Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am struggling really hard to get myself at least, 4-8hrs of sleep in a day. But, my job requires me to sleep in the morning. And, wake up, either in late noon or evening. It's so hard to go to work, as If I have to drag my body to dress up and get out of the house! The stress we get each day from work, is incomparable to what we get from SLEEP DEPRIVATION, this is a real killer.. I am pretty sure that people who work at night or graveyard shifts would agree! There was a time that I almost fell asleep while taking in calls, because, I was so sleep. If it won't kill me, it could probably put my job in jeopardy, which I don't want to happen. So, I did some research about Sleep Deprivation. Again, I'm not an expert on this matter, but, this might help... So, to all of you who are feeling ZOMBIES today, read this...


From my understanding, it's lack of sleep or a condition of not getting enough sleep. According to experts, we need at least, 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. But, in my case, this is not happening. As much as I want to, If you have read my article about Life as a Technical Support Agent in the Philippines, you might understand our struggle each day. I could definitely feel the changes in my body, all of the fatigue, clumsiness, weight gain and even hypertension.

Here are the tips that I have gathered to avoid or at least, prevent Sleep Deprivation:

1. Don't drink coffee, soda, energy drink or anything with caffeine, an hour before you go to bed. I even thought that eating some Chocolates, will help, since, it's a comfort food! But, I didn't know that It also has lots of caffeine. Because, caffeine will give you extra kick, and It will disrupt you from sleeping.

2. Relax your mind and body. If you have problems or you have things to do, don't bring it in your bed with you. This will just keep your mind processing and your body irritable. 

3. Don't exercise. Expert says that doing regular exercise would keep our body healthy. But, doing this an hour before you sleep, will just generate natural stimuli to keep you awake.

4. Train your body. Our body clock will tell you to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. But, If your body is trained to sleep at a specific time, then, you could also train your body to wake up, at the time that you want. Train your body to sleep at the time you want, and wake up after 8hours. If you do this regularly, this will help a lot.

5. Don't fight or force yourself to sleep. Doing so, will just make you conscious with the time and it will lead you not to get the sleep that you want.


I am not a Doctor or a Medical Expert, but, I hope the tips I wrote above would help you to fight Sleep Deprivation. With proper sleep, diet and exercise, we can be much more productive and healthier. Let's make a better place for you and for me! Hehehe! Good night, sleepy head! Sweet Dreams!

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csseyah said...

heheheh ako araw araw ang oras ng tulog ko 12am - 1am heheh tapos gigising ng 7:30am hehehe buti na lang may iniinum me na food supplement...

isp101 said...

@csseyah -Ako nga, I just got home, very tired and sleepy, but, I still need to run some errands! Mahusay yung Ferrous Sulphate or IRON sa mga puyat lagi gaya natin, at least 500mg, primary vitamin yun ng stresstab! Hehehe! =)

lulu said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaHhh ako nga walang tulog eh heheheheh :P wala kayo sa lolo ko hehehe laging gising!!!

isp101 said...

@Lulu -You need to sleep, wag mo gayahin ang lolo mo, tignan mo, kulubot na balat nya! Just kidding, hehehe! =P

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