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The Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) requires encryption for network access. There are two common types of encyption: WEP and WPA. Before you can hook up a laptop, gaming consoles, palm or any wireless capable device with your wireless router, you have to select an encryption. This helps you secure your network and make sure that no one access your network without your permission.


What is WEP? -Wireless Equivalent Privacy. This type of wireless protocol is static and requires only 10 numeric keys. (Ex. 1234567890)

There are 3 Types of WEP:

2. 64 BIT -Less secured
3. 128 BIT -A little bit more secured

Usually, most wireless router that you would get from your Internet Service Provider, or buy from stores do not have the WEP key enabled. This will allow you to connect with your wireless network without typing in any keys. However, this will give your neighbors a FREE WiFi access coming from your wireless router. You will find your network running slow since your neighbor is using the bandwidth of your own Internet access. And, makes your network vulnerable from the attack of hackers. Or, If ever it is enabled, It is just using the Default WEP key or 10 numeric keys, that you could always find on the bottom part of your wireless router. At a recent ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting in Los Angele's, California. A group of FBI agents demonstrated current WEP-cracking tools and techniques, and broke a 128 bit WEP key in just 3 minutes!!! If you don't have any computer attached with your wireless router and you just use it for your gaming consoles, WEP is not much a concern.

What is WPA? -WiFi Protected Access is another type of wireless security, better than WEP. This kind of WLAN encryption is just like an upgrade for your regular WEP. It is using Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) to upgrade your existing WEP. This makes WPA almost impossible to crack.

There are Two types of WPA: 

1.WPA-PSK (WiFi Protected Access with Pre-Shared Key):  WPA-Personal or Pre-Shared Key uses a Pass-phrase from 8 up to 63 characters long. (Ex. ISP101WLAN) This is commonly used in Small Office and Home Office.

2. WPA-802.1x (WPA-Enterprise or RADIUS -(Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service): This requires a RADIUS server that authenticates workstations with a valid certificate. This type of WPA is commonly used in Medium to Large Businesses.

There's no debate here. WPA is much secured. So, If you run a small business or home office, just use WPA, which allows you to put in an alphanumeric password from 8 up to 63 characters long. But, most home users preferred using WEP because, they could just simply put in 10 numbers, like their home phone or cellular phone number, that allows them to easily remember it.

Can't find the WIRELESS SWITCH on your Laptop or Notebook?

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halojin said...

Thanks for the information ^_^

isp101 said...

No problem, Jon, a.k.a. Halojin! Please, check out the blogroll, I've just added you on it! Tnx! =P

halojin said...

Thanks Jomi ^_^

jehzlau said...

WPA kasi more secure! :D

Pero if you're using Windows 7, try considering WEP. Medyo may problema yung ibang Win 7 OS sa WPA2 eh. :)

But... sa Linksys na router, kahit WEP, WPA, or WPA2, ok lang sa Windows 7. :) I've tried it na, may problem lang sa Belkin WPA2 + Win 7.

Haven't tried other routers yet. :)

isp101 said...

Can't believe that the Master of All Bloggers has just arrived!!! Thank you so much for dropping by and for the info, Master Jehz!!! Hehehe! Yeah, have had no problem so far, either WEP or WPA on my Linksys router, didn't know that BELKIN router has issues with WPA, If the OS is Win7. Also, I've just added you on my Blog Rolls! Tnx a bunch! HAPPY HEART'S DAY!!!

Jhiegzh said...

@Jomi: Oo nga I was shocked nagcomment si SIr Jehz! AHehehe...Very technical ungpost ah, very jargon sa pandinig ko even Electronics Engg. Tech tinapusan ko aahahah! BUt I want to dig up about these things! The post is informative....Happy Valentines Day to you pareng Jomi!

isp101 said...

Thanks for dropping by Jhiegzh, I am so happy 'coz He took time visiting my site, despite of His very hectic sched! I've also added you on my Blog Rolls! HAPPY HEART'S DAY TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! =)

pinoyphp said...

bumisita si boss jehz..hehe..astig:)

btw..kuya jomi na add na kita sa blog roll:) salamat.

isp101 said...

Tnx Dude, I was actually surprised, 'coz He dropped by, and answered some of my questions via email! Happy Blogging! =)

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