Saturday, February 5, 2011

My NEW BAYANDSL Internet Connection...

I have just signed up with BAYANDSL. I am just a little disappointed, because, the DSL package wasn't explained to me... But, anyhow, it's working fine now. But, let me share my thoughts about MY NEW BAYANDSL INTERNET CONNECTION, because, I'm sure that there are also other people who might be planning to subscribe to BAYANDSL. I'll share to you the things that you need to clarify before signing up. I hope this helps.


I was told that If I signed up for Plan 999, I would get 1mbps, up to 1.5mbps during the On-Demand-Hours. And, when I went to to check my speed, I wasn't even getting close to 1mbps. I turned off my KASPERSKY Internet security, I tried three different browsers, I went to IE, Firefox, Google chrome. I cleared the cache and cookies, restarted my modem and computer. After all these, I've got the same results. I called their Technical Support hotline, I was told that the Plan 999 package they have would not give me an assured speed. Which, I understand. What I don't understand is, why do they not give further explanation or disclaimer when they were offering their products? THEY COULD HAVE BEEN MORE TRANSPARENT. The Agent even told me that all their speed packages they have are NOT GUARANTEED speed, and it is just the maximum alotted speed for each plan. The worst part is, when I asked, If I check my Internet speed, what speed range would I consider slow after doing thorough troubleshooting? She said that, If I am getting below 50% of the maximum speed, that's the only time I could consider it running slow... Are you serious?! So, what they mean is, even If I am still getting 0.50mbps or just 500kbps, I could still SMILE and ENJOY MY INTERNET CONNECTION, while it's crawling! The SAD part is, they didn't give me any speed range. So, I guess, I just have to do the math myself. I can only consider my speed running slow If it's 50% lower than the maximum speed they've allocated for my Internet package. I was just thinking, that even If I upgrade my Internet package, there could be just a very little difference then. So, what's the point of upgrading my speed package?

I really have nothing against with their Technical Support agents that I spoke with, because, they actually did great and they are very customer service oriented. I guess, I just have to get used to what I have now. And, one last thing, I hope that they educate their Sales Team, that If they offer their DSL packages, make sure that they mention that the Speed packages that they can provide would be just the Maximum speed they can get. And, it might be better, If they have a SPEED RANGE that they could show us, Ex. REGULAR SPEED: 756kbps-1mbps SPEED ON DEMAND: up to 1.5mbps for Plan 999. Because, If you will look at the brochure, the first part would just show you the speed, and the other part, the Speed-On-Demand. If you will take a quick look, you would think that Plan 999 would have a speed range of 1.0-1.5mbps. You wouldn't waste your time reading the DISCLAIMERS written in small letters, "Indicated speed is the maximum alotted for each plan". Because, most new subscribers, are pretty excited to have their Internet connection hooked up right away. They won't waste time reading the things you intended to put in small letters.

By the way, my brother's BAYANDSL Plan 999 DSL connection is alot faster, compared to what I have, He is getting around 1-1.2mbps, on regular hours. He might be somewhat near to the REMOTE TERMINAL of BAYANDSL. Good for Him! So, far, my Internet still runs less than 1mbps. But, it's ok, at least, now I know that the 1mbps package I signed up for is just the maximum speed I could possibly get during normal hours. As long as, I could still send and receive emails, post blogs and watch videos on, I'm a happy camper!

If you are using BAYANDSL or other Internet Service Provider, you can checkout my Blog about "How to check my Internet speed?"  If you just simply want to check If you are getting what you are paying for. You can also right your comments below! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

bayantel is trash and will always be trash. most of the lopez group businesses are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck also,, THey dont explain lot of additionals..IM a BAYAN DSL waiting for my 1 year only and i will tranfer to other provider..FUCK U BAYAN DSL..

Anonymous said...

well, this is far better than globe broadband.. 50 kbps for 999 a month! syet!

Anonymous said...

all bayandsl csrs and tsrs are bs (bullshit) and liars. Bayandsl is Worthless.

Anonymous said...

huh.. I was just about to subscribe to Bayan dsl. Is it really that horrible?

Anonymous said...

nag p kabit kami ng dsl july 25 hangang ngayon wla pa sabi office nila may open sabi lineman wla na daw alam lang daw ng lopez tumangap ng bayad pero sa service wlang kuwenta ang sabi lineman

Anonymous said...

We have PLDT MYDSL and it's horrible either.

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