, spam are annoying but, very often harmless. It is commonly used to advertise or promote a product or service. E-MAIL SPAM is also used by Scammer's to lure people to their websites or download an attachment infected by a computer virus, spyware or adware.

What is Phishing Scam? It is also known as Identity theft spam. It is a kind of e-mail that is designed to get or steal information from end-user's like you. Scammer's use your e-mail  or  stolen e-mail addresses to spam other users to get money or information from them:

  • They use a bogus e-mail address they created that looks the same from your Internet Service Provider customer care or other Social Networking Sites, asking you to "Re-enter your E-mail Address and Password", to avoid losing your account. Ex. Once, they have your e-mail address and password, they will be able to use your e-mail account to SPAM other users or use it to order a modem, router or new plans and services from your Internet Service Provider.
  • If your computer is infected with a Spam Virus, they will be sending out e-mail's to the people on your address book. Begging your friends, relatives or anyone on your Address book to send you some money because, you are trapped in an island or your plane crashed and you're the only survivor, but, unfortunately, you lost your wallet and you don't have money to go home. 


1. Joining Mailing List -Spammer's join the mailing list. And, steal the Carbon Copy (CC) or Non-Blind Carbon Copy (Non-BCC) e-mail lists. CC or Non-BCC means e-mail addresses are visible. The Spammer can see and steal all of the e-mail addresses that the e-mail was sent to, and add it on their address books.

2. Chat Rooms -such as mIRC, YM Chat, AOL, MSN, Internet Service Provider chat and other Public Chat rooms. From each Chat rooms, Spammer can probably get from 1 up to tons of e-mail addresses by viewing your account profile. This would be a long and slow process, especially Spammer's are very lazy, they want an easy money. And, they will probably think of a much better process.

3. Internet or Social Networking Site Profiles -It is almost the same process as Chat Rooms, but this one is a lot slower. Your Internet Profiles require you to put in your contact details, including your e-mail address. Now, a spammer creates an account or profile with the Internet or Social Networking Site, and starts searching for their victims e-mail addresses. However, this will take them centuries. So, Spammer's gets a software or program that will do the job for them. A software, could easily collect thousands of e-mail's in an hour.

4. Blog Sites or Websites - Spammer's are very hungry to get as much as e-mail they can get. They can copy e-mails by going to Forums, Message Board or Contact me page of your Blog Site's or Websites. Another type of software or program designed to copy and gather e-mail can make this process quicker.

5. Spam Softwares -There are Spam programs that are actually "For Sale" on the Internet. This kind of program can trace, collect and store Non-Blind Carbon Copy e-mail addresses. This is the same type of program that could be use to get information from Mailing List, Chat Rooms, Internet or Social Networking Site profiles, Blog or Websites, and etc.

6. Spammer's know how to SELL -Yes, you are right! Spammer's do not just collect and use your e-mail to send you SPAM. But, they can also SELL your e-mail address together with thousands of e-mails they have collected to other Spammers. It means that It would be a nightmare for you, you will be flooded with another sets of SPAM each day.

7. Spam Viruses -Once you get this kind of Virus, it will go straight to your Address Book and it would start sending e-mails to your  Friends, Relatives or anyone on your address book an e-mail Phishing scam; an e-mail with a URL of a website infected by a virus or an e-mail with a small attachment that could launch a Spam virus on their computer's victim.


1. Utilize SPAM filter -This option is available If you are using a Web E-Mail or an E-mail Client software. E-mail's that contain the same type of size, words, attachment or e-mail address could go straight to your Junk, Bulk or Spam Folder, where you could just easily delete the whole content of the folder. This might not totally get rid of it, but, it will surely slow down the loads of e-mail going onto your Inbox Folder.

2. Block E-mail Addresses -This option will allow you to block a certain e-mail address, and all e-mail coming from that address will not be delivered to your mailbox. The only problem is, most Spammer's nowadays are pretty clever. They have a software or program that could automatically change their e-mail address to another; bogus or stolen e-mail account before sending you another SPAM. If that happens, the one that you have just added on your Blocked Addresses list would be useless, since, they will be able to send you another sets of SPAM from different e-mail addresses anytime they want.

