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The reality is, we can't really choose who we will get every time we need to call our Internet Service Provider Technical Support Hotline. I am also a customer, and I understand how difficult it is not to have my Internet working and get a rude agent on the phone at the same time. It is a shame for me as a Filipino, that there are few rotten tomatoes who destroy the image of Filipino Technical Support Agents in the global community. I received a message a while ago from an anonymous sender. Please, read below.


ANONYMOUS: I truly understand the plight of working in a call center, not many ppl here in america would want to work for one. However, i would call and be nice to the agents but for some reason i notice the agents in Philippines are rude to the callers, why is that? if i ask something that they cannot answer they go on the defensive side and you can hear the annoyance in their voices. One time i called a tech call center and when they asked for ton of information i merely asked the guy "oh shoudlnt you guys have that in the system already" and this guy i believe he's gay not that it matters, answered in the cattiest voice ever " I STILL NEED YOU TO GIVE ME THE INFO OR I WONT HELP YOU". The situation seems to be in reverse now, the agents are rude towards customers but i assure you i am not a rude person. so go figure...but in India whenever i would call , as thick of an accent as they may have, they are more courteous and have a sense of professionalism. These are just my experiences i hope the call center ppl in phil will be educated better in how to handle a phone call.

MY REPLY: Hi, Anonymous! I really appreciate the comment you put in here. And, I'm very sorry for the bad experience you've had with the rude Technical Support Agents you spoke with. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy in our company, when it comes to being rude towards customers. I've been in this this job for more over 5 years now. And, I've seen tons of agents who got fired, because of rudeness! As an Agent, I always put in mind, that without the callers, I won't be able to feed my family, pay the bills or send my brothers to college. This is my bread and butter. The last thing I would do, is to commit anything that could threaten my career. We always conduct a huddle or meeting everyday, to ensure the quality of service that we provide to our customers. Most of our calls are being recorded, so, If we do something stupid, we immediately get what we deserve. As a Technical Support agent, the main reason why we ask for the customer's information all over again. It's because, If we check the previous records of the calls or troubleshooting notes. Most of the time, the previous agent's notes are incomplete or didn't document the case at all. So, we are being left clueless, on the type of modem you have and the steps you did the last time you called us to fix the issue. These information are really important. And, once we punch in your account number, we just see your name and If the account is disconnected, suspended or active. It doesn't show us the whole history of your records or the specific box you are using and the operating system on your computer. We already raised this concern to the bosses. We told them If it is possible for them to ask the Network and Software Engineering Team, to Include the customer's modem's brand and model number, operating system on the database. So, we don't have to bother asking our customers about the same information. The only answer we get is, IT IS POSSIBLE, BUT NOT APPLICABLE. Because, there are customers who replace their modem and router's without letting us know. And, It would be inappropriate If we ask or require our customers to call us, If ever they will need to change their home or office network devices. Last but not the least, we based our troubleshooting steps on the modem's lights statuses, If ever you are calling about connection problem. The bottom line is, as much as we want to quit asking these questions. We really still need to probe, so we would know how we could help you with your concern.

We always have high standards when it comes to handling calls, and our goal is to exceed customer's expectations. I am not just sure with other cheap call center's. I do believe that it's not about the nationality or race, or where the Call Center is located. Because, the truth is, we also get lots of complaints against rude on-shore agents and agents from other countries. I guess, the next time you encounter a rude agent again, don't hesitate to ask for his immediate superior. This will give him a mark down on his scores, and could probably get him suspended or fired! Always ask for a case number or agent ID before you start or end the call or If ever you need to get transferred to another department. I personally don't believe that rude people would last in this kind of job! It is a shame for us, because, we believe that most Filipino's, If not all, are courteous and very patient when it comes to dealing with customers. Have a blessed day!

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csseyah said...

Good day sir.. dati din gusto ko maging technical support agent, ang kaso lagi naman ako bagsak sa interview kase hindi ko kaya magsalita ng fluent na english. hehehe kaya ito nauwi ako sa pagiging web developer..

Nice post sir...

isp101 said...

Hello, csseyah! Tnx for dropping by! Dude, If you still want to work in a call center, there are schools that offer Communication Skills development program or Call Center Agent training, like at SpeechPower! But, I supposed you are pretty happy now with your career as a Web Developer! By the way, Your site, ROCKS! =)

Lulu said...

weeehhh.. hai'st.. me kc inuunahan ko n ng taray ung technical support agent n kausap ko.. nadala n kc ko dun s last n nkausap ko.. parang hindi kc nila alam ung proper n costumer service.. hehehhh kya ngtataray n ko after that incident.. JoMi added kn poh s friendlist ko ha.. heheheh :)

isp101 said...

What's up, Lulu?! Tnx for adding me! About the Tech Support Agent that you are referring to, you could have asked for their supervisor or may be, higher level of support, just in case you think they are not helping you or they are being rude towards you. We can't really stereotype, since we don't even know who you will be talking to, the next time you call your ISP Technical Support again. I suggest that you give them a chance first. Believe me, not all agents are the same! Although, calling Technical Support is just like a box of chocolates! Hehehe! =)

Jhiegzh said...

Hi Jomi,

Technical support is actually what I want way back when I was still applying in a call center and luckily I passed both Customer Service and Tech Support examination. The conflict there was the time of interview. Interview time for Customer service was earlier than tech support. No choice but to go and take the opportunity to be interviewed in cust. service for I thought about that time, its an opportunity given to you, so grab and try! And by GOd's grace I passed!

For being once a perfectionist plus conflicts at home, I resigned after 2 months and summoned here in my hometown!

ANyways, my brother is a tech supprt rep., and he even share some of his rude experiences but I will not publicize it though! LOl. :)

Pareng Jom, I am now focussing my blog!

Nice post! What call center company are you now working?

isp101 said...

Hi, Jhiegzh, Now, I see your comment here, I thought you wrote your two comments on "HOW TO ACE A CALL CENTER INTERVIEW" page. I just got confused, hehehe! Anyways, for security reasons, I've just sent you an email regarding my present employer. But, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I've just added your new site on my "FRIENDS" list! Cheers! =)

Lulu said...

andito muli at sa iyo'y bumabati ng isang magandang umaga kaibigan.. heheheh :P tagalog mode :P

isp101 said...

@Lulu -Ang sweet naman ng friend ko, tnx for droppin' by! Hehehe! =)

I-Love-Hate-America.Com said...

You know the Filipino CSR's are more polite and courteous than the American and Indian counterparts. In America, it's like about 70% of the time, I encounter rude CSR' if they think they have the power to make your life a hell.
The Filipino CSR's are more patient and gentle. Though there are a few who are also rude such as the one male CSR at Globe who didn't even bother to listen to my problem but as soon as he heard the word "PC" (because he was in the Landline Department), he hung up on me---when he did not even bother to understand that my PC was off because my landline was not working.

isp101 said...

@I-Love-Hate-America -Tnx for the comment! It is really true, 'coz even If we are transferring to an "On-shore Agent", or agents based in the U.S., we also get rude or racist agents on the phone. Calling customer care or technical support hotlines is just like a box of chocolate, you never know what you'll get! hehehe! =)

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