Monday, February 14, 2011


This is not really much of a review. I've been using my Samsung 1HP Split-Type Air-conditioning unit for almost 3years now. I spent around P27,000 for the Unit and installation, that's around 800$. I also make sure that It gets a regular visit from our friendly Samsung Air-con Technician, for cleaning and check-up, every 3months. Despite of regular check-up and cleaning, I have had lots of problems. We live in a condo-type room, where we have a bathroom, bedroom and living room in just one space. And, the bad thing is there's no window, just a door and an exhaust fan. So, getting an Air-con is really important! I am not an Air-con technician and I have zero knowledge on how it works. But, let me tell you my experience with this product.


For the past few years, we have been getting problems with it. We have replaced the Air-con capacitor thrice now, in three different events! I guess I am just lucky since my Air-Con is out of warranty. I have convinced the Air-Con Technician to get the capacitor from the supplier, instead of getting it through their office. A capacitor costs me around P500 each, plus, the repair charge P500. If I would get the capacitor through their office, I was told that I would be charged more than a thousand peso. And, now, I am facing a much bigger problem. After replacing the capacitor, several months ago. My Air-con has stopped working again. I called up the tech and He showed up after few days. He checked the Air-con, and tried fixing it. All lights on my Air-Con are flashing green and it's producing a weird melody. He started punching in some numbers on the remote control of my Air-Con. And, after spending almost an hour, He said that he would just come back. After waiting for another two agonizing days, he finally went back! He tried doing the same thing, but, He said, the problem is the board of my Air-Con. And, It would costs me around P5,000. The bad thing is, It is not being sold from any Electronic stores. And, I will need to go through their office, since, they will need to order it from their main office. In short, I will need to spend thousands of pesos again!

I am seriously, sick and tired of it! I am not sure If I am the only person in this world who has this kind of problems with their Air-conditioning unit. Once I get this problem taken care of, I would still keep my Samsung Air-con just for back-up. But, I will purchase a new Split-Type Air-conditioning unit, at least, 1.5HP. I have seen other brands like Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Carrier and Etc. And, I don't know which one is the best! May be, you could give me some insights which one is the best brand?!

Update: MARCH 24, 2011. Last week, I payed P750 just for the check up, since the AC stopped working again. He checked it and told me that board was busted. So, he recommended to me that we have to order it through their office. I called their office, and ordered it anyway, since I don't have any choice. I've got to have this AC working until I get a replacement AC. After without an AC for several weeks. The Samsung AC tech went back, with the "board" I ordered, which is worth P3,600, that's around 90$. He made the AC working yesterday, but told me that there's a possibility that my AC needs to be recharged with "prion" or checked for possible leak. It means that I will need to spend more money. The whole night, we run the AC, but, didn't feel much difference in the room's temperature. It really sucks. By the way, the main reason I bought Samsung AC, because, all of my other home appliance are Samsung brand. My 32" LCD TV, Home Theater, Fridge, Etc. I just wanted to make it all uniformed, and just have one brand for all of my home appliance. I really didn't know that getting a SAMSUNG AC will give me a constant headache. I hope this served as a lesson to everyone. Good Day!

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halojin said...

hello Jomi? sorry for the late drop here in your page. I was too busy in school this past days! Anyway, I already edited your link. Thanks!

isp101 said...

Thanks for dropping by Jon2x! Yep, I just went to your site, good thing the link is now working! Tnx a bunch! =)

csseyah said...

bro magastos yan ah.. hindi ka ba nasasaid dyan??? Good Morning po!!!

isp101 said...

@csseyah -Magastos talaga, buti nalang, malamig these past few days, kahit walang aircon, kaya nakatipid pa kami sa kuryente! If ever I would buy a new AC, I would probably get PANASONIC 1.5hp Inverter Series, maganda kasi mga review! Tnx for droppin' by! =)

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