3. Change the way you write your E-mail Address -If you have an account profile, blog or website, and you really need to put in your e-mail address on your Contact Me page, try changing the way you write your e-mail address. Try the following format:

  • ---> abc123 (at) isp101 (dot) net
  • ---> abc123 (at) isp101 (period) net
  • Get Paintbrush or Photoshop, then write your email address:, save it as .jpg or .bmp
  • Or, you could just simply change your E-mail Address from HTML to JAVASCRIPT
This will help you hide your e-mail address from Spammer's who use bots, software or program designed to collect e-mail addresses on websites. Because, once they have it, your e-mail address will just rotate in the hands of different Spammers. 

4. Use a Disposable Address -Create a Free or Disposable E-mail address that you will use to protect your main e-mail account. In this way, you could use your Free or Disposable e-mail address when you are joining Mailing List, Chat rooms, Blogs, Forums, Social Networking Sites, Websites and Etc. This will keep your main e-mail account SPAM Free.

5. Use Blind Carbon Copy or BCC on all E-Mail Transactions -This hides YOUR and YOUR friend's e-mail addresses from Spammers.

6. Use a strong Internet Security program with ANTI-SPAM -Using a reliable, dependable and strong Internet security will not just prevent viruses and hackers away, but also Spammers. There are SPAM VIRUSES that could send out e-mail to anyone on your Address book. Most, Internet Security software such as "KASPERSKY Internet Security 2011" comes with an ANTI-SPAM protection. There are also other, software and hardware ANTI-SPAM protection you could purchase on the Internet. Just GOOGLE it!

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Nonoy said...

Very informative post Jomi. I learned a lot. nakaktakut yung Phishing noh? kinukuha ang personal info mo.

Wala bang mangyayari Jom if even though I've been receiving spam emails from my emails, eh indi ko naman binabasa, dinidelete ko lahat?

isp101 said...

@Nonoy -Tnx for the comment! Nothing really to worry, lalo na kung yung spam pumupunta naman sa SPAM folder mo at dini delete mo naman agad. Tama yun, don't open spam e-mails, lalona't may mga attachments or URL ng website. You would probably get a spam virus If you click on it. Gudpm! =)

Nanding said...

Great post jomi, wala na ako ma add, hehe astig na post. Na cover mo lahat. Pinaka gnagamit ko yung disposable email.

isp101 said...

@Nanding -Tnx for dropping by! Oo, disposable email isa sa pinaka effective way to prevent spam, kasi kahit gamitin mo ito sa mga chatroom, websites or mailing list, at least, 'di exposed yung main account mo. =)

pinoyphp said...

ayos to, informative:)

khantotantra said...

informative. kaya pala ako biglang nakakareceive ng spam mails, napromote ko sa blog ko yung email add ko :p

btw, talagang may advertisement ng kaspersky?

isp101 said...

@pinoyphp -Tnx for dropping by! =)

@khantotantra -Tnx for visiting! Yep, nilagay ko yung advertisement ng Kaspersky, may commission ako everytime may mag purchase via =)

Nonoy said...

oo marami akung natatanggap na mga urls na spam mails dati. ngayun ind ko na lahat cla inoopen. salamat nga pala s comment mo sa blog ko. pareho tau Jomi masipag.mas masipag ka pa nga kc may work ka tapus nag blog bloggging ka pa. ako medyo tinatamad minsan. hehe:-)

Nonoy said...

Syanga pala Jom, share ko lang tung post ko na isinulat ko nung April last year. just wanna share cuz you and my fellow blogmates might want to know more about me, hehe. here's the link:

csseyah said...

ganun lang talaga systema sa internet.. lahat gusto makahatak ng traffic kung particular kang internet user. yan kase ata ang kinagisnan nilang gawain nung hindi pa uso SEO. hehehehhe.... Gud morning bro!

lulu said...

Good Morning po sa ating lahat heheheh ... Hi jomi.. thanks for this info.. now i Know!

halojin said...

hello Jomi ^_^ nice Salamat po! hehe nakakapagod kasi mag bura ng mga spamn na email ^_^

Yen said...

Naku problema ko din yang spam mails na yan, ang lagi ko lang ginagawa tiyagaing i delete lahat without opening them. Informative nga tong post mo, nice.

Re: your question if ever I have option to choose other color of camera, I'd go for white or silver aside from black. :-)

isp101 said...

@Nonoy - Oo, common yung mga SPAM email na may naka link na URL lang, usually, nakalagay sa SUBJECT: "RECENT PHOTOS" or "MY PHOTOS" or Etc. Tapos, kapag ni click mo yung URL, it will bring you to a website, which is also infected with a virus. Tama yun, If you're not sure who the sender is, just delete it.

@csseyah -Buti nga may SEO, pero there are still people who use bots or software to gather e-mai address, kaya the best way is, If you can create a disposable email, yun nalang i-post mo or blog sa site mo, or change the way you write/show it on your site.

@Lulu -Good morning my friend! tnx for dropping by! =)

@halojin -Dapat meron ka din Internet security with ANTI-SPAM features, it will help!

@Yen -I've just added you on my "FRIENDS" list. Oo nga, nakakasawa na mag delete ng mga SPAM, kaya nga ako, yung email ko dati, hinayaan ko nalang mag terminate. I just created a new one, and made sure that I would keep it private, kaya I also created another disposable e-mail, yun lang pinapamigay ko, at ginagamit sa mga chatrooms. Para secured pa rin yung main email account ko. About sa question ko sa'yo about sa color ng cam, Talagang ayaw mo ng pink?! Hehehe! Isa pa, meron ba talagang pink na kulay?! Hehehe! Ang alam ko, silver, black and white lang mga common. Ganda ng cam mo, SLR ba yun? Dami kana mapo post na pict sa site mo! Great job! =)

csseyah said...

yohh yohh pwede nga yang sinabi mo bro hehehe :) Good Morning everyone...

Yen said...

Thank you, added you as well.
-OO meron cam na color pink, lower version ng cam ko may color rose pink sila. sa samsung din, sony, canon, casio and pentax etc. designed for kitty girls:-) hehe.

isp101 said...

@csseyah -Oo, pwede talaga yun, hehehe! =)

@Yen -If I would buy one, I would probably pick black nalang, para 'di dumihin.. hehehe! I believe na, isa talaga sa importanteng gadget ng isang blogger ang cam, I would be buying one soon! Photographer kasi yung uncle ko, meron silang video & photo coverage business, baka mag a upgrade sya, I might be able to buy one of his camera... =)

halojin said...

magandang umaga... bka hind na muna ako makadalaw po sa blog mo po.. kasi aun.may finals po ako sa sabado at sa maonday need ko po ipasa un..kung hindi katapsan ko na.. joke! ang mangyayari lang pag d ko napasa..dagdag isang taon.. wahh! ayw ko mang yari ung.. pasama naman po sa prayers ^_^ Salamat!

csseyah said...

yoh bro lapit na naman mag 6pm at uuwi na ako hheheheh :)

csseyah said...

good morning bro :) im back

isp101 said...

@halojin -OK lang jon2x, prioritize your studies, saka na yung blog kung may oras kana! We'll pray for you! God bless!

@csseyah -good morning dude! Tnx for dropping by! God bless! =)

isp101 said...

@If I'm only Sleeping -I agree, we can't really STOP spams, but, we could at least, prevent it using the steps I wrote above. If ever your email address is already being sold to other spammers, expect tons of spams, and better change your email address. Using strong anti-spam softwares/hardwares can definitely help controlling the surge of spams on your email box, but could be a little expensive. I hope this helps! =)

jonwilson said...

Mailing list spam is so annoying, because oftentimes they don't give you the option to stop the mail from coming. I suggest keeping an eye out for those checkboxes that subject you to mailing lists.

email filtering services

pusang kalye said...

hmmm--parang madaling gawin nga is yung #3.dami nga talagang nakakalusot.lalo sating mga bloggers syempre kelangang ibalandra ang email address para madling makontak. inconvenient din naman kasi na 2 pa email address mo.awts

Aj Banda said...

very informative post JoMi! on my opinion.. the best way to deal with spammers is manual checking and understanding. I mean wag ka magbubukas ng mails na galing sa mga tao na di mo kakilala or basically nakakaduda..

Mark Hoel Yu said...

Wow! it's a good thing you're sharing this. this is related to our work. ahahaha! nice post JM!

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